“Thank You, Drive Thru”

So the other day I popped in a chat room to an uncomfortable conversation that’s becoming a bit too common lately. See, for some unknown reason, the MSN Connecticut chat room is the most fertile breeding grounds in the world. Oh, I know the reason why women are getting pregnant – duh – but what is a great “rarity” is how many women actually get pregnant from the random acts of sex. Consequently, there’s a lot of single mothers and runaway fathers; the other day’s uncomfortable topic was the lack of child support that the deadbeat dads were giving.

On the record here – deadbeat fathers should be caught and penalized; these women have every right to complain, even if it does take two to make a baby. These men should have their pay sucked away from them whenever possible, because there’s no reason for kids to be neglected just because the parents hate each other. I’m not going to get on the soap box about why the two people shouldn’t be having careless or unprotected sex – at least not for this Rant. I’ll work under the presumption that if the two parents are old enough to have sex and successfully produce a kid, they are old enough to know that sex can cause pregnancy. Even condoms and the Pill are not 100% foolproof, especially when the guy your screwing is a fool. So, I already am working off the theory that if you’re having sex you have to consider pregnancy as a possible outcome, however unlikely. No, this is more about the lack of child support and the irresponsibility of some of the men out there.

I’m all for child support. Why? Because I don’t have any dependents to pay for, of course! See, I didn’t even know about the mandatory “child support” law in Connecticut; it might even be federal for all I know. I found out when someone I knew was paying out $200/month to his kid from his Ex-Wife (from divorce I knew about) and then another $75/month to another kid that he had from some girlfriend that he met after his divorce. What was unknown to me was that the $75/month minimum was required by state law. If she could prove that it was his baby, he was required to pay. He was paying $3300 a year instead of $2400 a year because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

For me, I’m glad that all of my birth control measures ::knock wood:: have worked, so I’m not whining about my child support – I don’t have any to pay! No, it’s for all of the kids that are being born to single mom’s that’s irked me lately. Some of the guys that are siring these kids can’t find the ground if they fell off a chair. How they’re having sex with these women I’ll never know; I’m assuming they have crib sheets from “Sex for Dummies”. I guess even the stupidest of people can hump someone else – who knew? What I wish they would think about, just before they are about to have sex, is what could happen in the long run. Not only are you bringing a new human in to the world, but you’re going to be required to pay a minimum of $16,200 over a period of 18 years. If the fear of bringing a new human to the world doesn’t scare you, maybe the price of a small sedan being ripped from you will scare you enough to make your penis go limp.

In fact, do us all a favor: go to a local “spa” in one of the local cities. You know the kind – open late, advertises in the sports section of the local newspaper , has blackened out windows, and usually eludes to an Asian or Hawaiian style. Call them up or stop in and ask for a 1/2 hour appointment – it’s typically only $40. While you’re there, tell your girl that you want a full service and slip her a $100 tip. At least if you go to a pro, you’ll have a whole set of problems but at least you aren’t creating to an innocent newborn that you plan to abandon. And for you men that brag that “I won’t pay for sex – that’s wrong” and then go off to lie to the next girl you meet just to get her to be, then get her pregnant and leave her – you aren’t any more moral by doing this. That’s your ego and pride that’s giving you a false sense of morality – stop being so fuckin’ stupid! To me, lying to a woman just to “bang her” makes you more despicable than if you lost your “pride” and paid your two bits. At least there’s a certain honesty in going to a spa, even if it is a some what “ethically” gray area – I work off the premise of that this would be the lesser of two evils, since you’re going to have sex either way.

And for the record, I’ve never bought sex at a spa – I just did some research online at http://www.worldsexguide.org/.

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