SharpKeys is now in the Microsoft Store!

Minor update, but one I’m thrilled to share: you can now download and install SharpKeys from the Microsoft Store!

I’ll still make offer the MSI and EXE’s directly from GitHub, this website, or winget, but by having the app in the Microsoft Store will also mean that updates will get pushed directly to your PC, which I kinda dig.

Still a free app to download and use – you can find it here: Microsoft Store.

13 thoughts on “SharpKeys is now in the Microsoft Store!”

  1. Is it possible to setup this only for a specific keyboard?
    My laptop one is ok, but I have to do this for my MX Keys Mac, so for now I simply load the proper setup when I switch.

    It would be awesome to be able to setup this for a specific keyboard!

    Thanks <3

  2. Hi
    Sorry for my bad english, I want an help from you to create a software that with a combination of key change the keys of the keyborad. My idea is that one user when instal the software on it’s pc, the software initialy create a file with a remap random of the key like

    Only (for example) when the user press ctrl+windows+k the keyboard is remapped following the file and when user retype ctrl+windows+k keybord return to normal configuration.
    Why this?
    Becouse i want remember my easy password like the name of my son, but before of writing it i press ctrl+windows+k so “Letizia10” became something like “rfjH#si4?”
    It’s would wonder if a key could be remmapped in one or more key like
    A-> 7
    B-> fH
    C -> ?0I

  3. Hi,
    For some reason when installing the app from Microsoft Store it asks for admin credentials. Any other app I have downloaded from there has just went straight into download. Just a heads up I guess, don’t know why that is.

    1. Likely not, because the Fn key is a HW key and not usually remappable by Windows. That said, Lenovo used to have a way to swap these keys in the BIOS or UEFI, particularly on ThinkPads.

  4. Hi Randy

    I m trying to swap the left alt key to the bracket key that swiss german keyboards have. Apparently the bracket key is E0_56.
    (I try to do that on a USA english laptop keyboard layout.)
    It misses the specific key. And for coding the bracket key while still using a swiss layout on this english keyboard would be nice.

    But I tried to put the key on either the windows key or the left alt key. and it s not working. the windows or alt function is gone after using your software. but it doesnt type the brackets.

    I gave your software admin rights on executing and I restarted. But the new keyfunction does nothing when i try to type. no brackets typed.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you already for your appreciated effort and help.

    Kind Regards


    1. I cannot speak to what the Swiss German keyboard is doing: different hardware and no idea what how the US layout maps to it. That said, whole keys are moved, so on a US keyboard, we have [ and { on one key which can be remapped to any other key, but [ by itself cannot be remapped. Likewise, SharpKeys needs the admin rights to edit a Registry Key: Windows does the remapping, based off the Registry, which requires the “save to Registry” and then rebooting. If you reboot, re-open SharpKeys, and see the remappings in the window, you then everything SharpKeys is responsible for is working – can’t do much to make sure the correct keys are being selected with the HW and layout changes.

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