On the road for Thanksgiving: back to the hometown, the land of Dunkin’ Donuts. The coffee still tastes good, but were it not for the license in my wallet, I would have thought that the last five months were just an illusion.

This go around, I’m staying in a hotel. A hotel that was built on a piece of land that I had driven past for twenty years before there was a hotel. A hotel that offers me a view of the last building I worked in while living in CT and of the building that I had my first “real” job in. For that matter, it’s a hotel that’s less than a mile away from the Burger King that was the backdrop of my high school years.

And I check my license again.

I’m in a hotel because not many people knew I was coming home – it was an unexpected four day trip that came out of my relocation agreement… since I sold my condo faster than expected and I didn’t need a house hunting trip – and I flew back to where I came from – it was an option I decided to take some what last minute.

I’m also in a rental Taurus. Feh.

Anyway, I thought the surreal feeling would have sorta left me by now – I landed last night – but it hasn’t. I think it’s got something to do with the fact that I know more about the place I’m visiting than the place I left from. Something about sitting in the hotel room with “oops I forgot to pack Q-Tips” realization – normally you think “Hm, I wonder where around here would see them” when you’re on a trip. This time I’m thinking of exact places I can try that might be open, because I’d been there before on Thanksgiving.

Just another new twist on the ever evolving holiday – Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Surreality”

  1. You took it in stride! Didn’t even skip a beat :) And we’ll see about next year… long trip and it’s below freezing at the moment!

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