Pocket SharpMT – 1.3 Beta 6

More subtle changes for Pocket SharpMT while the socket disconnects get looked at. Pocket #MT can now insert information from the Contacts data store and the “Add URL” dialog now returns focus to the control that last had it. The only other change is that I’m no longer including SH3 and MIPS CABs as I hear that only ARM chips are included in Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 devices. If you’re on a PC download 1.3 Beta 6 here or read the FAQ. On a PIE, download the CAB file here: ARM.

Bug fix: For some reason if you added a link via the Add Link dialog, focus wouldn’t still be on the edit box when you closed it. This didn’t happen with Bold, Italic, or Underline, so it got missed; it’s fixed in this Beta.

Inserting Contacts: This idea came from Steve who’s done a lot of work with CE devices. Since the Pocket PC always has a storehouse of contact information, and Pocket Outlook is always available, there’s now an Insert Contact option on the Format menu. This will allow you to insert the “File As” name of any Contact entry. You can also optionally link the inserted name to the Contact’s E-mail address or URL (Web Page). This requires that “PocketOutlook.dll” be in the same directory as the Pocket SharpMT.exe – don’t worry, as the CAB file should install it automatically for you.

Download 1.3 Beta 6 (ZIP) or download the CAB file: ARM.

3 thoughts on “Pocket SharpMT – 1.3 Beta 6”

  1. The Outlook Store is kinda neat. Don’t know how useful it will be for me right now, but I am sure it will be something someone really needs.

    I am always surprised by the amount of inter-operability that CE devices have.

  2. Thanks – Steve thinks of it as an aid to moblogging. One of those “I had lunch with [click menu, select contact, link to URL] today” types of things. This is the sort of stuff I could see bringing to P#MT because it’s such a “set” platform.

    But lemme know how your connection/missing assembly stuff goes when you start to post :)

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