SharpKeys 1.1 – Beta 3

Couple of new features this time out, both of which are related to the list of keys that are available.

Download SharpKeys 1.1 Beta 3: Install | Zip

I added specific support for F13, F14, and F15 which are found on Mac keyboards. Mac support? No, but a Mac USB keyboard can very easily be hooked up to a PC these days, especially with a KVM switch involved. So those keys are supported now. Also I’ve been getting more key requests than I expected to – this comes from a lack of experience with specialized keyboards and keyboards that target foreign languages. Thanks to “Type Key”, people are able to send me the Scan Code that the key has, but SharpKeys can’t use it because it’s not in the keys list. Consequently, I’ve added a number of “Unknown Keys” to the lists.

Simply put, these are for keys that may exist with valid scan codes but I haven’t seen them on a list yet. This means that you probably shouldn’t select one of these on your own – who knows what key it might be mapped to? – and these are in the list to support the Type Key window. That way if you press a key that is unknown to SharpKeys, you can still re-map it. And of course, if you find a key that is on a standard keyboard that is listed as Unknown, please email me and I can add it to the list.

Download SharpKeys 1.1 Beta 3: Install | Zip

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  1. I have a compact keyboard from ergonomics keyboards which has an FN key in the lower left hand corner. This has to be changed to a CTRL key. The manufacturer has promised to give me the scan code(s) associated with this key. I will forward them to you and hopefully you will be able to write them into your program. Your program is the best I have seen out there and the only one that works on this keyboard!

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