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Speaking Of SKU’s

Speaking of SKU’s, these charts should prove to be invaluable:

Vista editions: Retail SKU’s include Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate

Office editions: Retail SKU’s include Home and Student, Standard, Small Business, Professional, and Ultimate

If only for my own sanity – I keep forgetting which has what… you get spoiled running the Ultimate edition of both. *g*

Memory Loss

I had a bunch of stuff to write… total memory gap. What’s more is that I was no where near a running instance of notepad or a piece of paper when I was thinking… *shrug* Lost or delayed, does it really matter?

In other news, has anyone else noticed that Vista ships tomorrow night at midnight? And I mean that in a good way – being this close to our Main Campus is like being at the epicenter: I’m wondering if there’s a similar level of excitment in other parts of the country.

Is anyone going to a Best Buy or CompUSA? I’ve seen the list of swag – I’ll probably go.

I’m also amused to see the new Office SKU’s running around store flyers. Over the holidays I heard “Get the Student/Teacher version – it’s the same [as Professional] and much cheaper!” from three stores in two states. The SKU’s change in 2007 – Office Max had a good chart of what comes in each SKU. Of interest was: Edu comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote but no Outlook – Standard comes with the same but with Outlook and no OneNote. There’s also an Ultimate SKU I had overlooked that comes with is the only other SKU to come with OneNote… shame, too because OneNote rules.

Ah well… should be an exciting week on many levels!

Note To Self: Permissions Count On Vista

For decades I’ve kept a set of “tweaks” in my head that I make to all of my machines, just after I install an OS. This includes moving certain “important” directories around my hard drive because I don’t like digging through multiple layers of directories to get to things. Somethings should be right off the root of the drive, in my opinion.

Mental note to self: permissions on these “special” directories become very, very important on Vista.
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Vista on a ThinkPad T60p

As many of you are aware, Windows Vista RTM’d last week. So did Office 2007, for that matter. I spent some time upgrading one of my work machines as well as my notebook… traditionally speaking, upgrading a notebook PC to a relatively new OS can be suicide, unless the OEM has made specific drivers available to you. It’s not just a Windows thing: I’ve seen pages and pages of Linux folks attempting to get devices supported on machines that OEM’s have decided they wouldn’t support.

But I decided to do it anyway… this is the story.
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