I Hate That “Ewwy” Feeling

When someone asks me for an email address of someone that isn’t in my contacts list, I often rely on the “address popup” feature of Outlook to find an address for me. It’s nice enough to keep track of who I’m sending email to, so why not use it to lookup people you’ve recently email? Um, well, a good time not to use it is when someone emails you for the address of an employee of a company that you both used to work at, especially when that you’ve gone on to complain about annoying their inability to complete paperwork on time or to reply to email and phone calls in the body of the original email. Odds are you will do what I have done: accidentally CC the person you’re complaining, which is rather embarrassing even if you don’t work there anymore… and I don’t get embarrassed as a rule, but this is pretty fuckin’ close to it.

Now I just wonder how long it will take for that annoyingly ugly “ewwy” feeling in my stomach to go away, so I can eat lunch without massive agita.

3 thoughts on “I Hate That “Ewwy” Feeling”

  1. Yea thats bad but not as bad as it could have been

    imagine if you worked there still and had to face the person or better yet work together on a project.

    Yuk – feeling is really starting to leave now aint it :)

  2. Nah – if that was the case, I’d be OK with that b/c I coulda went to his PC and removed it or played it off much better. Just a no-face non-contact email seems to somehow feel worse.

    If I didn’t still need them for post-employee things (like insurance) I’d be OK with it tho ;)

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