Pocket SharpMT – 2.1 Beta 1

A couple of goodies this time out, as this will help to keep Pocket SharpMT up to par with SharpMT. Remember that the .NET Compact Framework must be installed on your Pocket PC before using Pocket SharpMT. If you have a Windows Mobile 2003 device you’re all set; if you have a Pocket PC 2002 device, you’ll need to install the Compact Framework before trying Pocket SharpMT.

Read on for more information…

Insert Image Link for Uploaded Images – This was a suggestion: since you are uploading an image to your blog, why not have Pocket SharpMT automatically insert an image link to point to it? On the Options dialog, you’ll find a new tag called Image. When you go to upload an image, you will see a new check box that says Insert IMG tag with this link as SRC on the upload dialog. These are obviously intertwined. Unless I explain this with an example it will sound ugly: if <img src=”[IMAGELINK]” border=”0″> is the current Image tag, the when it is inserted into an edit box it will replace [IMAGELINK] with the uploaded picture’s link. You could also change the Image tag to something like <a href=”[IMAGELINK]” target=”_blank”><img src=”[IMAGELINK]” border=”0″><a> to get fancy. Also, if the check box on the upload dialog is disabled you didn’t have focus on an “available” edit box when you uploaded the image.

New Draft-Level Default – For new drafts there is a new default setting for the “Authored On” setting. As a default it can either be “Server Time” (meaning that you uploaded post will be assigned the date and time by the MT server) or non-Server Time. If non-Server Time, the date and time for Authored On will default to the time that SharpMT created the draft and can be edited before posting to the server.

UI Change – The dialog that you used to use to change the bold, italic, and underline tag settings has been moved into the Options dialog (as its own tab) and the Image tag, as described above.

Download Pocket Sharp 2.1 Beta 1: ZIP file (from a PC) | ARM file (from a Pocket PC) | Read the FAQ.

3 thoughts on “Pocket SharpMT – 2.1 Beta 1”

  1. Side note on this: Beta 2 of this will add support for two custom tags (three looked like too much on the small screen.) Thought I’d get word out here, before people asked me.

  2. As far as I know, yes. TypePad is MovableType based and #MT and Pocket #MT are compatible with MT servers. Of course I’ve never tried it, but it should work OK.

    You should also start with official released version of Pocket #MT.

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