“I Don’t”

Saw this proposal on Good Day New York this morning, but a local-to-the-scene NBC affiliate was nice enough to put up a link so that we could share it on the ‘net. I would love to interview both of them to see if a) they had talked about it and the guy hoped that something public could temper her feelings or b) if she was caught completely by surprise and had no idea it was coming… either way, I pissed myself when I saw it; I’ve always wondered if all those proposals at Yankees games were accepted…

5 thoughts on ““I Don’t””

  1. They used Real? I was able to see it, without it. There’s no way Real was installed on this machine… I’ve got WMA and QT, but not Real. Never Real, not ever again. :D

  2. Ya know, my proposal wasnt nearly as embarrasing (it was over a game of tetris) but atleast she said yes. Come to think of it, tetris is pretty embarrasing.

  3. I hate when people do things like that. It’s mostly for the benefit of others, like, “Look how in love we are. Aren’t you jealous? We’re fulfilling the American dream and soon we’ll procreate”. Kind of like most weddings. I mean, when you do it in public like that, the other person would look like an asshole if they refused. It’s a sneaky way of having the upper hand in such a situation, it seems to me.

  4. Well, if he was shooting for a pressure play, he’s going to have a sore hand for a long while to come because that’s the only action he’s getting. I’d love to know the back story to it, but the scene alone was pretty good.

    Also reminds me why 1/2 the crowd BOO’S the proposals at Yankees games…

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