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Potter Mania

I have a copy coming from Amazon. I reserved a copy from my local Borders. I’ve heard $20 million in security to prevent leaks. [I may already know what happens in spite of this.] I’ve seen it all over news in all media formats. I went to Borders this morning a half hour after they opened to wait in line so that I could get a bracelet that would allow me to wait in another line tonight at midnight to pick up my copy. The line was around the corner, up the stairs, and down for 1/4 of the length of the mall, which rivals the line for Halo 2 back in November 2004.

I’m… amazed and in love with this.

And to that I give major kudos to Rowling. Sure there’s been this mania for movies, concerts, videos, and games. But a book?

This has got to be the biggest book launch of all time. Books have had been around for the last four thousand years – when was the last time that there’s been a buzz like this for a release? This is an amazing feat. Never mind the fact that she has gotten kids to want to read but she’s got kids, their parents, and random adults wait in lines for hours to read her work… it’s an awesome thing.

Very well done, indeed!

Memoirs of an Italian Geek: Digital Edition

Looks like Amazon has started to offer my book in a digital format, in addition to the existing paperback and hardcover versions.

I’m just so confused by this.

Update: Amazon’s error! They accidentally posted this to a whole bunch of different authors… looks like I don’t have a digital version after all (iUniverse still quotes $99 to add the option and I’m still reluctant).
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Penultimate Potter: Book Six of Seven

Yes, that is a copy of the latest Potter book in my backpack. What’s more is I bought it from a QFC at 12:01, as they had it on sale. And yes, there was a line there too: people waited in line for a book – the fact that it was in a food store (not to mention the Borders and Barnes & Noble around town) is almost as shocking.

Sadly the penultimate volume will be finished by Sunday, so I guess it’s already time to start the clock for the next one.

Update @ 9:24pm: OK, so it didn’t make it to Sunday. Yeah, I’m done with it. Yeah, I had as much chance of putting it down as I did The Firm when I first read that. And yeah, I’m annoyed as hell that I’ll have to wait for the final book.

Frankly? I didn’t think Rowling has as much bollocks [balls for the non-English] as she’s shown through the plot of this one. I’m pretty damned impressed.

Left Behind: Glorious Appearing

Been a long while since I’ve posted about a particular book, but this one seems worth posting about. I’ve been reading the Left Behind series for a long, long while. I discovered the book series some time in late 1999 and at that moment, there were four books available, and the plan was that there would be twelve books to complete the entire season. I was in a bookstore (go figure) and they had all four paperbacks in the same area, so I picked up book one (Left Behind) and was hooked relatively quickly… I know what you’re thinking: a Geek reading about the religious scripted end of the world?
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Like What You’ve Been Reading Here?

If you’ve like what you’ve read here – and you like to read books as well as blogs – I recommend that you check out my book. Wait, what book? It’s been out for a little while and I’ve been plugging it here and there over the months but I’ve held off truly promoting if for some personal reasons. Those reasons are now taken care of, so I’m content to plug away.

buy my book<shameless plug>

Check out Memoirs of an Italian Geek, by R. L. Santi at iUniverse, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon – you can find out more about the history of the book at

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And thanks for reading the site!

Makofsky: Pocket PC Network Programming

I’ve been meaning to mention this addition to my bookshelf but I hadn’t gotten around to posting it here – been spending more time working on SharpMT than I have adding new Rants I guess… I have been reading a few different tech books lately to keep my skills up for interviews, though and this has been one of them. A one line review for Pocket PC Network Programming is simple: go buy it.
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