Spring has exploded in your local Starbucks. At least it has in mine. Color everywhere, most of it strawberry red. New drinks, too…

The Java Chip Frap replaces the Brownie Frap. Instead of pieces of brownie in the drink, they put in chocolate chips – had it while it was being trialed and it’s OK, but I still like the Rumba best. Also a Caffè Vanilla – no idea what it is but it’s what I ordered. For non-coffee Fraps [what’s the point of that, really?] the vanilla bean and chai crème return and are joined by the double chocolate and strawberries & crème. There’s also a strawberry and cream biscotti and some other things… but more than anything else, the merchandise is screaming 1960’s-day-glo multi-color… it’s not bad; just loud.

They’ve also got some display for some “Black Apron” Exclusive bean… since I only drink what’s brewing here, I don’t care much about it, but it looks impressive.

The Caffè Vanilla Frap is pretty good… tastes like a vanilla latte got sucked into a blender and what could be bad about that?

4 thoughts on “Strawbucks?”

  1. Nah… I mean I know the Siren (who works are corporate) and I’m on good terms with the local ‘bucks staff… actually, I should be pissed that them: I’ve been trying to have a book signing type thing there – no cost to them and it’s a way to sell more coffee – but they aren’t cooperating BUT they haven’t told me “no” either… truth is this seems to be as close a “useless” blog entry as I get to, I think – variety of life? :)

  2. Here in Japan we have the Mattcha (Green Tea)Frappucino which is a lovely (said in a sarcastic tone) shade of puke green. We have yet to get any sort of strawberry drink, but we do have the Vanilla Frap which you are supposedly able to request your own ingredients to be blended into it.

  3. Hey, at least they aren’t serving the Mattcha with mayo ;)

    I do know that the Starbucks in the states are beginning to get a bit regional… like in the northeast we go the peppermint syrup two Decembers ago and never got rid of it, but outside of the northeast, it’s only around for the Christmas season… so they’re beginning to do some specific market research I think. Good thing too because their old mint syrup sucked.

    And given the amount of strawberry candy in Japan – and the fact that the Frap is strawberry Pocky colored! – you should see it soon :)

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