WM6 Tip: Voice Commander Via Bluetooth Headset!

Earlier this week I upgraded my Dash from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6. The flash went flawlessly and I didn’t have to install as many apps to get going, but I did mourn the fact that while Voice Command 1.6 would let me voice dial, I couldn’t do it from my Bluetooth headset – just from the handset. After some asking around for help, I’ve been handed the following workaround and it works for me!

The only remaining hiccup that I can’t seem to fix is that of Outlook Reminders: they fire visibly and they vibrate but there’s never any sound for the alert. When I get a new email message I get sound – even if I use the same file for reminder alerts, it just won’t fire. An odd yet minor annoyance.

Read on for the registry fix for Voice Command 1.6 on the T-Mobile Dash, running Windows Mobile 6.

Open your device-side registry editor and navigate to the following key:


On this key, look for the value BTAGExtModule and change the string there to be: \windows\vcbthag.dll (and write down the existing one if you ever have to roll back to the original value).

Now, reboot your phone. Once it’s done booting, you should be good to go! If it doesn’t work, press and hold the home key on your handset to make sure Voice Command is up and running.

This worked for me, as is: once I rebooted I hit the “button” on my Samsung WEP200 headset. Heard the earset go *Boop* and then heard the Voice Command *bebaboop* that tells me to talk now.

— Of course as this is a registry change to your phone, please use it at your own risk and don’t yell at me if you tap something wrong or don’t work with other handsets! I used it on a Dash – use at your own risk on your Blackjack, Q, Windows Mobile Professional, or Windows Mobile Standard phone. I’m just passing on what I’ve learned from other WM users in the hope that I help someone else out! —

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  1. That’s a very good information. T-Mobile does not know how to do it, as well as to locate the side registry on the dash. Is there a way to give us a procedure on how to get to the BTAGExtModule.

  2. Um, I don’t know that I “get” the question. I mean to do this, you need to have a registry editor on the device (or have access to remote registry tools if you installed the SDK).

    Another way would be for T-Mobile to make a .REG file that would import the settings to the registry – I’m not willing to do that because there’s no easy way to roll back the changes if people wanted to. As it stands *I* don’t even know the default setting – I forgot to write it down before I made the change :)

    But by all means, direct T-Mobile to the site… they should be able to get something together. It would also be nice for them to figure out why none of my Reminder sounds work too.

  3. Rockin dude! I was wondering what would happen if I had to roll it back, although I don’t think I’ll even have to. Thanks!

  4. Great Fix! I had reinstalled my VC 1.6 after realizing that the WM6 VC didn’t work through my BT. But I just re-flashed my Rom and applied the fix and works great. In fact (VC native vs VC 1.6 installation) it sounds even better through my BT headset. Thank-you millions.

  5. Thanks man. It worked great for me on my WM6 Dash. If we can’t get voice tags back at least I don’t have to take my phone out to dial now.

  6. RE: Randy/reminder sounds.

    fix is similar to bt fix posted above, it seems the profile volume setting for reminders does NOT change the volume for reminders (AAAAARGH) don’t know how to fix that, and default is volume=0!

    reminder volume can be manually adjusted:


    if value of “InitVol” is 0, all reminders are silent. change it to your choice volume, 1 is quiet, 5 is max volume.



  7. The problem with the volume is that if you don’t update the profile XML itself, switching to and from Vibrate and/or Silent will remove the setting when you switch back to Normal… odd but true.

  8. There are a bunch of other workarounds posted in various forums for this, but this is the one that worked for me for the Dash. Also I had earlier just entered the name of the DLL (vcbthag.dll) in the registry and that did not seem to work. It looks like it needs the fully qualified path (\windows\vcbthag.dll) for it to work (I am not 100% sure about this because I gave up pretty soon during my first attempt and perhaps did not wait for Voice Command to start).

  9. I’m about 95% certain that the path is required – I mean that’s what I was told, what I did, and that’s what worked… of course that’s also why I posted it like that ;)

    Anyway, good to hear it’s working!

  10. After spending close to a total of 2 hours on the phone with T-Mobile Tech support, finaly got one that knew what he was talking about. He was unable to locate any solution on their database, but he managed to find this posting through a query on Google. After ample warnings of use it at my own risk he sent me the link to this page.

    I called back today and notified them (T-Mobile tech) of the sucess of this fix. Their response is that they are looking into this issue further and at the very least writing a knowledge base article, and potentialy sending out a .REG file over their network and applying the fix, as one of yall had already mentioned.

    Oh yeah and btw works great and Yes

    Original setting was: OEMAGW.dll

    Can anyone recomend any links/forums where I could find more info about the other registry entries and settings?

  11. I can say that Howard Forums has been helpful. The xda forums as well… I got this stuff from. Um. Other sources :)

  12. Randy, you ARE the man! It works like a champ! Even better than it did on my Treo 750, (where the BT would drop off back to the phone if I didn’t get it on the 1st try) . Thanks a Ton!

  13. Funny thing I just upgraded to WM6.0 on my Dash and installed Voice command 1.6 and mine worked without the fix mentioned at the top of this thread. In fact my value is slightly different,

    BTAGExtModule – \Program Files\Voice Command\vcbthag.dll

    instead of the one under \Windows directory(14.3KB). The one under windows is built into WM6.0 (which already has voice commands) but the file under the Windows directory is bigger than the one under the \Voice Command directory (8.55KB).

    I’m not sure if this means it has a larger set of voice commands or what – I can play around with it and report back. Anyone know the difference?

  14. Upgrading to Voice Command 1.6 didn’t fix my Dash, but the reg fix listed here did. THANK YOU, I was starting to get really frustrated!! And thanks also to whomever posted the fix for the reminder sounds–maybe I can stop missing so many meetings. :-)

    For the record, the full path to the DLL *is* required–I tried it without the full path at first and had no joy.

  15. My problem: no “\” when I try to use [sym] withint registry editor (PHM). The [sym] key works in other apps, but not in PHM Registry Editor. Any thoughts? I appreciate the thread!



  16. I have a T-Mobile Dash running WM6. I simply changed the name of the file in the key from OEMAGW.dll to vcbthag.dll, rebooted and it worked great. I didn’t need the full path.

  17. Are all comments on this thread about the BT function of voice command? I am not having very good success with the built in mic understanding my commands. In ten tries, I got four responses from my contacts, and two of the four were way off.

    I am pressing and holding the the home button to invoke the VC and mic.

  18. Randy you Are the man. I just followed your instructions for the registy change and now I can finally use engage Voice Command with my bluetooth function button. I couldn’t thank you enough.

  19. Hi,

    I installed a German Version of Voice Commander with a English Version of WM6-ROM (with no VC installed) and experienced the same problems. Only the hack didn’t work.

    The registry entry was already set to vcbthag.dll, but not in /windows/ but in /program files/.

    Still, VC want answer me over the BT headset.

    Anyone any idea what I can do?

  20. This is wonderful. I just tried to apply on my new MOGUL device from SPRINT. I got an “access denied” message. SO…!@#$%%^& SPRINT has TURNED OFF your ability to use a bluetooth headset with their friggin phone.

  21. You people just saved my life. I drive 3000+ miles a month and since I upgraded to WM6 four months ago have missed my voice tags, but not the police,(try to explain the reason you missed the reduce speed ahead sign due to the fact that you were too busy dialing you cell phone:) my fix was just the vcbthag.dll, no full path needed. Thanks again from a road warrior.

  22. Randy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You provided me with a magic bullet. My wife is an attorney and needs a working, DIALABLE handsfree phone. My head was about to explode because of this stupid problem. Your solution worked like a champ, and made >me

  23. when you make the value changes is there some sort of save button to save the changes or do you just pull the battery? because im having a difficult time getting this to work


  24. I think I’ve finally found the solution here. There’s just one problem, I have a Sprint Touch and I don’t know how to get into the registry. Please help.

  25. Ok, I don’t know who is more stupid, me or the T-mobile techs.

    My voice commands have always worked just fine with WM6 through my BT devices (a Jabra BT250v, and a Moto S9 stereo) and even plays excellent stereo through the S9 without the fix.

    Here is the problem, first is the Outlook reminder issue (vibrate but no sound), it works fine for the first few days after a hard reset, the then the sound issue.

    Also I get multiple alarms from the alarm clock… Day 1 after a hard reset = 1 alarm, Day 2 = 2 alarms, Day 3 = 3 alarms, and so on for about 5 days… If I change the alarm, I still get an alarm at the original alarm time, plus now at the new time… Once I get a 3-day build up, then I cant dismiss the alarm(s) while the keypad is locked (dismiss is supposed to override the keylock)… I have to wait until all alarm cycle through, and pause (or snooze), then unlock the keypad before the alarms sound again in order to dismiss.

    For the record, I am on my 5th Dash all with the same problems… TMO tech support keeps sending me a new one… The last tech finally did tell me that this was a known problem, with no known fix… It was just by sheer luck that a found this thread.

    And while I’m at it, I may as well ask about a “Communications Error” I get about 75% of the time when I try to connect to Yahoo IM… tech support can’t seem to help.

    The reminders is my biggest issue, and I dont have a device-side registry editor, just a pc one.

  26. So, I’m not sure if there’s a question here or not?

    I’m not sure how the VC stuff was working for you without the fix – nothing I did got that working until I changed the VC registry setting – but it sounds like that does still work for you.

    The lack of sound for Outlook reminders is a bug from T-Mo’s included profile (similar to the bug that keeps reseting the Home Screen to its default state on a reboot) and there’s a workaround for that: http://www.randyrants.com/2007/05/wm6_tip_how_to/

    From what I’ve seen on the HTC websites, the alarm clock issues is a known bug; I don’t know if they have a fix for it or not, but I haven’t encountered this.

    Lastly, the Communications Error sounds like a lack of communication… when you get that, try hitting a website via IE – I’m betting you won’t get a page from that either, meaning that it’s a coverage issue. Like you said, tech support can’t help with that either.

    I’m not sure why T-Mo keeps on sending you new handsets… T-Mobile hasn’t rev’d the software in a while and all of the handsets probably have the same software… you aren’t having hardware problems at any rate.

  27. thanks randy you rock so freaking hard for posting this took me two days to figure this out one of those days i was on the phone all day with t-mobile who said it couldnt be done and for me to contact microsoft to buy the full version for $50, microsoft who told me it would cost me $80 just to talk to a tech because i bought THEIR product from t-mobile so i didnt have a waranty with them…and finaly htc who worked hard to help me and finaly refered me to your site affter i had already been here once today but it took me a while to find a hex editer but i finaly found one at…..


    works well, its free, and you use it on your computer conected to the dash via a usb cable instead of in the dash

    thanks again randy your awesome

  28. I have WM6.1 and a Dash. Unfortunately none of this worked for me … and I have tried every possible permutation and hack (and retrying the above). Going on 7 hours now. Reverting back, unfortunately.

  29. hey CJ. The registry edit did not help me out, but I did see that under the voice command program in the start menu, the option for the voice button changed from “record” to “app 1”. So I went through the list and found that for me, “app 2” is the button I needed for my headset to work. This is on a Dash with the Jabra bt5010.

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