In God We Trust

Recently there’s been so much in the news, it’s hard to pinpoint any one thing to Rant on. I mean this whole Israel-Palistine thing would have been taken care of if they had just followed my advice in the first place, but since that wouldn’t make for more than a couple of days of news, no one seems to want the problem to go away. Anyway, it’s been a rarer and rarer thing that I’d get thought the morning news reports that and it would foster a Rant, much less one steeped in blind fury. Any yet, today is no ordinary day, now is it? No… today is the day after the California Supreme Court ruled the US Pledge of Allegiance to be unconstitutional.

Then again, today is no ordinary day, now is it? No… today is the day after the California Supreme Court ruled the US Pledge of Allegiance to be unconstitutional. No, that wasn’t a typo – it’s real and, quite frankly, I’m furious. Oh, I wasn’t at first. At first I just rolled my eyes and said that “some circuit judge must be looking for some press” or something along those lines – after all it is California and they’ve never been quite right in the head over all. Today I got to hear more of the story and I’m sorry to say that I’m now pretty pissed off. Here’s the handle, and there’s me flying so far off the handle that I can’t even see the lil fucker anymore.

Why am I so pissed? Well, it’s because of this pinko, liberal, fascist ass of an atheist that brought the case to life in the first place. I mean judges can’t invent cases – they can only rule on the ones presented to them and take what ever glory (or disgrace) they can from it. Look at Judge Ito from the Simpson trial – unless HE killed Nicole just to set up OJ and then lobbied to get the case, he had little to do with the limelight that was thrown at him (although it would be a twisted piece of work if he did do it!) So lets all look at the atheist. What’s his beef anyway? According to him, he was upset that his daughter was being forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance at school: the main problem being the “One Nation, Under God” line (added in the 1950’s by the way, probably in the height of post-WWII patriotism and anti-atheistic/communism feelings in the US) because he doesn’t believe that there is a god. When interviewed this morning, this self-righteous son of a bitch wouldn’t even apologize to the people that he might have pissed off or affected by taking such action – he even says “some patriots just won’t get their way this time.” What the shit is this? Separation of church and state, sure. That’s in the Constitution to defuse religious persecution. That’s there to make sure the government can’t make us all convert to retain our citizenship and/or possessions that are protected by law. That’s not there for this fuck to prevent other people from saying a Pledge to show support for their nation! How can you justify the sacrificing of a visible and public display of pride on your nation, just because one person’s delicate and narrow-minded personal belief system doesn’t agree?

And lets look at what his actions have done: He just taught his daughter that you can do anything you want, so long as you think it’s right, regardless of how it impacts other people. He also taught her that if there’s something you don’t want to do, you can sue and take them to court regardless of cost or consequences. I mean this is a young girl – is she an atheist? Can she even get the concept? Isn’t that being forced on her, now, because it’s what her father believes? Or is that OK because it’s a family thing? Why not just let the girl not say it – the Pledge I mean or even the ever-offensive line? If she doesn’t want to stand up for her country, then so be it – if the school was forcing her, then attack the school. Are you trying to tell me that if this guy, an almighty parent, in the eyes of a school, went to principal or the school board, that they wouldn’t allow the girl to stay silent? No instead, this arrogant prick goes on to take away rights from other people with no regard to them with his actions. Instead of taking responsibility for his own family, this ass went on a crusade to mess with the nation.

These are children. They don’t have any rational sense of things like this – if anything, I’m betting the kid doesn’t want to stand up during homeroom because she’s tired. We always try to “explain” things to children and that’s complete bunk – kids are like animals until they hit a certain age and while you can rational to them all you want, there are times when it isn’t applicable and “Because I said so” must be brought into play. Lets also remember that this is a school – do you always agree with everything they do? No. There are some things that you and your family might find to be “normal” or “acceptable” but the school will not allow. They have to keep order and they use the lowest common denominator of “rules” to try to make most people happy. If one family believe that their children can solve their problems by beating the crap out of another kid, and the school says “no, that’s against our rules” does that mean you have to take them to court over it? Because your personal beliefs are being violated? Gimme a freakin’ break.

So what’s next? Well, lets take another look at this bastard. He’s a rather enormous hypocrite. I mean he’s in court, so he must pay lawyers. Lawyers need money. Money is stamped with “In God We Trust”. I don’t see him giving all his cash away because it violates his fragile sense of atheistic beliefs. Hey wait – he had to go to court. Did he have to go on the stand? “Do you swear to tell the truth … so help me God?” Did he refuse? Does that mean he perjured himself because he refuses to do anything that involves a god? The simple fact is neither of them violate the separation of church and state, just as the Pledge does not. All this guy did was waste the time and money of the state of California and get national exposure. And it’s the worst kind of exposure: he’s just infuriated at least 95% of the nation, when the nation is in dire need of patriotism given the last few years. He can go beat baby seals for pelts next and piss off less people than he did with this Issue.

I’d like to say a couple of things directly to this idiot: First, thanks for bringing this to a boil and adding a new distraction to us all while our nation is going through it’s most troubled times since the Civil War. And, second, I don’t think you’ll be an atheist for much longer… if someone likes me gets a hold of you, by the end of the verbal thrashing that I would inflict on your fragile sense of morality and your feeble little litigious mind, you will be begging to God that you never started this debate or this cause – that debate would convert you faster than any missionary could, just to get me to shut up. Oh, and by the way, I do pledge my allegiance to these United States – if you don’t like my pledge get the hell out of my country.

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