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What is a PM?

About nine years ago, and after being at Microsoft for a year, I posted “What is an SDET?” in response to various questions that I got about my career choice to move from developer to tester. Like the original post calls out, there was a lot of “why” and “what do you do” and I tried my best to describe my thoughts and reality at the time, especially for people that saw the world divided into Dev or Test, without room for a developer that tests for a living.

As my ten year anniversary at Microsoft approaches, I’ve made a change: I’m now a Program Manager.
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Rare Programming Rant: Cross Thread Access in Whidbey

It’s not very often that I have something to Rant about that’s also Geek-related, but we’ve got a winner, and it’s all about Whidbey and the .NET Framework 2.0. It’s probably a good thing for application security, but from a programming point of view, I feel hog-tied. Oh, and if you’ve never heard of Whidbey, skip this Rant – it’s not for you!
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