So, like, I leave New England.

Normality has left baseball.

The Red Sox win the World Series… winning 8 in a row against the Yankees and Cards.

“Screw you guys, IIIIII’m goin home.” [Cartman]

And now the post game… how long will the Boston obits be, when the people that kept saying “just one WS championship before I die” wake up tomorrow? How long until the “priceless” MasterCard marketing guy gets promoted for his Red Sox commercial? And why is the Fox Sports interviewer asking the GM of the Red Sox about the free agents of next year already? Stupid bitch! 5 minutes after the game ends and she’s already “what about next year”?! Blah! Press. Sometimes they just completely suck.

The big question? What in the hell will Boston fans complain about now? Well. Aside from now being a “simply mediocre team” and needing a minimum of 28 more years to catch the Yankees in the total number of titles, that is. I guess they can complain about that… next autumn. *smirk*

Oh, and just kidding on the leaving part, sorry! But I do have to take down the now defunct 1918 sticker on my office door.

Dammit, that’s going to hurt

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  1. Ok so already the Sox fans are starting that next year the Sox get a free pass if they don’t make the playoffs. Excuses already and only a day after they win. There was no damn curse. Boston teams have sucked and their fans just accepted mediocrity for EIGHTY SIX years!!! Let’s just say it like it is!! And now you are a regular team and the fans have NOTHING to complain about. No longer the “cursed” team or the media darlings. NOW you have to DEFEND your title after losing a good portion of your team to free agency. Ah it warms this Yankee fan’s heart to watch it all unfold. And the Cubbies become the media darlings and the “cursed” team. Get used to being “average”, Sox Nation, and finally you can all SHUT THE HELL UP about the damn CURSE!!!!! YAHOO!!!

  2. Wow – there is a lot of anger here. Don’t worry – we still have plenty of Boston teams that stink. Celtics for example. It was a great story, a few great weeks that was a very VERY welcome relief from election rhetoric. Don’t you think?

  3. The best part of the whole thing is knowing that No-mah had to watch it on the tube like the rest of us shmoes. Hmmm, maybe he is channelling the Babe.

  4. I can’t speak to Nomar, b/c I think they treating him like crap all season long, starting with the flubbed A-rod trade, on down the line. I will say that I heard a lot of Beantowners make asinine comments like “We even forgive Buckner!” and didn’t get it. I mean, winning a World Series does not erase past blunders – at least not in my book. I was thrilled to read a PR by Buckner saying “Don’t forgive me” and basically that Boston can go fuck themselves for treating his family name like shit all these years.

    As to anger, how did YOU get a break from election coverage?! Personally, I’m thankful for not having to watch the same 6 commercials from Fox repeated over and over and over again. That’s one of the things I hate about watching South Park: Comedy Central has the same 10 commercials that they play during breaks but it’s the same 10 commercials for every 1/2 hour show. Otherwise, there’s no escaping politics out here – they’re everywhere. If it isn’t in the news, it’s in the commercials, the paper, the conversation at Starbucks, different non-political Blog and cocktail napkins… everywhere. For at least another week, and then the recounts and finger pointing can begin.

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