9-11 Commission

Look, I’m all for reaming a government official if they screwed up something, and I’m still a bit off when thinking about the WTC attacks, but enough about it already. Right now, I just keep seeing the “who did this” and “why [the other party] should be blamed”. Shut the fuck up, all of you because you’re slowly giving me gout.

Has anyone on this commission thought that there might not be a smoking gun to uncover? Anyone? None that I’ve seen in the news. How quick would the Democrats on the panel be to point out any uncovered flaws – assuming there are any – if they are tracked back to Billy Boy? The Republicans aren’t behaving any better; it’s disgusting. 9-11 should not be about party politics: stop using it like you’re kissing a damned baby!

And I can’t even begin to empathize with the families of the victims… I know they want answers but sometimes… sometimes, there aren’t any to give. There are things that happen without any advanced warning and no steps taken could have prevented. Sometimes you can only fix the problem and not affix the blame on someone: go ask Bin-Laden for answers, if that fuck ever comes out of his hole.

And about the infamous “memo“… unless it drew a bulls eye on the south tower and showed a very large and hijacked jet flying into it, it’s not very helpful. Even with advanced warning of an attack on a skyscraper… how does the US react to that? How can you protect every skyscraper within our borders? Keep jets on the roof and at alert 24/7? Put SAM sites in metropolitan NYC? I don’t think there was a way for our government to stop this, this first time around. [If a terrorist cell tries to nick a plane with Americans on it, they won’t get far: Americans will fight back on planes, if only to save lives on the ground (or so we will think). We were always told to be calm and complacent with hijackers because they weren’t out to hurt their hostages – those days are long since over.] Life sucks sometimes, regardless of who’s in charge – beating a situation like this to a pulp will only make it worse.

Get it done and get the hell off my news screen.

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  1. Amen, It’s well beyond getting old at this point.

    Prior to 9/11, what would it have taken to convince the President, or anyone else, to proactively shoot down a commercial airliner full of people? Even if you thought the possibility existed, who would have imagined it would destroy an entire skyscraper? We’ve had plane strikes on buildings before (by accident, of course), and it’s didn’t kill thousands of people.

    I just can’t imagine what it would have taken (again, pre-9/11) before the American people would have approved the shooting down of a commercial aircraft full of people.

  2. I agree with you both. It was terrible and we want answer’s but there may not beany. You are also correct that the we as Americans(pre 9/11) would have balked at shooting down a plane. Let us know concentrate on protecting America.

  3. I am sick of the 9/11 commision already. They don’t seem to be looking for answers at all–it appears they just want applause (and another grassy knoll).

    Even a Bush-hating left-winger should be embarrassed by the tone of their “Do you still beat your wife?” line of questioning. As if any American could have imagined every possible scenario a group of radical zealots (from a culture totally unlike our own) might come up with to do us harm–much less something like 9/11.

    Our President had only been in office for 8 months–yet seems to have caused all the failings of our country. Were terrorists unheard of before he was elected? Was our power grid state-of-the-art until January of 2001? Not a one of these assholes was in the Twin Towers or on one of the airliners on 9/11 but today they have moved on to determine that the port Authority/FDNY/NYPD could have saved a few more lives if they had been doing their jobs. That 300 or 400 of them died to save thousands doesn’t seem to count for anything.

    Is this commission going to start blaming the airliner passengers next?

    What makes it even more sickening is that Ted Kennedy, icon of truth and integrity (not to be confused with alcoholism and manslughter)is right in the middle of it all–and trying to score a vice-presidential nomination.

    I am not a rabid right-winger by a long shot. I didn’t totally agree with everything our government does–but I always root for the home team–and I won’t apologize for being an American.

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