Dozen Roses: $20 – Pick Up Line at a Bar: Priceless

Don’t jump on me for this one, ladies; it came directly off the air, just this morning. According to Omelette, from i-95 Rock‘s morning show, he usually has a great plan for most Valentine’s Days; since he has to go to some work endorsed party, he can’t use it this year. He was saying that he usually goes to the store and picks up a dozen roses. He then goes to a local bar where he grabs a drink and leaves the flowers on the bar. While he sits there, he hangs his head down low, looking put-out and forlorn. Throughout the course of the night, women notice the flowers at the bar – can you see where this is going already?

And after they’ve had a few drinks, they get to be a bit bolder. One of them will eventually approach him, when he lays the “my girlfriend broke up with me” line. Of course this is what can be called “Sympathy Sex” but I guess if you’ve got the balls to do this in the first place, you’re not going to care anyway, right? At least it not going to bother O-man’s on air persona, which of course is why he’s usually funny in the first place.

Sorta revolting yet ingenious at the same time don’t you think? This is not quite on par with that Master Plan thing from last year – after all this is a seasonal ploy – where you ask yourself, “How can he do that?” and “Why didn’t I think of that?” at the same time. It’s certainly nothing I could do, but it still stuck me funny!

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