Service Restored… Sorta

Three attempts later and the site is back up and running. The first attempt was trial. The second attempt was error (had to delete the blog and start over – first I got confused and then TypePad did). The third attempt is what you see here and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Most everything is back to form except for links between posts – I tried, but some are pointing to the wrong locations but I doubt anyone cares… basically MT took this last opportunity to screw me: it dupicated a bunch of posts and I didn’t notice until it was too late to deal with it. Also the RSS feed URL’s have changed so please update your readers. Software downloads and their FAQ’s are in the same location. The site also seems zippier now… aside from that, if you find any broken pictures, links or truely ugly issues, please leave me a note!

One thought on “Service Restored… Sorta”

  1. Um, actually, the old RSS feeds work, but I think that’s a bug from TypePad… it’s automatically masking the /rr/ that’s in the old URL for the RSS feeds to the root of the new site so the old URL’s still work. But I don’t know for how long, so you should still update them!

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