Last In, First Out?

Heard a good little news bite on the radio today… one that derailed what I had originally planned to write about this morning (by the way, I’m back to work, so once I forget that I ever took a vacation (which should be by 9am this morning) things should return to normal) and this is probably more a rave than Rant, because I’m pretty impressed.

This came over the news wire from Germany. Seems there’s an elderly chap that has got a pretty good “scam” going on… see, he’s proclaimed that he wants “to be held by a beautiful woman before he dies.” As he’s getting on in years, and not doing all that well health-wise, he’s probably not lying but see, here’s the good part. As he’s gone public with his requests of being with “one last woman” and to help things along, he’s changed his will. He’s leaving about $275,000 to the woman that is with him last before he dies – yes, so this will cause a huge drive of women to be the last… I can guarantee that there will be more than one. He’s also stirred the pot some more by also reminding everyone that he could go at any time, so be quick about it, if you’re serious.

What do I make of this? Well from a “morals” stand point you should shocked and appalled. That a woman would sleep with a man for $275K, that a man would resort to such tactics for companionship, and that majority of the people would accept this, either b/c he’s old or b/c there’s a bit of money involved. That’s what you should feel. For me, I’m pretty impressed from the logic behind it… I mean the man turned himself into a lotto-type price and the cost of a ticket is a romp in the sack. And well… since, I’ve been fucked in business, by more people than I’d like to think about, for a lot less that $275K, I’m thinking the lucky woman is certainly getting her money’s worth… I guess we’ll have to wait and see how much I’ve saved in about 40 years before I start to proclaim payoffs, eh?

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