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I know a lot of people are questioning the recent rulings on US law as of late, specifically striking down a law that was supposed to reduce concealed guns in New York state and then reversing the Row vs Wade decision that prevented states from prohibiting abortion at the local level (and thereby setting the stage for prohibition at the federal level.)

I’m here to offer a simple explanation as to what the SCOTUS (and likely most MAGAers) are thinking.

Obviously, we won’t have to worry about unterminated pregnancies: by giving more people more guns, the GOP is vastly lowering the odds of children getting through their school years with their lives intact.

Almost makes you question why the GOP can call themselves pro-life when they are such active so supportive of killing kids so many years after birth.

2 thoughts on “SCOTUS Explained”

  1. I came here because I saw a jacket on the Xbox avatar store and I thought this was going to be a joke website, was not disappointed to see interesting and fair points on relevant topics

  2. I guess when the site has the word ‘rants’ in its name, the mistake is on you if you have any expectations of it as not being lowbrow.

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