Kansas Town Requires Residents to Carry Guns

From Lubbock Online via WordSoup: From Kansas, the state that had many schools pull evolutionary theories from textbooks, comes a new provision in one town to make owning a gun and ammunition mandatory. City council members think the move helps make the community safer. Those who don’t keep fire-arms in their homes face fines.

Un-freakin’-believable. I wonder preventing that would-be pickup truck [car] jacking will be worth the massive increase of accidental shootings… it could cut down on teen pregnancy though, although there would be a higher male body count as a side effect.

4 thoughts on “Kansas Town Requires Residents to Carry Guns”

  1. Part of it is good and part bad.People shouldnt be fined if they dont wanna own firearms,but they should have guns so they can protect their homes against

    criminals and GOVERNMENT!If you are wondering whatta hell am i talking about,take a look at PATRIOT ACT 1&2+HOMELAND SECURITY.

    You are not gonna believe what you find.


    Ps.Like Morpheus says:”Take the red pill and i’ll show you how deep the rabbitshole goes”.

  2. Unbelieveable, yes, but don’t attach the evolution thing to the argument. Evolution was never pulled from the textbooks – the state Board of Ed. simply allowed each district to emphasize what they wanted. As Kansas is largely rural, and therefore a bit more religious, the fear was that local boards would choose to emphasize creation over evolution (which are both theories without tangible proof). It was reversed at the next board election when some members were replaced by new members. So, your take on evolution in Kansas is not quite up to speed, but your guns in the city of Geuda Springs is. Sheesh.

  3. I think you’ll be wanting to send that comment about evolution over to WordSoup – that’s from his web site, which is where I found the article citing both this and the gun carrying bit. My comments are in the second paragraph.

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