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Just a couple of notes – if only to myself – that have a high rate of Geekiness to them… cool stuff, actually.

Steve has a bunch of new screen shots of Windows Calendar, which is a part of Vista. But it’s not just the screen shots: look at the image “chips” that he’s got on the post itself… that’s just freakin’ cool.

ldopa has a write up on a download for OS X that has an emulation of a 1970’s terminal window, complete with baud lag and warped display. Brings back memories, sadly.

IE7 Beta 2 Preview.. I stress the preview because it’s really for developers – besides, by now it’s old news – but I like new bits so I’ve been using it at work… and I just stumbled on a new feature. When you show the Favorites page and hover over an item, it shows an X on single items and a -> for folders. The X is neat, as it’s delete, but the -> make me raise an eyebrow, since it looks like the “Go” arrow in IE6 and IE7’s address bar… it is exactly that: clicking the -> on a folder in Favorites opens all of the URL’s in that folder as a set of [I hate them but I’ve left them turned on for a better UI in beta experience] tabs. That’s pretty neat for a “quick” look around a collection of URLs, especially the Links folder.

11 thoughts on “Random Geekness”

  1. I am using ie 7 right now on my home pc. it is not as accsesibule as firefox (ie keyboard only) and it is slow… I agree it is very preview.

  2. What’s it missing keyboard wise? That’s an honest question – I get around most pages OK by keyboard. And yeah, it IS a not-for-public beta, so hopefully there’s stuff coming.

    As to speed, so it’s taking 1.15 seconds rather than 1.11 seconds or something? I always hear about the “SPEED OF FIREFOX” and laugh… reminds me of when GearHeads would taunt enough other because their car did 0-60 5.3 seconds vesus their friend’s 5.4 seconds.

  3. in firefox you can type a sellection of letters from a link and press enter to goto the link. I can’t figure out how to press the three buttons to the right of the tabs with the keys.

    horizontal scrolling is SLOW wich is bad because you need it when zoomed. and zooming is slow when compared to opera

    PS. ie loads pages WAY faster that firefox

  4. Ya mean in the Address box? IE does have the auto-suggest… just hit F4 to put focus on the bar. In fact, IE’s got a neat thingy where if you type a name and hit Ctrl+Enter it puts the name between http://www. and .com

    I dunno. Always been fast for me – even with ClearType enabled this go around…

  5. NO I mean toolbar searching. just start typing and as long as the keyboard focus is out of a text box and not compleatly handled by javascript it will search the page. if you type in part of the text in a link then it focuses the link and you can press enter to go:)

  6. also when you zoom there is no option to collapst to one collom(thus wanting horizontal scroll in the first place:))

    and on this blog the remember me check box does not work

  7. Thats cuz I was working on the template :)

    Seems the “disable the post button to avoid duplicate posts” part of the script didn’t play well with the TypePad script. I’d rather have the cookies than the disabling, given the choice…

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