The MTD sucks bollocks. So do the Mets for that matter.

The Milford Transit Dept sucks major bollocks. Yes, I’m currently sitting on the train platform instead of my regular morning train because the people at the MTD (that control the commuter parking lots that I park in most mornings) have — oo! an Acela train just went by! — over sold the lots while under construction. Not only did they keep the “normal” amount of spaces for lot 1 and 2 but lot 2 is down about 75% of the original spaces and lot 1 down about 50% – obviously I have been put in Time Out in lot 3, which has more than enough parking for all of Milford, but it made me trek a bit to the platform, making me miss my train.

What do you care? The better question is do I care whether or not you care at all! I’m ranting because it’s what I do.

As to all the Mets fans that are doing the happy dance for Mo Vaughn’s home run in the 8th inning last night, taking the game from the Yankees last night… you suck too. Why? Not because you’re happy for the win, but because most of you are happy for the Yankees loss. Piazza was an idiot in the way he handled the beaning 2 years ago – Rocket tried to apologize and he was all “cry-baby” about it. Also, you guys retaliated by hitting Tino in the back the very next inning – should have been “even”, but oh-no, since you can’t talk about your baseball record over there in Queens, y’all had to keep that stupid shit going. Then the bat thing… get over it. If it was anyone else, it wouldn’t have been an issue. Look at the tapes – he didn’t throw it at him, he threw it away from him. Better yet, you get on the mound and throw to a batter, and then have 1/2 a bat come at you 2.5 seconds after your release and see what you do out of instinct to get rid of the bat. He’s a pitcher – if he wanted to hit PizzaBoy with the bat, he would have. And then the whole throwing at the Rocket at the plate this weekend… OK, here’s the deal. Why are you guys at .500? Because when your pitchers are supposed to throw at something, they aren’t supposed to miss. Whether your pitcher missed Roger, and threw behind him on purpose or not, we’ll never know, but Roger’s ass was not the smallest thing out there, and what your pitcher did was fine by me – he defused the situation without anyone getting hurt. If it was any other team I would have thought that’s what the team wanted – make your point, get the warning, and move on. However, I’m betting he just missed.

The long and short of it is you can take this three game series – hell you can sweep the next three game series. When you win four out of seven in October, then you can talk to me about baseball in NYC because right now, you aren’t qualified to talk about it!

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