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As I’m sure most people have heard already this week, the current Governor of California (go Ahr-nald!) has come under criticism for calling an obstinate group of Democrats “girly men”. And of course it got some airplay. For two days now – who could pass up a political Schwarzenegger snafu? Because there couldn’t possibly be anything else going on that deserves to be on the news. I had the misfortune of seeing some more coverage on today’s Today show.

First there was the stock footage, of Arnold at a podium, warbling through his speech, when he calls certain members of the state government “girly men”. The public impression here is that he’s using one of the catch phrases from Saturday Night Live, where a couple of their actors ran a parody of Arnold. Years and years ago. It’s been shown so many times that I would find it hard to believe that anyone missed the reference.

Enter the democrats. Protest, whine, cry, [mock] outrage. How dare he? The women are upset and are offended. The men that this was pointed to are offended that they seem girly. Homosexuals are pissed off because the comment is homophobic.

California needs to quarantined from the rest of the world. Right now.

I have no other suggestion to make at this point, aside being sure to drop Katie from the Today show into the state before enforcing the quarantine. More about her in a little bit.

First, how in the hell does calling someone a “girly man” make them homophobic? Not all girly men are gay and not all gay men are girly. So shut the fuck up already because that’s just ridiculous. Second, I know nothing about the business over the CA budget, but even I know that Arnold promised that it would be button upped by Jun 15. He’s late. Why? Some democrat congress members aren’t cooperating, from his point of view. So he lashed out. Was he right to do so? No. Am I cutting him slack b/c he’s a former actor? No. He was wrong to make a comment like that, if only b/c of all of this bullshit fall out. So whatever. I don’t care if the boys in question wear skirts and drive around on unicycles – this is a CA state issue and it doesn’t effect lil ol’ me.

And that brings me to the Today show. Katie had on some dude that I thought was the Majority Leader in CA, but I can’t seem to find the guy anywhere online, so I dunno who he was. Katie gets all excited about this story and so she has a few questions for the guy. First answer she gets back to “should he apologize to the democrats”? “I can’t believe this made nation TV”. Beautiful! That’s a cue to focus on something more important, i.e. the budget. Next question was about the same thing: should he apologize for making the comment? Next answer: The important thing is the budget. If he wants to behave like he’s on a schoolyard and call his colleagues names, that’s his business – I wasn’t offended by it and I saw the humor in it, but you have to know that other people would find it offensive. Personally, I just want tour branch of government to be treated at the same level as the governor… we are equal partners in our state.

Katie blinks once. Then twice. Then goes on to ask about what Arnold’s comments meant to the democrats in the state government. And this is why she needs to be dropped in CA before we cut them off from the coastline: complete stupidity. The guy doesn’t give a shit, Katie, and neither do the rest of us. You should be smart enough to have figured this out, and yet, you asked the same question three times. To the interviewee’s credit, he finally throws her a bone and tells her that the offended people in the government aren’t speaking to the governor now, b/c of the comment. I did find that to be interesting, seeing as these are the same people that are referring to the comment as “immature”… to give the governor “The Silent Treatment”… um. OK. Sure.

Katie followed up this guy with a few questions for the Minority Leader of the state government, and he too made me laugh with his comments: not only did the last governor of CA break the state’s voting process but he obviously broke the sense of humor of anyone in Sacramento [the state capitol].

After listening to all this whining, I couldn’t agree more.

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  1. he he he he…. I agree – but you knew I would. People are too stupid to actually want to know true news, thats why the media markets focus om sensationalism and irrelavant events.

  2. Now the knights of the round table, when king arthur was heading into camelot with his men in the search for the holy grail, were certainly acting girly.

    Girly men, those knights of the round table… They push the pram-a-lot.

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