Last Call for Bugs

Time to put a milestone in the sand. I sorta see some online-ibus interuptus type events on my personal horizon and I didn’t want to leave either SharpMT or Pocket SharpMT in a state of disrepair. What started as couple of small bug fixes for SharpMT have evolved into some nice new features that I’d like to make permanent. Pocket SharpMT has gone though enough paces and testing (by users mostly) to be launched as an initial release. I don’t know of any outstanding bugs at this time; if you found something that broke either application, please let me know – otherwise I’m going to kick both these out the door and take a small break for offline pursuits (as well as some planning for a 1.5 or 2.0 version of both applications!) Thanks for the ongoing support!

4 thoughts on “Last Call for Bugs”

  1. Thanks for making SharpMT! The current version seems to be pretty much bugfree, and has been working great for many weeks now.

    I asked u before and you said no, but still for version 2.0 any plans for adding the ability to edit or at least view old posts?

  2. Thanks!

    As to 2.0, I’m still saying no :) There’s just far too many complications with trying to keep the DB’s in “sync” and it’s beyond the scope of what I wanted to do with it. The Blog Links can be downloaded for AddURL purposes and they can open MT in a browser but that’s probably the limit to “Edit” that I plan to tackle…

  3. By editing previous posts, i don’t mean that there should a local copy of all the posts. Instead, it just downloads only the post which is to be edited. I can see how for blogs with multiple authors it’ll be a hassle, but for single user blogs it should be all right. i.e it should be up to the user to use this feature properly, and not the program. Sort of as an advanced feature to be used with care.

    Anyways, I don’t want to keep going on about it, thanks a bunch for the great program.

  4. @KO – You do know about the Edit menu item, right? I mean that does exactly what you described, except it uses MT’s browser form and not SharpMT’s… I hadn’t even contemplated multiple-user blogs, though; that’s another reason not to do it! ;)

    Thanks again for the support :)

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