Blogging Coma

Not too bad for writing, but my God, am I backlogged on my news and Blog reading.

While I as out of work, and even a bit while I was consulting, I turned into a news hungry, Blog reading junkie. I kept hitting the news sites and a long list of Blog sites, always looking for the most current updates. I think that’s why the 9/11 Commissions irked me so much: I kept reading about it over and over again. Almost to the point of sensory overload.

With the relocation and local get togethers – and PC-based Halo CTF matches – taking up the majority of my waking moments, I’ve recently discovered that I’ve lost touch with the news. I still hit the news page at Google once or twice a day, but I don’t seem to read anything on it. I’ve only hit the Blog sites a couple of times a week now, if that. Even the Yankees season has sorta blurred for me. I watched a complete game the other night for the first time since I was at the Stadium a couple of weeks ago; when I heard that Boston was 2.5 games out of first, it was then that I realized that we had entered June [the June-swoon of the Sox is more accurate than a day planner]

I’m still picking up a little bit of info via IM, if you can believe that – that’s been my only link to current events. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten most everything I’m connected to either cancelled, set to cancel next week, and/or forwarded to my new address in WA. Without the ‘net this would have been a very, very slow and painful process. As it is, my insurance company is the only stand-out service by making me wait until I have a physical address to give them and required a voice phone call. Everything else has been a piece of cake. For the most part. I mean cable is either current out of service for everyone or they opted to cancel me on June 4th, rather than June 8th – that’s no biggie, but it is curious just the same.

What’s worse, with regards to the Blogging Coma, is that I can’t even tell if I miss all the Blog reading. Some of it I do, but for entry I read there are another five repeats and five “why did I read that” entries… not a bad trade off, I suppose – I’ve just been too busy with other things to notice the missing news.

Of course, I can already guess that I’ll be right back in it once things settle down again. Just the nature of the beast.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Coma”

  1. I’m dreading having to deal with Qwest to move my phone and DSL. Last time I had to do it they wanted to cancel the DSL and make me pay the startup charges all over again. On top of that I would lose my /24 block of addresses. So I found a local Qwest technician and paid him $100 on the side to do it for me. I was furious when I was speaking with a Qwest “Team Coach” and they were telling me they can’t move DSL.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it was a move across the hall into a better apartment. It was down one apartment and the other side of the hall, yet they told me it was impossible.

    If I was moving City/State I could understand…

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