Black Light Tattoos?

Over breakfast this morning, a well inked guy was talking to the waitress at the counter, and I thought I heard him mention something about how a new tattoo on his hand would disappear soon – that it would “only show up in black light“. He left, just after that, and before I could ask him if I heard him correctly… is this possible? Tattoos that only show up in places lit by black light? It would be revolutionary for the corporate workforce (I know a few people that would get one if they decide when it showed itself, i.e. not in a high powered business meeting) but how often could you show off your ink if most places don’t have rooms lit by black light? The mind boggles.

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  1. they did have something on the news about it. some guy from majestik tattoo and body peircings does it, and here are some cites that i found: twisted

    and im sure there’s more.

    thought id share info since i found some neways….im getting wings on my back =)

  2. This would be wicked awesome if it works.Im planning on getting afew on my face, normally i wouldnt be able to because of work, but now i can go to a party and freak people out.

  3. yea, i’m looking for a good place in london for tats, i have a design drawn for a cross on my back, and want it to be a sword the size of my back under a black light, so i want a goof place, anyone with tips let me know ( email me )



  4. I got my blacklight tat done in the summer in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. A little shop called Sammy Cain’s. you can get them done in any color of the rainbow. They all glow bright if inked right, but white is the only color that completely disappears when not under black light.

  5. I just go my first black light tattoo about 4 dayz ago and its great. Its healing right now but it look great. I got my’s at Magick Dragon Tattoos in lawrenceville Georiga. They also have another shop in Gainesville Georiga.

  6. hi, im a tattooist in london. ive just found this site, & thought id let everyone know that my shop has the uv inks. we`ve had them a few months, got them from the states. we`ve had some fantastic results with them. as with any new products to the uk, we`ve tested them on willing victims! if anyones interested, i`l give you our address.


  8. I recently got a black light tattoo. I am from a very small town in eastern NC, but I managed to find a place that does it right up the road. I have to admit, I had some extreme itching, and I broke out in hives for the first 2 days. But after a few Benedryl and much needed rest, I found that it actually healed faster than my other tattoos. It has not bothered me since day 3, and I am very happy with the end result (a one of a kind tribal on my lower back). It was definitely a shock to my fiance, because he was in Iraq when I got it, but overall, it’s amazing. It’s something that I can show when I want to… I don’t really recommend it to anyone though. Not yet. I was not informed of the risks until the next week. It’s not approved for use in humans…give them a couple more months and there will be glitter ink and such!!!

  9. I got my black light tat back in May at a place called Sacred Skin in Lethbridge, Alberta… I had no problems at all with my tat

  10. In response to Kym, Black light ink tats ARE aproved by the FDA and are PERFECTLY safe. That is if you are using Chameleon Blacklight Tattoo Ink. Some other products contain EverGlow and are NOT safe and are NOT recommended for tattooing. A little info about Chameleon Blacklight Tattoo Ink:

    – It contains NO phosphors

    – It is NOT radio active

    – It DOES NOT contain EverGlow

    – It does NOT cause cancer

    – It has FDA approval as a Spectral Marking (tattoo) Pigment, and has been tested and used with NO adverse reaction in humans for over 10 years.

    The look of this ink is fantastic!

    Take a look at their site:

    Have fun,

    J. Wolf

  11. In response to J. Wolf’s response, I think your comments could be misleading. No tattoo inks are approved by the FDA. The black light reactive tattoo inks that are sold on the website you’ve linked to have “received USFDA approval in 1995 for use in animals, plants and fish for the purpose of tracking migration, growth patterns; breeding habits, etc.” This is from the above mentioned website, in the FAQ that’s hard to find. So if you’re a carp or an endangered tree, the FDA says it’s safe. The FDA doesn’t regulate any of the ingredients used in tattoo inks, and there are large differences between manufactures choice of pigments. Also the “testing” being done is not on humans, other than the work done by tattoo shops that are making money off it, there’s no scientific emperical testing of tattoo inks for humans, for obvious ethical reasons. There may be adverse reactions that haven’t been noted because no one returned to the shop to complain, or didn’t associate the reaction with the tattoo. A trusted tattoo artist’s opinion is your best bet, a second and third opinion is even better for something like UV-reactive tattoos that are still new enough to be considered somewhat risky. In my own opinion, all the UV-tattoos that weren’t done over a regular ink tattoo looked jail house ugly. Even the white can turn brown (some brands), or leave a scar from the tattoo processs (it’s an abrasion), not to mention the itching many people complain about, or the dermetitis that a few experience. I’m content to get tattoos is concealable places. UV reactive tattoos may be perfectly safe. But the FDA has a far from perfect track record.

  12. From: Polymethyl methacrylate (via Wikipedia):

    “Recently, a blacklight-reactive tattoo ink using PMMA microspheres has surfaced. The technical name is BIOMETRIX System-1000, and is sold as “Chameleon Tattoo Ink”. This ink is reportedly quite safe for use, and claims to be FDA approved for use on wildlife that may enter the food supply. If you desire a blacklight-reactive tattoo, many artists may balk at your request. This is because there was a type of ink called Everglow in circulation at some point, and might still be, which is made with blacklight-reactive poster paint. Everglow is NOT safe by any means as the dyes involved were never meant to be ingested, or for that matter injected into the skin.”

    Note: This is exactly the ink I used for my piece, not the one with Everglow in it.

  13. ive got 2 tats, about to get a third when i find what im looking for. about this whole uv thing, if it wasnt safe, all the shops doing them wouldnt be open, so with that little thought out, ive read something about a place who does glitter tattoos, anyone else heard of them?

  14. hey, ii hadd Nn black LIGHT vU Tattoo put onn mye FaCE!!!!!! anione outt tier shul givv itt aa trye men.FACE IT, DO IT,THAT”S IT. that”s watt tattoos abtt…. (,”)dEvIL fRo SiNgApOrE

  15. I have had my blacklight tat for about a year and a half. It shows up wonderfully in the clubs and places where there’s blacklight, but it’s completely invisible without a black light. I’m a professional, and can’t have a tat on my neck without this. The scaring has healed and it’s fantastic!

  16. FYI…I received mine at Dancing Dragon Tattoo in Oak Grove, KY. The blacklight ink can be placed over other tats for the glow effect. I’m hooked!

  17. Hi

    My artistically gifted niece is desperate to be a tattoist ( much against my sister’s view os a career!) I think it would be a good idea to find out what is required , can anyone advise?

    Many thanks Anne

  18. Order the ink online and take it to any tattoo shop and you can get it done, or go talk to the artist first, my only question is that it says on their website that all the colored uv inks can be seen in the day under normal light, except for the titanium white, but no one has said anything about how it looks in the day time.

  19. Does anyone know of any UV artists in the NY area, this UV stuff is amazing (as long as it doesn’t contain phosphorus)- thanks for any advice.

  20. Hey all!! Does any one know where i can get a UV ink tattoo around west sussex, kent, london area? Thank for the help

  21. I have been interested in invisible UV inks for quite some time but I do not know if the white is the invisible one or if there is some kind of clear out there! Can anyone make a suggestion and where to buy the ink and if white id completely invisible under regular light after the scarring has healed? Thanks!

  22. Logan – the white is mostly invisible. I have a white UV tat on my forearm, and MOST of the time you’ve really got to squint and know what you’re looking for to know it’s there.

    Actually, I don’t think it’s actually even the ink itself that can be made out. Instead, i think it’s the minor scarring caused by the needle.

  23. InkLined Tattooz in Sylvan Lake, AB Canada now has UV black light tattoos.. uses Chameleon Tattoo Ink…

    The stuff is awesome

  24. I am looking for a tattoo shop that is near Seattle, Washington. I have the tat that I want and I have made up my mind.I just need to find a shop that does blacklight ink that is safe to use. Can any body recomend me?

  25. Blacklight tattoos DO NOT have everglow mixed into the ink… also, blacklight tattoos don’t cause cancer. My brother owns a tattoo shop in san diego and i’ve seen him mixs the tattoo ink,no everglow. ive had mine

    for 10 months and its the beast!!!

  26. “Posted on: August 04, 2006 at 10:27 AM by mark

    Logan – the white is mostly invisible. I have a white UV tat on my forearm, and MOST of the time you’ve really got to squint and know what you’re looking for to know it’s there.

    Actually, I don’t think it’s actually even the ink itself that can be made out. Instead, i think it’s the minor scarring caused by the needle.”

    I agree, its not the ink you see its the scarring…and is VERY hard to see!

  27. So i have called about 25 different tattoo shops in the north ohio area, and all of them said that they won’t do them because they have heard horror stories about them. i finally got a hold of a guy at sharper image tattoos in orville ohio and he said he has done about a dozen of them and they have all turned out awesome with no problems. he said he thinks other tattoo places just won’t do it because the first uv tattoo ink’s they came out with WERE dangerous, they contained phosphorus which is a poison, now through chameleon blacklight tattoo inks, they have a phosphorous free ink that they feel is safer than a regular black tattoo ink, because it it coated in this biocampatible stuff. so anyway i had the guy order me some of the white and i am getting mine done in like two weeks. check out chameleon’s website they have some good info.

  28. St Cloud Minnesota and Ft. Colins Colorado both do a lot witht he Chameleon i hear…i’m thinking about getting a half normal/half UV tatt…post pics or something! both in day and night, thanks!

    p.s. also google blackligh tattoos and ther are some good shots

  29. I had an Arm Band done in October. It’s healing well & it looks great. I had it done in a small shop in Brooklyn,NY. It’s on the corner of 47th st. & 5th Ave. I’ll let u know in a couple of month how it heals.

  30. Not that much more, it depends on the Tattoo shop. The ink is only $20.00 more than regular ink. UV ink is thinner than reg ink so it takes longer to work with. My arm band cost me $275.00

    Go 4 it!

  31. im looking for a guy named matt he was a tattoo artist at dragon fx in west edmonton mall. he did a cover up for me, but never finished it, i went to make an appointment there and i guess he quit , please help me find him. if you know this guy let me know

  32. I’m African American. I want a blacklight tattoo, but was wondering if they appear the same under Black people skin? I haven’t seen any black people with the invisible ink.

  33. I think it’s pretty funny how Chameleon has the MSDS sheets on their site for the UV ink. When you open the jpegs in photoshop, or even enlarge them in a picture viewer…you can see right away that they doctored the sheets to appear as if they were issued directly to them.

    I suppose this was done to further solidfy their claim that they hold a patent on this UV ink….they dont.

    Do a patent search for BIOMETRIX System-1000 or Chameleon Tattoo Ink….you will find nothing.

  34. Walter- I am a dark skinned hispanic, my UV tag is three + month old and unless you really look for it you can’t see it. No one in my family knows I have it and they haven’t discovered it yet.

    If you are a really dark skinned black something may show. Keep asking around, I’m sure you’ll find some other dark skinned people.

    Good luck.

  35. I had a UV tattoo (chameleon ink) done on my chest, February of 2005. It’s been almost 2 full years now and I had no adverse reaction. I’ve also had a small black ink tattoo on my lower right side of my pelvis… Neither itched any more than the other, and the UV tattoo wasn’t in any way worse (or better) than my black art. Niether produced rashes, burning or any scarring. I’m a white male, of about 20 years of age.

    My Asian friend accompanied me to recieve a similar tattoo (on his shoulder blades). Both of our work looks fantastic, and niether produced any adverse reaction. I was told that Blacks dont have as good of a final result, but with a touchup or two, you should get a very nice glow.

    So, yeah… If I die of cancer in the next 25 years, well, damn… But for now, it’s an awesome tattoo, that healed up quick and looks amazing under UV lighting.

    The ink IS thinner, and a piece of work (about the size of a CD) cost me 250$ downtown Toronto, Canada. Total working time was just over 2 hours.

    1. Hi. I live in Knoxville, TN. Were you able to find a place that does Black Light Tattoos? If so please let me know. Thanks.

  36. Hi, i have a butterfly tattooed on my back and i wanted to get it coloured, but i REALLY REALLY want Glitter ink. Does anyone know if there is such a thing?? Please

  37. hey arcygenical where did you get it done i live downtown toronto and cant find anywhere that does it with chameleon ink please i hope u read this and let me know

  38. hey everyone i just finished navy boot camp couple of weeks ago…right now i am looking at getting a black light tattoo on my back..does anyone know if there is a tattoo shop somewhere close to dallas, texas?

  39. Can someone pleaseeeee HELP me, I had a tattoo done when I was 16 I didn’t lke it had something bigger done over it and eight years on it had faded so I went to have it recoloured. The guy was french,new at the shop and coloured the whole thing in black instead of following the pattern. I now have a very plain, large black sun shape on my shoulder can anyone tell me is it possible to put colour over black tattoo’s !!!????

  40. I couldn’t tell you but I admit that I’m now curious about it… if I hear anything I’ll post it, but I doublt I’ll find out anything either way. :(

  41. Ali-Dude you’re screwed! I suggest you look for the big name artists and ask them before you make it worst. What is your location? I know a very good one in NJ.

  42. I just got really interested about UV ink from chameleon. Especially the titanium white ink that is virtually invisible on light skin. Anyone know of a place in Hawaii on the island of Oahu?

  43. Terii – Wow! You are really out there Terii. If you can’t find a place in Hawaii, the only choice you would have is, buy a bottle of Chameleon titanium white ink & take it to your local Tattoo shop. And hope they’ll tag you. Most shops won’t do it because of lack of knowledge about UV Tags.

    Good luck

  44. In the summer of 1996 i had a Tattoo of a Tigers head tattooed on my lower right leg. Sammy Kains freehand technique is still receving admiration to this day. His ability is amazing and im coming all the way from Manchester in the U.K. to have another one done soon. So Sammy if you are well and still in the same place over there in Medicine Hat let me know and i will hopefully see you in September. Many Thanks to all you folks in Medicine hat for making me feel welcome. C U all soon. Geoff from EnglandXXXXXXXXXX

  45. I’m looking for a place in or around Austin, TX that will use the Chameleon ink. So far no one I’ve contacted uses it or even knows someone who does.

  46. I’m wondering about how many places actually have black light ? And are they only clubs or some other places as well ?

    Personally I’d be more thrilled if it glowed in the dark not with special light bc it’s rarer .

    But I think bright red glow would be really cool 8D .

  47. ive been doing tats for 10 yrs, and have just bought my first set of black light ink, and my first b l i tat was on my daughter, and she has had no reaction of any kind, and the colors seem to show up a little , but the white does not show at all. any comments ? emial at, i live in fairchild wisconsin

  48. Does any one know where there is a blacklight tattoo in Texas or wherethe best blacklight tattoo shop is? Or about how much they cost?

  49. I used the ink last night if you are in southern california. Life Sentence tattoo of Temecula, Ca has an artist named Brian Dell who tattoos with the ink. Phone number there is 9516939873

  50. I was looking for a good artist in southern ontario which does the blacklight tattoos , if anybody knows of a place and they could tell me the name that would be great…. skeltor from heman in blacklight

  51. so, if you get a black light tattoo and there is minor scarring, wont that show up really white when you tan, just like any other scar? and when you get older is there a chance it can be a different shade?

  52. Hi All,

    Does anyone know about aftercare for a blacklight tattoo, because I’ve heard different things and am a little confused!


  53. Okay so I’ve been researching these things for a while

    My 18th birthday is coming up in 2 weeks

    I think a UV tattoo is the perfect way to celebrate

    I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada

    If you know a place here that’ll do it that’d be fabulously helpful to me

    So far I’ve heard all good things. Everyone i met loved theirs and not a single person had a single complaint.

    If you choose to get coloured ones instead of invisible the colours are NOT AS BRIGHT AS REGULAR COLOURED INKS

    So I’d suggest getting a regular color tattoo and adding UV highlights and details instead

    There are records of people’s UV tattoos lasting more than 6 years with no more fading than any regular tattoo.

    The ink is actually not all that expensive and you can buy it in really small amounts to give to your tattoo artist. And I mean REALLY good prices. These aren’t thousand dollar tattoos. At most it might add $60 to the cost of a tattoo, and only because artists take longer because they have to continuously check it under black light while tattooing.

    I think it’s a great idea for people who have stricter dress codes at work, or don’t want to be judged by family but want to look awesome in nightclubs etc

    The Chameleon website has loads of places listed and more to come for tattoo studios in USA and elsewhere.

    You can also google search “Blacklight Tattoo Orlando” or “UV tattoo london” and you’ll probably find a place. If not, make your search bigger…states or provinces instead of cities.

    Just ask around some places won’t be listed as blacklight friendly but will do it on request if you bring your own ink which you can order on the internet for relatively cheap.

    UV aftercare is exactly the same as regular tattoos, except that if you got the invisible one, you don’t have to worry about sunshine fading your colours. They take the same time to heal and are considered even more healthy than regular tattoos.

    You aren’t supposed to do certain medical procedures with regular tattoos because of the lead(?)or some other ingredient but that problem is also eliminated if you get one of these tattoos.

    I can’t WAIT to get mine. I am SO excited.

  54. Hey guys, im in the british army an i dont think having my bones on show in tattoo form would appeal to my officers when we have inspections.

    Im going out on a limb here coz u guys probably all live in the good ol’ US of A, but, does anybody know of anywhere in the UK that does this black light ink. It would really help if a fellow ‘limey’ was reading this but all comments are welcome

  55. i getting a black light tat on both my fore arms this week and im am curious does anybody know what the affect are in 10 to 20 yrs , will the ink fade and be gone or will the ink appear on the skin later or the ink change color , just a question that poped in my head ,, give me some feed back thanks

  56. The ink hasn’t been around that long to know the long term affects. I guess we’ll find out when the time comes.

    Good luck & enjoy while you can.

  57. ya man radical uv tats!!! i want one too!!! except…in the regular light they kinda look like welts on you huh? that part’s not very attractive, so nah i’ll pass- for now.

  58. Hey there, I purchased some Chameleon Titanium White tattoo ink for my upcoming tats (That’s the one that’s invisible when in daylight). I was wondering from the people that have had them done this way, buying the ink to take to the parlour with you…do the tatoo artists need to use a black light when doing it? If they don’t have one, where can I get one to bring with me?

  59. The artist working on your Tat needs to work with a Black light, otherwise he will not be able to see what he’s doing. You can purchase one online or any Walmart, Kmart, Target, Homedepot, etc. Good luck.

  60. I approached a tattoo artist about doing my Titanium White chameleon tattoo, and his concern is that the blue ink from the stencil might bleed into the white ink and tint it blue permanently in the skin. Has anyone had any problems like this?

  61. The blue ink from the stencil will fade within a few month during the healing time. Mine is almost all gone, it has been 8 month now since I got my UV Tatt. No worries.

  62. i ordered my uv ink from skin candy 8 different colors ,i have a half of sleeve using all the colors,no itching, or irritations, also healed as fast as any other ink did and the tattoo came out unbelievable .the shop i had it done at was ILLUSTRATED INK IN MIAMI FLORIDA

  63. I just googled UV Tattoo Parties NYC and this was the first site that came up. While watching the local news channel, a story about UV tattoos came on and after watching, I was hooked. I’ve been researching ever since. I went on ebay and bought everything I need to get started.(tattoo kits, ink, practice skin, needles, tattoo flashes, stencil makers, spirit paper, tattoo chair, bandages, ointment, tool kits, UV INK – In multiple colors, gloves – EVERYTHING)I’m going to make this my major goal for this year. I used to draw some crazy skite when I was a kid but my mom told me I would never earn a living by drawing. I believed her and went to work for corporate America. I now wear a monkey suit and spend the day trapped in a prison/cage/office. I hope that this will now open up some creative paths for me. I’m hoping to practice my hands off, build a fantastic books, research, research, research, and maybe one day, far off in the future, become my own boss. Best of luck to everyone what ever you decide. Cheers.

  64. We now have UV Active Ink from the USA by Chameleon

    Really how safe is Chameleon Blacklight Tattoo Ink? Given its extensive testing of FDA approval, with absolutely no adverse reactions to it in over ten years, it is all in the proof, this ink is most likely the safest ink on the market. Here is the bottom line: – It contains NO phosphors – It is NOT radio active – It DOES NOT contain EverGlow – It does NOT cause cancer – It has FDA approval as a Spectral Marking [tattoo] Pigment that was developed for use in tracking [tattooing] animals and fish – and yes the same ones we eat, and has been tested and used with NO adverse reaction in humans for over 10 years. – the florescent dye is completely safe and has NO carcinogen and is human safe and does not spread or �blow out� because the dye is contained and it never even touches the skin because of the PMMA shell. – the white (clear) does not discolor. – It is being sold all over the world – and is used almost everyday. – the inks are taken one step farther than most, as they are UV sterilized (this was being done for shipments to Europe, but we are starting to do it for all shipments. hot pink – white – red – orange – yellow more colours soon !!!!!!!!

  65. i want to know if the give a allergic reaction to the skin or any side affects to the skin , or any irritations , can anybody answer this for me ?

  66. Sacred Skin in Lethbridge I heard does black light tattoo’s. I have heard to much bad stuff about that place. First hand actually. so I would shop around.

  67. I am an Artist that has been using the Chameleon UV Ink for 5 years. I have been published around the world for my UV Blacklight work and my Gallery at, has been hit over a million times. The best info about the ink can be found at They also have an artists list.

    If you would like to get tattooed or have any questions, feel free to contact me.


  68. im interested in getting a uv tattoo, im willing to travel to NY to go to a good parlor, yet id love to find one in the dc/md/va metropolitan area. does anyone have any information on parlors in my local vicinity?

  69. lil_rascal, do you know if the artist in brooklyn is very experienced with uv ink? did they have their own light to work under? i’m planning to do a rather large piece so i’d like to make sure the guys’s really good. would you mind showing me a picture of your tattoo?

  70. No one in Jersey is willing to work with UV ink, they think it’s toxic. They are not educated on the subject.

    Humanoid Typhoon,

    sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

    The guy that tagged me, I was his first UV tag and I supplied the black lite. Since then he’s been doing more UV work. I’m planning on dropping by soon to see if he’s still working with UV ink.

  71. hi. Alex form Norway here. I wanna get one of these UV tattoos. my parents hates tattoos but I want one that means allot to me. does anyone know how long they last?? do they last a lifetime or just a few years??? please answer me.

  72. does anyone know, if there is any tattoo shops in or around vancouver, or vancouver island. Even in seattle? that do black light tattoos?

  73. despite what you might hear yes you can get glitter in a tattoo and yes it can be seen if done right. but you would be very stupid to do so because glitter is a solid and ink is a liquid (figure that one out) and when all is said and done the glitter can and will cut through the skin which if you couldnt guess is pretty bad, the best way to get a glitter look to a tattoo is to go to an artist that is good at using color and highlights but never fall for ink with glitter in it or youll be regreting it later.– also if you really want your tattoo to have a glitter look just rub some on AFTER it heals and wash it off

  74. Hi, i’ve heard a lot about UV tattoos now and I’m really thinking of biting the bullet with a UV titanium white cross on my forearm using BMX 1000 ink.

    Before I go through with this I was wondering if someone who’s had a uv tat for a while (or knows someone who has) and can tell me… Is it really “invisible” in daylight or is it like having a white tattoo? Does the UV fade over time? Are there any risks or is it really “safer then most normal tattoo inks” as Chameleon says?



  75. Anyone know a good tattooist in LONDON, England who does UV tats using the FDA approved BMX-1000? I must of tried 100s of tattoo parlours now with no luck..

  76. J, I have a Titanium White arm band for over a year now. After the healing process, unless someone looks closely and knows where it is, he or she will not notice it until u have a black light. My family has not discovered mine yet.

    As with any Tattoo they last 4ever. Also as far as tanning goes, it’s the same with all other Tattoos. Spend alot of time in the sun and there will be some fading.

    After a year my UV tag still glows like the first day.


  77. When healed, what does the clear look like? Can you see it at all? The only people I know with blacklight tattoos have colored ones. I’m thinking about tattooing clear blacklight ink pieces on my hands and I’m wondering how in the heck it’s going to look when it’s healed.

  78. I wanted to get my first tattoo done in UV ink so i could hide it if i wanted but need to know somewhere in Brighton which does them. Anyone have ne info?

    Also does ne1 have any stats on how often they flare up??


  79. if anyone knows of any good places to get a blacklight tattoo in Melbourne, Australia, and could let me know, it would be great.


  80. if it glows its not typically safe! why take the chance. .. also if your looking to get tattooed just to hide it dont waste your money. talk to a reputable tattooer to see what his or her opinions are before taking the chance of exposing yourself. i would say that most(not all) of these blacklight responsive pigment tattoos look horrible… the quality is not what i would want on my body or put on someone elses. BE CAREFUL YOUR NOT A FISH!!!

  81. I LIVE IN MD, SO ANYONE KNOW OF ANY SHOPS THAT WILL DO THEM IN DC, MD, VA? i am also going to NJ next weekend, i was really looking foward to get one up there. CAN ANYONE HELP


  82. I have a UV tat and love it.

    I got it done at InkLined Tattooz, Sylvan Lake, Alberta.

    Murray has been tattooing for over 23 years and was well educated about the UV ink. He’s an awesome artist too!

  83. To the one that commented on the Blacklight in The Md, Va, Dc area!

    i went to this website and found a bunch of listings!

    ONE IN VA!!!!!

    im sooo excited and i cant wait to get mine done!

    if i dont get it in Va im going to be doing some traveling just to get my tat!!!


  84. hello

    i�m a dutch male 28 years old i want a blacklight tattoo.

    can anyone tell me is there someone in holland that makes souch tattoo’s…….

    can you tell me his name or a adress.

    thank you

  85. I just started getting into the news of using the uv tatts. In Hawaii on the island of oahu there is one shop that uses it. Liquid Metal in the pearl kai shopping center makes the uv tattoo at this time. I just wanted to FYI ppl in Hawaii or looking in this area.



  88. Someone please tell me there’s a place in NW Oregon [I-5 corridor] that stocks this ink?

    i want one for my birthday .. would have been perfect 4 bubble bounce last friday!

  89. HEY Does anyone know a black light tattooist in brisbane, or the mid-north coast of Australia? im interested but for the moment just want to talk though the basics..

    thx in advance


  90. I have a large black tribal dragon tattoo on my right shoulder, with very crap wings, 1 close to my shoulder joint. The length of it is from my shoulder to the bottom of my upper arm. It only covers that area. Any way, The guy who did it did a crap job and it looks very bolgy. I know that you cannot cover solid black with colour, but can you cover it up with black? I’m looking to get my tat covered up to look like something similar to Tim Commerford from Rage Against the Machine, but not my WHOLE bicep, like he has. Can anyone help?

  91. hello

    i’v heard alot about these new black light tattoos, and iam very interested. i’v already got a tattoo on my back and want the outline to be done with the black light ink, i’v looked every where in sheffield and no were does it, where and how can i get this done????? where is tattoo shop based so i can talk further with yurselves ????

    many thanks chris

  92. I just got my first UV tattoo today. I did extensive research and found that there are pro’s and con’s to the UV tattoo.

    The UV white ink is the only color that will be invisible in normal light. The other colors will be somewhat visible in normal light, but look awesome under black lights. Depending on how good the tattoo artist is also depends on if the scaring will be visible or not. The reason why most tattoo parlors don’t deal with the stuff is because its hard to work with.

    It doesn’t fade any faster than normal ink

    and for the question is it cancerous… I don’t know. some say yes, some say no. I drink and smoke. that causes cancer. I live in southern California and apparently that will cause cancer.

    If you want to know where to get a UV tat google it. look up tattoo parlors in your area and call them and ask. someone in the profession has to know. I called 6 different places before I found one that specialized in UV ink.

  93. hi. i was interested in getting a white uv tatoo, (someting that only shows under a blacklight). i just wanted to know if that would still work against my skin tone. i am hispanic, with a toasty-caramel complexion.

  94. hi there, where is ur shop, i would love some more info on the uv tattoo work that you do. please get in touhc. ben

  95. I’m wondering about getting some UV ink on my face as feline features. I’m wondering how close to the eyes can UV get? I know make up tattooing can get right up to the edge of the lid for liner, is it the same with UV so I could make a cat-eye outline? I would also have a feline nose and mouth, maybe whiskers and tufted line sweeps at chin and cheeks to look like fur, perhaps a few stripes… Comments and answers would be appreciated!

  96. Im looking at getting a UV tattoo but iv had several people tell me it only lasts about 6months. Any one that has had one more than 6 months ?? Can yo tell me if it fades??

  97. Torque,

    It is obvious you didn’t read down the page. Go back, read & educate yourself. There’s plenty of information.

  98. Ok – just to say – FDA DOES NOT APPROVE INK FOR USE IN THE SKIN. EVER. Tattoo ink is approved on a cosmetic basis and NOT checked for complications in the skin.

  99. Another one for Melb australia, I’m about 90mins away and had no luck getting people to do em, have even suggested I’ll bring over the ink and get em a blacklight to work with (even pigskin to practice on if need be) but no one will come to the party.

    Anyone heard anything?

  100. When you have a love for something, you can benefit from the activity that is attached to that enthusiasm. The more you take hold of the desire, the more you are moved to take action. This will come up in almost any area of enterprise, whether it’s a hobby or a preference to completely reprogram your life’s work. You certainly put more energy into an activity you are obsessed with. But don’t mix up desire with delusion. Keep everything in perspective and give in to your passion.

  101. I got a blacklight tattoo with a friend about a month and a half ago..hers has faded and is gone, but mine is still a bright green in normal light, and has only faded slightly in some parts. why? how long will it take?

  102. Hail, looks like the tattoo shop you went to didn’t use Crazy Chameleon UV Ink. They duped you. Whenever you get a UV tag. Be sure the Tattoo artist is using Crazy Chameleon UV ink.

    I got my tag over 4 years and it’s as bright as the day I got it.

    Better luck next time.

  103. GREAT SITE!

    I have been stalking a UV tatt for about 2 years now since i was back home and am now living in London willing to travel countries if I have to to find a place that will dop chameleon ink for me – im moving to Ibiza in 6 weeks so want one before then.

    Any suggestions on artists?

    Will also be in amsterdam in a few weeks so any places there?

    I will post pics up when I get one, promise :)

    Thanks guys!!

  104. So I got a couple dots on me w the ink just to see how I would react. It looks like blood blisters right now but just like a hour and a half ago it glows great under the light just wondering if the red will go away…

  105. Hello I’m looking for someone in the wood co Ohio area to do a back piece tattoo black light. I have asked around in Bowling Green and Toledo and no one feels comfortable enough to do it :( It would mean a lot to me to find someone who has been experienced doing black light tattoos who feels comfortable and will take the time to do a wonderful job its to memorialize the loss of a friend please contact me at my email address provided

  106. hey mate stay WELL away and keep your family AWAY from london 2012 olympics … you helped me out in the past so i thought id give you this tip, when you watch it this summer youll remember this comment……. i dont mind if you delete this comment but you will remember what i said…. god bless you. Peace.

  107. Seriously hard to find good info on UV art / artists — Hey how about Austin — any UV tatoo artists there?

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