The Slave Trade

This is a post-dated Rant. Well sorta, anyway. The topic that set me off is sorta dated, and there was an “Episode” that occurred but the Rants site didn’t exist yet, but it’s something that stuck with me all the same… and it still might be an active topic today, but I haven’t heard anything on it for a while. In any event, I find the issue stupid enough to rehash it, even thought it’s been few months after I first heard it on CNN. This is with regards to the Slave Trade Retribution group. What slave trade, you ask? Didn’t all that stop with the US in the mid-1800’s? Yup. So what’s the uproar? You’ll love this: there’s a group of African-Americans that are suing “historical” companies that profited from the Slave Trade in the 1800’s.

Ok – if there was ever an argument that Darwin was wrong and we had no form of evolution what-so-ever, this is it. How can I say that? It’s easy. The people that are suing today are looking for cash – plain and simple. And for that, more power to them – I have no issues with that, but they are looking for the money in my pocket for an idiotic reason that I had nothing to do with. These are the same type of people that required the “Do Not Eat” note on the silicate packages, that come in shipping supplies. Without that note, they’d drop it in a cup of hot water for some herbal tea, and then get their grand kids to sue for the “injustice” years later. Besides, when was the last time you opened a box from “A Computer Store” and opted to start eating the packing that came with your product? Better question is why are these people allowed to have kids, anyway? Stupid people need to stop procreating, for all our sakes.

— Inserted note – I’m stopped at a station in Bridgeport and about five hot women and one huge woman just walked by me. Give ya one guess as to who’s booty just bumped me in the head, while I’m tying this. Bluh. They need to start selling SlimFast on the train platform, or at least people need to be aware of where their asses really are when walking. Geez. At least it was female but still. —

Here’s the problem with this law suit:

  • What’s the proof? The trade ended over 150 years ago. Even if though companies “profited” by the trade of the day, how can you prove how much they made and where it when to and that they were even involved? You can’t. We can’t prove that there was a scam or profit thing with Enron over the last five quarters even with computers and auditors – how can we accurately track this type of information from the early 1800’s? And yes, it would have to be the early 1800’s as that’s when the Trade was popular and profitable. Good luck with that – but lets assume they can some how pull that off.

  • Who gets the money? Who can prove they came from Africa as a slave, or an indentured servant, or even an immigrant? I can’t find my own relatives, on one side, past Ellis Island and they came over voluntarily. So how can these people figure out where or when they came over? Is there a certain percentage of African blood you have to have? If someone inner-racially married do they get less? Or should we just start handing out cash to those that need it? Hey wait – that’s what the welfare system is for and they don’t discriminate by race. And guess what? For all the uproar on bigotry and biased feelings, this would be racial discrimination, but against all non-African-Americans. Amazing how there’s no Al Sharpton running around about this in the press as an injustice. Hm. Go figure!

  • Why should I have to pay? This is an interesting point. The proponents for this case tell you that the current US population isn’t paying – only the companies that were involved are impacted. Well, lets see. The only companies with the depth and staying power to have been around then and still in operation today are public companies. That means that investors internationally have their money tied to it, if they bought the company’s stock. And if one of these companies is hit with this injustice in the form of a fine, they will lose money, and people may get laid off. So how does the American public “today” not pay? It will impact us either directly, or indirectly, in the form of jobs, benefits, and cash. Furthermore, why would I be responsible? I once made a joke to one of my very good friends that lives down south that she was only upset that I lived in the only part of the US that never lost a war (in reference to the Civil War) and she didn’t speak to me for at least two days. The only thing that saved my while Yankee candy-ass was that I pointed out the fact that my relatives were still eating pizza and sipping espresso in Napoli and Calabria when the war was fought – my relatives didn’t come here until the early 1900’s. Given that, I demand immunity for being blamed for the Slave Trade. Nice how history can work for and against you, no?

  • Precedence. This gets it’s own bullet point because when I heard it I was offended – which alone should speak volumes about this claim. The proponent for this cause, while on CNN, referenced the holocaust as a “guide” for paying back retributions, since the Nazi Germany was forced to pay back Jewish families that suffered losses in the Camps. I blew my top at this. How in the world can you make that comparison? Was the Slave Trade bad? Absolutely – that will never be condoned by me. However, the holocaust was so completely different in fact and in mind set that it can never be compared to anything in our past and god help us if it ever comes to be again in our future. These people in the Camps were herded for destruction and genocide. Plain and simple. And if the survivors and their families were given anything, it certain will never be enough. Not only that but the retribution was done directly after the war – the survivors and, more importantly, the criminal bastards that was responsible were still around. Retribution was paid from criminal to victim and their families, in short order. How dare these people even try to make the comparison? And I was neither alive nor “related” to holocaust (being Roman Catholic and my family being in the US already) but it’s still a plain as day to me. When someone on CNN’s staff proposed these same points to these guys, they just mumbled and moved on to the next claim. Nice to see that even they have enough shame to shut up on a certain issues.

Well, that’s the whole of it. Thankfully, I haven’t heard a peep about this since that one day on CNN – I’m betting that after the exposure, they got the “movement” shut down. And what’s the real problem with this issue? Is it that when you try to make one group of people “equal” by discriminating against another group, that you end up with reverse discrimination? No… Is it that there’s too much suing in America today, and that we believe the legal system works like lotto? Nah… The fundamental problem here is that stupid people are multiplying! This will only hurt us in the future so, if you know yourself to be an idiot, please only sleep with people smarter than you? That can help correct the imbalance in your offspring. Better yet…

Please always use birth control!

4 thoughts on “The Slave Trade”

  1. THESE PEOPLE. It is racist people like you who believe that one suffering is over another. You have no idea what SLAVERY has done to the African American TODAY. You are right there is no comparison to Nazi Germany, because the atrosicities that were taken out of people of African descent still continue today..for example..this entire post. Look at an abused slave, look a person who lived through a concentration camp. They both were horrible, and WHY do you believe that its okay to give Jewish decendants of the Holocaust reperations but not those of African decent. Are you kidding?!! They both were horrible and no amount of money can account for these events. YOU Racist Bastard, the least America can do is offer free education because if they tried to pay African Americans that broken promise of 40 acres and a mule, where would you live Asshole. Jump off a bridge and die, because people like you exist in your bedrooms and are too afraid to make your true thoughts known to the public because you would not live to see the next day. Disgrace

  2. There hasn’t been an abused slave in the US since 1865. People that lived through a concentration camp and that are still alive happened in 1945. That’s the difference – thanks for reminding me. Also, I’m not asking random people that had nothing to do with the Holocaust to give money to survivors – I’m saying that it makes sense that the people that put the victims into Holocaust camps should be held accountable, be it by law or money. The people that were involved in slavery are all dead. My relatives didn’t come to the US until the 1920’s.

    How is it my responsibility, trying to repair slave-related damage caused 70 years before my ancestor’s got here and 140 years before I was born? Where’s the fairness or equality in that?

    Interesting that you can call me racist, when I’m only calling for equal treatment for equality’s sake… crying for special treatment for yourself and not getting it doesn’t make everyone else a racist. It just makes you selfish.

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