So the last episode of Dragonball GT finally aired on the Cartoon Network last night. What an ending!

Or lack there of.

I’ve been a fan of anime for a long while – longer than I even knew what anime was. In the late 70’s I was watching a cartoon that was running on WNYW called Battle of the Planets. A few of my friends watched it too – during recess there were a few dozen boys and girls running around the playground shouting “Transmute!” or blooping like Keyop. It’s not too often that cartoons are liked by both genders, after they start schooling. It wasn’t until the ‘net came around that I learned that Battle of the Planets was a hacked up, geared-for-kids version of the Japenese-based anime Gatchaman.

And Gatchaman was no kids show. One of the main characters suffered from delusions and brain trauma. The major villain – split into two different character in BotP – was a hermaphrodite in the service of an evil ethereal being… as an example, compare the Joker from the 1966 Batman TV show with the Joker from the 1990 Batman movie: night and day.

BotP lasted until 1980 and promptly disappeared from the airwaves – it has turned up on DVD’s and cable over the last couple of years – and life moved on. Some time in the late-80’s I bumped into Robotech. Robotech in the states was another hack job, but not nearly as bad as BotP was. Yes, Harmony Gold took three different Japanese anime series and merged them into one show (Macross, Robotech Masters (Southern Cross), and New Generation (Mospeada)) were actaully three different shows, tied together in the US through the translation/dubbing) but they did keep the over all theme of the show the same… and what’s more, they didn’t dumb it down to appeal to kids. For the first time since the fifties, cartoons were supposed to be watched by adults as well as kids.

Once the ‘net went mainstream I did some research and realized that anime was a pretty popular thing all over the world. What’s more, it was usually an animated version of manga – comic books – which was even a larger thing than anime, in Japan.

Consequently, I was late in the game when I found the epic of Dragonball. The first episodes I saw of Dragonball were from the Dragonball Z series and frankly, it bored me. Fights took fourteen episodes to finish – it reminded me of the difference between Law and Order and a PBS crime drama. Law and Order takes 30 minutes to solve a mystery; PBS takes 25 weeks. I had heard that DBZ was popular, but I didn’t get it, so I avoided it for a long while.

And then I saw DB from the beginning. DB starts with Son Goku as a young kid: he meets Bulma for the first time, still has a tail, and starts to train as a martial artist. Throughout the original DB series, there is a comic trend and a light story line that follows the same story that the original manga storyline. And that to me is amazing: the manga (DB and DBZ) ran in a magazine – Shonen Jump – for over ten years. DB, which just came to the states a few years ago is over twenty years old, yet it’s still comical and entertaining. And once you watch the entire series of DB, DBZ takes on a much deeper meaning: yes there’s more fighting, but the relationships between the characters make more sense with the background.

All of that, it feeds into DB GT. DB GT continues a few years after the end of the DBZ storyline and it was worked on by a different writer – Akira Toriyama, the creator of DB/DBZ, wasn’t involved – but I was still curious. The series starts slowly, and I eventually found out why: they fired the first set of writers after six episodes. And by episode 7 or 8, the show picked up. In fact, the majority of DB GT was good. Except the first few episodes, which was sorta blah… and the ending. The last episode. After years and years of shows, the very final episode of the entire thing, was sorta… blah.

Blah. After millions of TiVo bytes that were dedicated to snagging DB/DBZ/DB GT and it turns out to just be blah. Blah!

Feh. It was a gyp, but at least it’s done with!

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  1. I lost all those hours watching… After all those late nights following the series..and they end it like that……*kills himself*

  2. In 1997, dragonball gt officially came to an end in Japan with 64 episodes plus the goku jr. gaiden tv special movie. But that wasn’t the end of dragonball over here in japan. Akira Toriyama himself took the dragonball gt property away from toei animation, then continued dragonball gt until 2000. There is a manga for the toriyama made part of dbgt because he needed time to plan out the series for such an ending they left him. Everyone was dead except for pan, goku jr, vegita jr. pack, vegita jr’s mom and dad, and son goku. I myself have seen only a little bit of this part of dbgt. dragonball gt is really the longest of the dragonball series because there were episodes added by Mr. Toriyama in between the 100 years goku left the earth leaving vegita, gohan, uubu, trunks, goten, pan, giru, dende, tienshinhan, yamcha, kurilin, etc entrusted with the safety of the earth. sometimes they would show what goku was up to for 100 years like his training, new techniques, learning more about his saiyajin heritage, but only for a short time. those episodes arent really counted as episodes but something called movie episodes. its kind of like an ova, but has even a higer-priced production and value. Anyway, the so-called af series is a hoax confused by the second part to the dbgt series. this focuses on when goku comes back for good after 100 years of training and wishes everyone back himself. this half makes dbgt 400+ episodes long. After the end of dragonball gt in 2000, A new series was made by bird studios called dragonball z ultimate. This is the fourth dragonball series in the dragonball universe. It has new levels like ssj5, 6, 7, 8, and so far ssj9 goku. I haven’t seen much of this series, but i do have info. it is currently longer than dragonball z, but not quite as long as the dragonball gt series. goku, vegita, gohan, and trunks all achieve ssj8. goten stays ssj4, which is a big dissapointment to me because i like goten better than trunks. There are a whole lot of characters because of the screwed up timeline. pans kids, bra’s kids, goten’s kid, trunks kids, their kids, old saiyans from planet vegita including bardock, king vegita, the very first ssj of legend, gokus mom, real grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles etc. piccolo and bardock escape from hell with daburas help in the second half of dragonball gt. there is alot of info i have that will not allow me to say what I want, for more info, e-mail me at ultimate_z1217@yahoo.com If you don’t believe me, go ahead and stay blissfully ignorant.

    ITfrequent questions

    1. if there is anything after dbgt, why are the official companies denying anything after?

    2. When will the extended dbgt episodes come out, and why aren’t they out yet?

    3. why isn’t anyone putting downloadable fansubs or some form of multimedia on the net?

    4. why can’t i fine real info about dragonball after dbgt even on official japanese websites?

  3. Ya know, us Americans are getting screwed: we’ll probably never get ANY of this on DVD much less on TV… I’m glad that Akira Toriyama is still active in the DB world – I had heard that he didn’t want to be a part of DBGT but it sounds like he came back around to it after all!

    Thanks for the updates :)

  4. Randy, can you help me spread the word about the second half of dragonball gt and z ultimate across the internet? It is kind of hard doing this by myself going from site to site. It is to the point where as long as I see it, let everyone else find out for themselves. I guess that is selfish, but when nobody believes me just because nothing was announced of unvieled, it irritates me to no end. My friend has the tapes (subtitled tapes) at his house, but he says that the extended gt episodes should have been out by now. Also, if we do manage to get the series, it will be sometime in 2007 to 2013. By that time, nobody will remember, care about, or have time to watch new dragonball. I guess what I’m trying to say is spreading the word will probably speed up the process of these 2 new installments coming out if they are. Another reason is that the american company (funimation) might not get the new dragonball installments. There is a bid being placed on who will get the rights to the series. Funimation, Genon, ADV, anime test drive, etc. Also, Akira Toriyama along with Bird Studios and Toei Animation ( the official Japanese companies) are denying any interest in the continuance of the dragonball series after episode #64 of dbgt until the 4th series z ultimate is finished. Only a few people even in Japan know about Z ultimate or the second half of dragonball gt for that matter. It seems to me that toei animation, along with akira toriyama and Japan are hiding something, but I am just confused about why hide such a thing that can make you a zilloin dollars richer than you are now.

  5. Just the info I posted to your site, thanks. e-mail me, then I’ll e-mail you back. ultimate_z1217@yahoo.com

    In 1997, dragonball gt officially came to an end in Japan with 64 episodes plus the goku jr. gaiden tv special movie. But that wasn’t the end of dragonball over here in japan. Akira Toriyama himself took the dragonball gt property away from toei animation, then continued dragonball gt until 2000. There is a manga for the toriyama made part of dbgt because he needed time to plan out the series for such an ending they left him. Everyone was dead except for pan, goku jr, vegita jr. pack, vegita jr’s mom and dad, and son goku. I myself have seen only a little bit of this part of dbgt. dragonball gt is really the longest of the dragonball series because there were episodes added by Mr. Toriyama in between the 100 years goku left the earth leaving vegita, gohan, uubu, trunks, goten, pan, giru, dende, tienshinhan, yamcha, kurilin, etc entrusted with the safety of the earth. sometimes they would show what goku was up to for 100 years like his training, new techniques, learning more about his saiyajin heritage, but only for a short time. those episodes arent really counted as episodes but something called movie episodes. its kind of like an ova, but has even a higer-priced production and value. Anyway, the so-called af series is a hoax confused by the second part to the dbgt series. this focuses on when goku comes back for good after 100 years of training and wishes everyone back himself. this half makes dbgt 400+ episodes long. After the end of dragonball gt in 2000, A new series was made by bird studios called dragonball z ultimate. This is the fourth dragonball series in the dragonball universe. It has new levels like ssj5, 6, 7, 8, and so far ssj9 goku. I haven’t seen much of this series, but i do have info. it is currently longer than dragonball z, but not quite as long as the dragonball gt series. goku, vegita, gohan, and trunks all achieve ssj8. goten stays ssj4, which is a big dissapointment to me because i like goten better than trunks. There are a whole lot of characters because of the screwed up timeline. pans kids, bra’s kids, goten’s kid, trunks kids, their kids, old saiyans from planet vegita including bardock, king vegita, the very first ssj of legend, gokus mom, real grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles etc. piccolo and bardock escape from hell with daburas help in the second half of dragonball gt. there is alot of info i have that will not allow me to say what I want, for more info, e-mail me at ultimate_z1217@yahoo.com

  6. Goku jr can can turn SSJ and SSJ2 when he’s a teenager he trains with King Kai and Pelif jr is gonna turn Teen Goku jr and Teen Vegita jr into kids again with the black star dragonballs and they go on adventure to find the black star dragonballs through the Universe

  7. …Omg so i can’t belive this .. i’m from Romania if any of you guys heard of it.. it’s in europe … no mater .. i’m crazy about DB … lost endless nights just waching… i was obsest as a kid now i’m 19 and only got to see DBZ and GT now as i got my hands on it … just finished GT now i’m i think i’m going in a depression… so if this i real and there is more .. is there possible to get it???

  8. Dragonball is the best movie ever in the world, so who ever say it sucks is a stinker. And finally Goku died at the end, after so many deaths and now he is permantly died wohooo!!!

  9. Yha but GT is not the end… and Europe and US have no idea about this :(… to bad for us .. i would really love to see a ssJ9 Goku O_o

  10. This is a rumor the fact that Dragonball gt has more episodes and their is another series called dragonball z ultimate, and was made till the year 2000, this is a flat lie…. Toriyama Akira wanted to stop making production after the freeza series on dragonball z, and was forced to continue… until the end of dragonball z… in an interview in (SHONEN JUMP)the magazine… he clearly stats that after dragonball gt…. he don’t want to do dragonball anymore period…. so please stop with the rumors…

  11. Jerrin, Do you know what Bird Studios is? It is Akira Toriyama’s studio after the end of DBZ in 1995. It used to be for solely publishing his other manga like Cowa, Kajika, Neko Majin/z, Sandland, Toccio the Angel, but starting in 1998, the other DBGT was made at bird with Akira Toriyama’ staff at bird studios, known as (Project-X) in japan. Bird Studios is located in his house, that is why there is no website for it. Everyone lies on interviews, he had to do it because he does not want a worldwide release, just in the reigon of asia. Money is no object because he is making money off of it overseas. Supply and demand is another issue. Nobody is demanding it, so supply is limited. When demand goes up, then more supply will be made. Z Ultimate is about 6 years old in japan, so it’s clearly not new to them. So when america or any other place asks for a new series, what do you expect. It will in fact stay in the country because of low demand.

    Another thing, dbgt2 was from 1998 to 2000. Z Ultimate was created in 2000, and is still going in 2006. Also, the store Pandoras Cube that my friend got them from are about to start back up and sell them again. Even my friend Eunice said in South Korea, she saw z ultimate at her cousins house.

    blaine desouza, ssj10 is fake. It was decided that ssj 10 should not be made because ssj9 is already uncontrolable, and has the ability to cause a collapse in the universe as well as the afterlife, therefore, nothing will exist. ssj9 is a last resort, goku uses Genki Dama before going ssj9.

  12. I think it’s suspicious that they end DBGT with goku leaving with the eternal dragon to train for a hundred years just to end like that. I think there up to something like new episodes in progress. i get that gut feeling

  13. Hmmm.. so if there is another part to DBGT I really want to see it. I have been a fan for a good many years, and it just can’t end in my eyes. I really hope that these aren’t rumors, we need actual episodes though.

  14. I would like to see new episodes too. I just hated GT. I read an interview where Toriyama said that if he restarted the Dragonball Series that he’d probably kill off Goku and have Gohan take his fathers place. Also my friend from Japan said he’s hasn’t seen any new Dragonball stuff, but there he told me that there have been fan made DB cartoons and comics, but then he said he doesn’t really watch cartoons anyways. So if it is real that would be cool. Except the storyline you gave seems to contradict some of Toriyama’s comments, but he did say that GT could be something of an alternate ending…Anyways I’m having problems finding any info on this from my friends in Japan…could it be that you were misinformed?

  15. masterae, just ask your friend to look around for the dragonball gt episodes 65 and up, and also the z ultimate series. I messed up, I talked to my friend’s brother who bought the tapes, and he told me that a studio called project-x purchased this from toei with toriyama’s permission, and they continued it, but Mr.Toriyama had more control over dbgt2 and z ultimate than he did with the dbgt Toei made. He also told me that they cancelled z ultimate for now at the Evil juu saga because nobody was watching except the diehard grown up fanbase who never lost interest( and this is very small).

    No, because I have watched most of dbgt2, and only part of z ultimate, the info I gave you is just all jumbled up because I didn’t watch it in chronological order, the second dbgt is just too damn long. The z ultimate will be the longest though.

    He lies on most of his interviews like lots of mangaka’s do. Like when he said if he made a new series, Mr.Satan would be the main character.

    And hell no, He would never kill off goku after a lousy 2 attemts to in the raditz and cell saga, fan service is to blame. Basically, dbgt2 and z ultimate are just about reaching their highest power.

    He also said that it will probably be wrapped up sometime this summer or fall, and the show will still go on after that. On the dbgt2 and z ultimate series, they put it up for a regional release just in asia. Only a limited amount of tapes were made because nobody demanded the sequels. supply and demand is a huge factor in this scenario. After the first dbgt from toei with the 64 episodes, the not so close fans left, and even alot of hardcore fans found other things to watch.

    There are, however alot of fan mangas(doujinshi) and anime’s of db in japan, but this is the real thing.

    Tell him not to give up the search, go to shibuya,kyoto,osaka,tokyo, and ask around anime stores. He has to be specific, don’t say new dragonball cause z ultimate was made in 2000, so it’s 6 years old.

    The thing is, there will be no acknowledgement outside of asia because there is no intention to release it out of asia based on the ratings in japan. it did worse than Toei’s dbgt just because people didn’t watch. The action, animation, and other elements in the anime showed Mr. Toriyama’s progression in his art skills. He is truly getting better.

    Just tell your friend to keep looking, and get back 2 me at ultimate_z1217@yahoo.com.

    Oh yeah, and I already know that site is a fan-listing. I was saying that Bird Studio’s does not have a website, but Toei does.

    Anyway, I have some more news before I go. I gave daniel $8,500 for the whole dbgt2 and z ultimate series even though they aren’t done z ultimate yet, and I will get my own tapes in the summer. I already have episodes 65-246 of dbgt. The saga after the evil shenlong saga is called the great return saga. I guess because son goku Sr. comes back to earth for good.

    Anyway, I will send more info if u e-mail me.

    Remember, tell him everyone won’t want to talk about it, and it won’t be easy to find like all the rest of the db’s.

  16. yeah, tell him not to give up, because the z ultimate series is almost done with, but they will still make movies, and mini series.

  17. Bird Studio is the comic studio founded by Akira Toriyama, where he works with his assistant. The name for the studio is a pun off his own name, Toriyama (tori means bird in Japanese). Toriyama does almost all of the work in Bird Studio, his assistant does mostly backgrounds. The studio has not been very active over the last few years.

    that’s a lie.

  18. No.521に返信(DBGT厨房さんの記事)

    > DBZ Ultimate (4th db series)は同人アニメです。 なので鳥山先生には一切関係ありません。With the ssj 5,6,7,8, and ssj9 sato sky en teh Super Juu Saga.

    With teh Mr. Toriyama’s discernment, it does!

    Only 1st in history of teh DB Fuji does not air dbgt2 and z ultimate, but Project-x tv. Toei (1998) sells teh dbgt to Project-x with Toriyama discernment.

    Even to me there is little of interest, but nonetheless It’s a hard find. z ultimate Better story arc yes with new sapuri animation.

    after bloodplus it does air, but not at prime time. This is teh majority reason for low ratings. Mr. toriyama not fully involved, but is more involved than teh original z series.

    I found this at the setiproject-x.co.jp site forum, but it doesn’t make sense to me. I just right clicked to translate, and copied and pasted. If anyone can get an understanding, post it.

  19. hello. this db stuff sounds very interesting. can anyone [vincent?] send or post screenshots or shots of the dbgt2 or db ultimate boxes? this is pretty exciting stuff. or maybe a sample clip.

  20. I have some more news From daniel. I spoke with his brother charles, and asked him why still in 2006 nothing is turning up. For one thing, he said it did not in fact air, but just continued and not made public (announced), and only a select few had the privlidge of viewing these parts of the series.

    So I asked him, then how did your brother manage to get the series then? He told me that he had a foreign exchange student in his class, and that the boy’s uncle knew Akira Toriyama. I was skeptical, because he is a very reclusive man, but the boy’s uncle is trying to make his own manga as well, so it seems they could have met in school or something.

    I didn’t ask questions because I saw the tapes at his house, so I figured he has to have these kinds of connections to get his hands on something rare like this. It even looks like japan is screwed as well, well not all of japan, and somehow it managed to get over here.

    Another thing is that I am not really sure if this is coming out or not anymore because it really hasn’t made an official announcement in japan, so when the announcement comes, they will act like they just made the shit knowing damn well they been working on it since 1998. This is in a way a smart move because Mr. Toriyama can spend time with his family, and doesn’t have to worry about those long hours in the studio because it will all be done, that’s if he decides to release it.

    For the people who thought it was over, baka, baka,baka,baka. Japan is getting kind of like america with the animation, I am talking about the way they are bringing the old stuff back like the new baki, fist of the north star and all that.

    Well, there you have it, I gave you the inside scoop on what I’ve gotten, but I will just be patient about it and watch the other things that’s out there until he decides to announce it.

  21. Oh, and about the kind of tapes he has.

    They have the subtitles on the bottom, but they are the real studio made tapes, not the recorded from some japanese person’s tv tapes. You know, the kind you buy from blockbuster, authentic.

    his tapes are wierd because the dbgt2 ones are black with the sticker on the bottom, but the z ultimate tapes are clear with the sticker on the bottom.

    Also, the fact that it holds up to 8 hours of footage, the maximum I heard of was 6 hours. Japan sure makes tapes differently than us. This is an issue not even Toei nor Bird can make a move on unless Toriyama gives a signal. This gives me a headache, ughhhhhh.

  22. hmmm.

    As much as i want more of the DB series, i will have to say that vincent is not telling the truth,

    if he really is telling the truth than he must prove it.

    If you cant prove that there are other eps, than silence, but if you can you are welcome to take my trone.

    ( prove using photos you took from the tapes, show some pictures of the serie, pics of chars.

    If you cant or if you say that u are not allowed (which you will say)than silence.

    *God Spoke*

  23. you aren’t real cuz when I clicked ur name, it led me to a psycic website. I tried to send some pics but whatever. For those of you with doubts, ask a psycic if they are real, seriously.

  24. vincent, searching out on the net, i found that the only words spent about these two series are yours…

    now i got a doubt… maybe you’re kidding??

    if not, please, spread some stuff around the world, in order to prove you’ve reason!!

    i mean, i want to believe you, i’m trying to believe you and i’m searching around for some info that aren’t written by you…

    please, try to get the tapes in a digital support in order to spread some images / videos!!

  25. It’s not public, so any form of media will simply be taken off, I can ask daniel to do it though, and no, I was dead serious.

  26. Yeah, my cousin told me all about that, but Toriyama did not make any of them though.

    In 1998, Toei sold the animation to another studio, and continued gt with movies that came straight on video, and alot of them were made, and did in fact have ssj5 like you seen in the af pic. Yes, af was scrapped and dismissed, and gt was made longer instead of another series at the time.

    Those gt movies were made straight to video, but the thing is they weren’t even supposed to be out, I have still no idea as to how they got out to public when it wasn’t even announced, so until then nobody will take it seriously. It’s possible a representative or someone apart of the animation team got the wrong signal, and put out the tapes (bootleg,blackmarket).

    Z ultimate I heard a little bit about, but not too much. I did hear that Toriyama was involved with this, including the creation of the title of the series, but this has not been released either, and the same thing I said about the gt movies, have no idea as to how those tapes got out, but only a limited amount were made because of supply and demand. Demand was low, so they stopped supplying. Even though they got the ssj9 and all, db isn’t poppin like it used to.

    I can’t get these tapes over here cuz I asked my cousin who is over there, and she told me she can’t bring it back with her cuz it can’t pass the port b/c it hasn’t even been published as an official series, the gt movies or the z ultimate, and saying that, if it is not acknowledged to public, that means it doesn’t exist to common society, but only to the certain area it was crated. My english sucks.

    anyway, they never aired this, so I don’t know what your friend is talking about. They ended it with gt #64 publically for everyone+ the goku.jr gaiden tv special. That was all that was aired, the stuff after was not aired because it didn’t even come out, they are sitting on it like a bunch of saps. They need to make a move fast cuz really it should have been out by now.

    There are lots of complications with the team of animators, licensing, publishing, distributing and all that, and it seems that it isn’t gonna come out, they wasted time and money. Project-x is the name of a fan-sub group, and the only project-x other than that is the one linked to the NHK animation studio, which I am still unsure if they are the ones who bought it, if they did, they would not be dumb enough to put it on the website cuz it’s not supposed to be out anywhere, period.

    Basically, it exists, and it doesn’t until it is actually out. As to how my cousin knows about it, I didn’t get into all that, but she knows alot. She hates dragonball, so I know everyword she tells me is true. She did research for me because she found it interesting that her friends who were like her, didn’t like db, read up about af, and this was like in 97.

    The reason for all the rumors about af stem from that af pic, it’s real, but af is not. That ssj5 was used in those gt movies that ain’t come out. Also, fans wanted more of db after the #64 episode, so they couldn’t put down the fact that they aint gettin no more, so they started altering pics of already existing shows like gt,and z. There are like 8 real pictures on the net from dbgt movies and ultimate, but they claim it for af cuz they were put up anonymously, and the fans who found them don’t know about dbgt movies and z ultimate.

    My cousin and I were talking about this the other day, but she said that is all the info on that she intends to get, and when she sees me, I owe her big time for having her look for that. Yeah, she found some tapes in Akihabara.

  27. confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy; “a private place”; “private discussions”; “private lessons”; “a private club”; “a private secretary”; “private property”; “the former President is now a private citizen”;

    This is the definition of non-public, which is why I have to take my friends word about having connections with someone that knows Toriyama.

  28. I am an huge fan of DBZ. I thought that that was the end but you say there is more!I want to learn more about DBZ Ultimate.

  29. Works created but not published.

    It has been made, meaning dbgt2 and the 4th series z ultimate,

    but they have not been published, which means it never came out in japan, which is why there is no news on the official websites.

    If they did air it, they probably did it for a short time, and it did bad, so it definitely won’t be talked about.

    Which means my friend really does know someone who knows Mr. Toriyama, yay. B4 he was famous of course.

    I don’t know him though, so that doesn’t even apply to me.

    Conclusion: There are no ways of getting the tapes now, not producing them anymore, low demand, unless you know someone who has them.

  30. I will get my friend to upload them, just haven’t had the time.

    Everyone, don’t miss the devil may cry anime.

  31. I am sorry to dissapoint anyone who believes the information posted above but everything, both manga and anime wise, for Dragonball has seen an English release. There has been no new Dragonball material since Dragonball GT ended in 97. Yes, Toriayma-sensei has done some Dragonball related things (such as the NekoMajin one-shots a few years ago which featured Dragonball character cameos (Vegeta, Son Goku, Majin Buu, and Freezer’s son Kuriiza) as well as the more recent Cross Epoch One Piece cross-over one-shot, but that is all there is.)

    There is only one animation that has yet to be dubbed into the English language. That is the visual guide for the old Famicom game “Plan to Erradicate the Saiya-jins” which was later released as a stand alone film and then as a game for the Playdia game system.

    I can assure you that there is nothing else. I worked for Bird Studios for two years (2000 – 2002). Also, no company other than TOEI can produce Dragonball animation. TOEI owns the exclusive rights to production of anything related to the Dragonball franchise, sold to them by Toriyama-sensei. Not even he can allow another company to make an Dragonball animation without TOEI’s approval until those rights expire (which, I believe, they were just renewed a few years ago until 2020 or so).

  32. I am not talking about those, I know what I am talking about, I will ask anyone at bird if they know you, my cousin should know.

    Anyone can make dragonball animation if Toriyama gives them permission, and I am telling you that tv tokyo, sunrise, gonzo, genon, xoxo, a group named project-x did it, all I remember.

  33. I am tempted to believe you vincent only because I can see that you’ve been insisting on the existence of these series for 2 years now. Unless you are a very compulsive liar I can’t see how anyone could continue with this kind of story if it were fake. Most people would get bored of a lie like this after a few months.

    However, it’s kind of far fetched that from 1998 to 2000 they would produce 500 episodes of Dragon Ball and not make them public. And they would only go to SSJ5 in 500 episodes? That’s insane. I don’t even think One Piece is 500 episodes and it’s been going on for years. Does The Simpsons even exceed 500 episodes? There’s no way any animator in their right mind would work on a 500 episode series for it never to be released, and there’s no way you could keep something like that under wraps. How can any company afford to pay the production cost of something so large without releasing it?

    Other than that though, seems you are pretty adamant about this for some reason. Why don’t you just get the tapes already? They would have probably leaked by now anyway.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the legions of Japanese Dragon Ball fans would have found something by now, right? It doesn’t even appear on Japanese fan sites.

    Just get those tapes and post them online or tell the rest of us where to find them. And by that I mean a legitimate store with either a website link or a physical address.

  34. I have seen all of the Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT Episodes. Unfortunately, my skeptism is ringing bells because I to have found no other examples of proof. I have to agree with the second paragraph in SenorPikoro’s above post. Also, like they said, where are the leaks? Unless you know of somewhere these episodes can be downloaded from or viewed, than the lack of physical proof at least leaves me wondering about the truth of what is being said.

  35. Vincent Tell your friends brother, If he could Record all those episodes onto another tape, I’ll give him $1,500.00 But I need to see Clips so I know it is legit. Or what is your friends brother e mail addres? Or can He give me the Address and Phone # to any store that’s in asia or tokyo that sell them so I can buy them. Thank you.

    My email is rarebloodtype@yahoo.com

    Vincent, Email me and your friend from tokyo, please send me photos or a scene recording from the Vhs so could show these other non beleiver fans that dosn’t beleive you, And does Broly come back? And is he a good guy? Does Bardock and King Vegeta and all the Saiyans including Raddits and Nappa come back? How far does Broly, Bardock, King Vegeta, and Raddits and Nappa reach as a Super Saiyan level? And Does Vegeta, The prince of all saiyans reach ss3,ss4,ss5,ss6,ss7,ss8,ss9,ss10? I said ss3 because we never had the chance to see Vegeta look as a ss3. And as for ss4, I said that because does he reach ss4 without blutzwave machine? And at last does he Become the strongest in the Universe? Does Vegeta defeat Kakarot finally in a fair fight to the fittest? Does Kakarot become a bad guy? What are the episodes about? And what about their sons, how far do they reach? send me clips bro and pictures, Thank you.

  36. The whole 500 episodes is an estimation, but the stuff he showed me was way longer than Z.

    They were movies, kind of like the 13 that z have. Except, there are a whole bunch of them that take place in between the 100 years, and after. He told me how he got them, he had a connection with one of the animators in the company. He had em, so I didn’t bother going into it real deep. I just gotta get in touch with this man again. I heard he moved back over here in Langley Park, MD, so imma try to find him.

    All I know is when I called Mandarake in Umeda, they were like it’s a non-public series, and they didn’t sell it there, and he wouldn’t tell me where I could get it either. I have been rather busy lately, and I really don’t have the money now.

    This is crazy. I been trying Japanese searches myself, nothing but damn af everywhere, and all this conceptual art. I saw about 3 pieces of concept art on the net that was actually finallized in the animation, but ended up looking a little different.

    He already was like “you won’t find anything because it’s non-public.

    1998-2000, well, z ultimate takes care of the rest of the ssj levels past 5. I am not sure if ultimate is in production now, but I know in about 05, they stopped at the juu saga with goku8 and vegita8.

    GT started in the summer of 95 because Z ended in august 95, and Toei’s version (1-64) of GT aired a week after z ended. 1995-2000, not 1996-1997. 1997 was when it stopped airing, and became non-public.

    I am trying to talk to people inside the company, but since I kinda made it public just by talking about it, they probably wouldn’t say much.

    There are some people who have them over here, he can’t be the only ones with them. It’s rare as shyt though it sounds.

  37. To each of you, I am not like my friend, I will mail them out to each of you, but on a personal level, when you receive them, what you do with them is your business.

    Me personally, I am definitely not uploading it, you can if you want to. The authorities can track you down from your IP address, and that’s it, time in jail. Remember, these are not like the other parts b4 them, those were completely public and aired on japanese tv, and were already in distribution with america, so all they will do for the old dragonball that everyone has seen is take it down from youtube for copywright infrindgement.

    John, do u mean making copies but keeping the original tapes? I was planning on just keeping it in the neighborhood, but if I do that, it would be like making money that is not really mine to begin with. Imagine if Funi bought that from me, I could prolly make alot, or I can go to jail. It’s like making money that Toei was planning to make.

    We just have to find that asian dude in Langley Park b/c he is our best connection, if we find him it’s garunteed. I don’t know him on a personal level. I know Daniel and his bro Charles, and they know him, and the asian dude’s uncle is the one who can give us the tapes because he has connects inside the company.

    That is what I meant by talking to someone in the company, not me, but a connect.

    I wouldn’t be suprised by the time I find it they turn the other GT into a public series, and act like they just made it. Non-public series are hard to find, but they can be found. Dragonball is not the only anime that turned non-public, there are lots.

    Z ultimate, however, is the most recent, so that would be even harder to find as a non-public, even though it was made 8 years ago.

    I think they are trying to revive db in both U.S and Japan, and release it simultaneously when nobody expects it. Let’s see, Burst limit for ps3, Dragonball Online MMORPG, DB Live movie in August, Dbox, New illustrations, more games, crossovers, etc. I really do hope it goes Public. If it does, all websites will have news, daizex would prolly be one of the first.

  38. No I don’t mean to keep the originals, just need to see these series, all of them, and finally know that Vegeta is still challenging Kakarot to be the strongest, Does Vegeta reach Super Saiyan 9 and does he finally become King of all saiyans and does he sits on a saiyan throne? And does the saiyans pay homage to him as King? Does he train the saiyans to be Super saiyans? Does Vegeta look different or does he look like GT Vegeta? Does Vegeta become young again like in Buu saga? How do they bring back the Z fighters? Will you send them to me 4 real? How much are you asking Vincent? Trust me bro, I am not a bullshitter on keeping my word. If you are not taking any money for it, then I swear I owe you big time and I will give you my personal Phone #. What ever you need a hook up on , let me know anything material wise that is, I got ya bro. Do Vegeta and Kakarot battle it out again? Does Vegeta ever beat Kakarot? How long does Vegeta train? does he train just as hard as Kakarot? Does Vegeta ever become a hero like Kakarot? If he does, tell me about it? thanks, keep in touch Vincent. I’m telling my kids about it and my whole family cause they are a big fan of the series and can’t wait until it comes out. I’m telling them how I’m talking to someone that knows all about it, and I know they are goingto be excited, and I will do whatever to get those tapes and watch all of them. And share it to my family. So always stay in touch ok? What is your email address so I can give you my personal Phone # so I can talk to you personally?

  39. How can we find this asian dude in Langley Park? And no I wouldn’t post the series on the internet, I had my share in county and I’m done with that part. I just want to have fun in life and go clubbin. Ohh and Halloween is my favorite holiday that I like to spend, and scaring the crap out of anyone that wants candy. I spent about $4000.00 last year, and had already $3000.00 worth of merchandise of halloween apparell, for instance animatronic like Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, and this year I heard they will have Micheal Myers animatronic. I’m getting that one. I also had my personal actors play a part, like Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Pinhead , and I played Micheal Myers. I get the authentic masks that are hard to find for all characters. I am goingto buy that cinema secret Chucky doll that cost $550.00, but worth it cause that doll finally looks like Chucky than any other ones. I made my own coffins by hand that looked real, I bought all the material from Menards, and this year it is goingto be raw as hell, maybe you will come and kick it with me some day. Or i’ll send you a tape of how it goes, trust me bro I go all out on halloween. The reason why i’m telling you this is because you see how i’m persistant and knowing what I want, and I do whatever I have to to get it. If I have the bread, i’ll go and get what I want, and if I don’t have the bread, i’ll get it. I just want those tapes, I don’t care if they are copies, just WANT THEM.

  40. Yo, this is Vincent. I was able to speak to charles yesturday. Basically, we spoke to his asian friend.

    I exagerated a bit. After gt finished with the shenlong saga, it continues with a whole lot of movies. If you count the movies towards the already existing 64 episodes, then GT is longer that the Z series. If you are talking only episodes not including the movies, Z is the longest in episodes.

    I added the GT movies with the episodes, and GT is the longest of the 4.

    Now, Z ultimate was made in 1999, but it finished early 2000 only with 40 something episodes and some movies. It was cancelled at the Juu saga where there was supposed to be a goku ssj9. He showed me the manga script that was faxed to him, and it had goku level 9, but he is not in the animation.

    To tell the truth, they didn’t like the story anymore and continued it for the fans that wanted more because at the time there was high demand after the Bebi saga, but GT was extended to the shenlong saga to promote GT final bout the game.

    THe boy’s uncle told me Toriyama had nothing to do with it except supervision, and a studio named project x made it.

    so it ended in early 2000.

    Link it to around where the rumors on the net started coming, and it matches to where the gt movies and z ultimate were in production.

    They actually did air it on japanese television, yet they said it was a non-public exclusive part of the series. I thought they just sold them on VHS like an OVA. Basically, it wasn’t intended for us, and is ultra hard to find. If you are a big Dragonball fan like I am though, this won’t stop you. You just have to have the right connections, and play the waiting game.

    Having those tapes are illegal, but who cares.

    I am just trying to save money to buy the whole thing.

    The only way we will get it legally is if the officials turn it into a public series, which could or could not happen. Japan has it though, and so do those other asian countries.

    That pic up there came from budokai 3, in ssj5, his hair goes red, and his fur is still red, and has lightning around it.

    ssj6 is the biggest form. his hair is purple, skin looks kinda red, gold orbs flicker around him with lightning and speed lines.

    7 looks cool, but it’s the kind that you have to see urself

    8 looks wierd, but it’s strong as I don’t know what.

    9 was in the script, and there was no color.

    It’s tight though. Now, I play the waiting game while I save up.

  41. How much bro, I want them too, or at least a copy, What was the price on those things? Does Vegeta become a hero for once?

  42. Vegeta was already a hero at least one time: sacrificing himself in an effort to destroy Buu.

    — that’s a hero.

  43. How much do you need to come up with bro? And I know what Vegeta did in Buu saga, I was wondering does he be a hero again? I am anxious for those GT2 and Z ultimate. And another question, So Brolly never comes back? Does he ever be a good guy?

  44. Ehh Vincent, Here is another question for you, if Kakarot comes back in 30 years after GT, how old is Vegeta because he was quite old from GT saga? Does he stay young or something? I found a picture when Nappa had hair when Vegeta was just a young boy. He didn’t have that much hair. he was still a big dude though. Tell me about Vegeta, I need to know how does he stay young, and what does he look like? Does Kakarot make him young? And what about the Z fighters? Do they become strong? Do they come back to life because in GT Krillin looked old already. And Vegeta looked 40, I hope that at least Vegeta looks young again, can you desribe Vegeta’s looks? Does Nappa become a good guy ?

  45. Vegita is only 6 years older than Goku, and he doesn’t look different at all.

    in gt, goku was like 45, so when goku came back 30 years later, he was like 75, vegita was like 81.

    100 years later they are 145, and vegita is 151, but they still don’t look aged, goku had to grow up again, and vegita just does not age. The saiyans have to be destroyed, they can live for thousands of years, and if they train enough, age will be no factor of death.

    Brolly never comes back, but you do see him in ultimate, and he is still the same.

    when goku comes back, there are no more dragonballs, but goku can summon the dragon from within, which is part of why he went crazy in coming back home, along with training all that time. vegita and gohan snapped him out of it.

    We are still trying to find that dude, but charles was like he is definitely gonna charge , maybe about 1,500 dollars. I just don’t got it like that right now. I really got to get this stuff so I can finally get closure to the whole thing.

    I just asked charles some questions since he used to have them, he was like after ssj6, there is no more fusions.

    he said ssj8 was insanely strong, has psycic powers, go through time as they please, goku 8 killed somebody just by turning around to look at them. I still can’t get over that. Vegita as well. By now, I hope they finished the series because it would be nice for goku ssj9 to be in the animation instead of the script.

    I will most definitely let you know John, and whoever else wants in, if you don’t, oh well. I don’t know how long it will take, but I am getting info everyday.

    Randy is right, vegita is good from that point on.

  46. I’ll pay $1500.00, let me know bro thanks. You didn’t respond to my question bro. Does Vegeta become a hero in any series in Dragonball GT2 and Dragonball Z Ultimate?

  47. And what about Gohan and the others, how do they look and How far do Trunks reach as a Super saiyan form. Is he more like the future trunks or corny like GT Trunks. Does Cell become a big factor in the series and how does he look? And what about BULMA, is Vegeta still with her because she had to be very old don’t ya think?

  48. Vegita is already a hero, do you mean defeating an important enemy, well, in a way, yes. In ultimate, he defeats someone in a movie because goku was not there at the time, and everyone else there was too weak for the dude, ryokutse or something like that.

    They all have the same attributes, but they all look different in ways. This is great, All we need to do now is track this dude down, then we are in business. I am so excited.

    Trunks makes it to 5, but his ssj5 is not in a high rank of ssj5, but kind of an ultra powered ssj4. He is at low part of ssj5. His temper in ultimate is worse than even future trunks.

    Vegita is still with her because goku basically brought everyone back , they were youthful looking, but they were old in actuality.

    I am waiting on Charles to find the asian dude because Charles knows him directly, I don’t know the asian dude like that. Once we do that, then it can start. Until then, I have to find other contacts because it’s on hold.

  49. Thanks bro, I at least wanted to hear that My boy Vegeta whooped someone powerful than getting pounded for someone els to beat the villian. I like to see Vegeta’s attitude towards the guy, because what Vegeta has is a bad ass ego to go with his character. I got the 1500.00, just waiting on your connect my friend. Can you tell me one last question bro, Tell me about how far does all the Z fighter reach in power wise, like you said already, Trunks ss5 or like a powered up ultra ss4. Kind of like Super Saiyan Vegeta when he turned to Super Vegeta. Well tell me about the others, like Gohan, and how far does he reach? and Goten? what about Vegeta Jr, and Goku Jr? Remember them in DRAGONBALL GT? Are they in the series and movies in GT2 and ULTIMATE? And if they are, How far do they reach as a Super Saiyan form? When I saw LEGACY OF GOKU, the little Goku JR reached SS2 and didn’t even know it. He had the lightning aura. And Little Vegeta Jr turned to a Super Saiyan. Are they in GT2 and Z Ultimate? And do they look like their decendants? Does Vegeta Jr act like Vegeta with a bad ass ego? And how far do they reach? And what about that other Bulma that was on Legacy of Goku or Dragonball GT, I can’t remember which one it was though, but you know what i’m talking about. when Goku jr and Vegeta jr was battling it out in the ring. Is she in GT2 and Z ultimate? what happened to her? And who fathered her boy? Who was he? What about picillo, does he reach to new heights as power goes? and how does he look? and what about the others? What about UUB? What does he look like?

  50. Dude, this is all nuts, I’ve been talking with John on another site trying to find out some further information, after reading this i’m dying to see it. The closure sucked thus far. And you say that ssj8 goku killed people with his mind?? Thats intense! I’ll be checking back on the updates.

  51. Basically, everyone gets stronger,and you will see later.

    Prolly sucks anyway because they never finish the z ultimate animation, because goku ssj9 was in the script, and it got cancelled before it could be in the animation.

    Right now, I went to multiple anime stores because I haven’t heard from anyone in the past couple days , but the owner talked to someone overseas who distributes anime. He said his connect said he doesn’t have it, and in that case it would be illegal in the states. There are subs out there, project-x was one of the groups that subbed it. Right now I am trying to find the members of Project-x fansubbing group, but they got shut down over 6 years ago, so I don’t know how good my luck

    would be. Last time I checked, they were in boston.

  52. Vincent, What’s the word wright now. My nephew is bugging me as well as my son, it’s funny that they are so excited, My nephew is 23 years old and he really excited about those series. I told him that I would buy them off your friend. So did you find out anything? Write back or call My number, or Email me. Write back and can you reassure my son, and nephew that you aren’t bull shitting me. That when you get them, so will I. So my son can quit bugging me about them. I told him that it will take a while, but my friend Vincent is trying, so be patient. Kids, always so excited hahahaha. Just let me know bro when you get them Vincent.

  53. I am still waiting, and haven’t heard from charles in a few days. I can’t really do anything right now except wait and call. I have been searching the net in Kanji/katakana/hiragana terms, but nothing has turned up except for 5 people talking to me on a japanese forum. They had knowledge of what I was talking about, but basically told me what I already know. I asked them to search around japan, go to comiket or something.

    There was a GT movie they mentioned called “Gokuetsu no Irasshaimase” when goku returned, and it has parts to it, but I couldn’t find that either. Appearently, it wasn’t commercial released in japan or massproduced, possibly a bootleg, which is something that is made, and someone from the company was selling them to certain individuals. “Illegal” is the word. It’s illegal over there, so it’s illegal over here as well. VHS.

    I don’t care, I won’t stop until I get them.

  54. Got some good news today. I was able to get in contact with one of my buddies in japan. They found

    someone that has some of the GT movies, as for ultimate, he knows of someone who could possibly have it. The only problem is getting it over here cuz it’s not supposed to leave japan.

  55. Only the diehard collectors have these, they are ultra rare, and are not public.

    Think of why you haven’t seen anyone come forth and upload or distribute, they would get in big trouble and the value of the tapes would go way down. Why would they want that?

  56. They wouldn’t.

    So what makes you think you can get the stuff off of them now if they’ve been hoarding it this long?

  57. My main source is Charles, Charles knows the asian dude better than I do, and he is trying to track him down, once we find him, the search is over. It has been a delay because we have other things going on right now, like life, but I am not going to give up. Finding that dude is our best option b/c his uncle can sure bring it with him when he comes over here.

    Bad thing is, Charles does not remember his name, and I doubt he gave him the right name. That asian dude is hard to track down.

  58. Vincent I saw your comment on another page when you are trying to tell others of the existance of those rare tapes of Dragonball GT 2 movies and Dragonball Z Ultimate series. It was on a website call pollwizard.com, am I right bro? I want to ask you a question Vincent, you said that like about three pictures that were on dragonball af page that were from Dragonball GT 2 movies and Dragonball Z Ultimate series right? Let me guess the one that is from the DBGT2 DBZU, is it the one of RADDITS as a Super Saiyan form? And what of the others? What are the others? I think I know but I want to be sure. What’s the word on those tapes bro. Anything yet? Look I got court comming on thursday the 22nd and Hopefully the judge won’t send me to the county for a year, but if they do, remember me for about a couple of months, Because I will get out by making a deal with them, and I still want those DBGT2 movies and DBZU series. There is no website for – ドラゴンボールZ アルティメイト. and what does Kanji mean for this code? Well actually the website shows me nothing to do with DBZU. I have another question, what about GOKU jr and VEGETA Jr? Are they in the movies and series and what do they look like?

  59. I found another picture that looks like it came from the DBGT2 and DBZU, one of the two. It’s when Tien and Yamcha are fused and the backround looks like the series from the DBGT2 and DBZU. Am I right about that?

  60. I heard that Goku reaches SSJ15 in ultimate and that he has the ability to kill you just by thinking about you dead. Any inputs vince?

  61. Yeah, it goes up to 4 publically, then in japan non-publically, it goes to 8, 9 was in the script, ultimate was never finished and was rather short.

    John, that’s fake, they never fuse in the GT movies or ultimate. All these pics that I have seen on the net are fake. They never released it, so there would be no pics of it. Some people have the tapes, the rest of us don’t. It wasn’t meant for us, I don’t think these were made by official means because even in japan they are illegal, but they look even better than the previous series. I don’t care though, I am gonna get them, this one is gonna take a while though.

  62. no, the ssj radits one is fake, but he does transform to ssj in hell, but it looks better.

    all they did in that picture is photoshop his hair yellow.

    no word yet though. My friend Randolph is in japan right now, so I told him about it, but he doesn’t sound too interested in the search cuz he said he is trying to kill time, but not like that. He said he saw lots of things from GT though, like movies, no, not the goku jr special, but the actual movies, like the kind z has.

  63. Well Vincent, I will still be waiting just like you then bro, until then keep in touch, sooner or later we’ll GET THEM. Can your friend get those GT movies from down there, and i’ll pay for them as soon as he touchdown back.

  64. What’s the word VINCENT, Any news yet? Tell me about Goku Jr and Vegeta JR, are they in DBGT2 and DBZU? And how far do they reach?

  65. What’s up guys. I live in Tokyo and speak decent enough japanese if you need assistance. Point me to any stores or places you might know and I can get some footwork done if you need it.

    I’m still a bit skeptical, but I love dragon ball enough that I want to believe what Vincent says is true :P Even though I’m still very skeptical.

  66. Senor, are you serious, why didn’t you come sooner. My friend Randolph is not coming back until christmas b/c he is stationed there.

    Problem is Senor, these are not out there like the previous ones were b/c these were illegaly distributed in japan 8 years ago, so whoever has them has them, but just ask around any store.

    Just tell them about the lots of movies in between the 100 years. but it was just for them. Also, Z ultimate is the last series with ssj8 goku and ssj8 vegita in the Evil Juu Saga, This saga is apart of Movies in Z Ultimate. ssj9 goku is in there, but not in the animation, but in the script. I don’t know who made it, but I know that Toriyama or Toei didn’t do it. All my research leads me to a company called NHK, and there seems to be some legal issues between Toei and NHK that still hasn’t been resolved.

    Your best bet is to try to go to comiket, and try to buy it off of somebody who has them.

    If you go to a store called mandarake, they will probably give you info, but they probably wouldn’t carry those around. Just ask around, don’t give up because you will find it. This is a relief. They are only VHS, and were made around the time that internet sucked.

    If you do go to a store, go to a low-key anime store in japan that’s not well known, they would be more likely to have it than anyone. Remember, it’s not gonna jump in your face like the previous series b/c this stuff was not released to the public in japan.

  67. I think you can get them somewhere in Kyoto or Osaka.

    Please try, If you don’t find it that’s okay because I plan to take a trip there one day. Ask around all the stores in Akihabara, Shinjuku, Kyoto, etc. E-mail me as well, ultimate_z1217@yahoo.com

  68. This search is tough, and my contacts are not cooperating, so I have took the liberty of searching on the net.

    I have the info above to help me, and I do my research in kanji only on geocities jp, yahoo jp, and google jp.

    Basically, I found a couple japanese blogs about them talking about the GT movies that fill the 100 year gap, but they don’t talk about it ever airing, they say that GT episode 64 was the last to air, but that the rest was a limited edition type thing, the GT movies. Shueisha has something to do with it. As for z ultimate, only 2 people out of a possible couple thousand even brought it up, and it is definitely the GT sequel, and that has yet to be released from what they were saying. You had to go to a special fair and such while they were distributing these out, because they didn’t plan on releasing it to the public, and jacked up the price for it as a result, and not that much of them were produced. I don’t even know if you can call these true sequels b/c once again Toriyama is absent, but it was made, but this time not even by toei, so it is a super generic series.

    GT is just generic b/c Toriyama had some input with character designs, and came and wrapped it up at the evil shenlong saga.

    It seems that there are a substancial amount of people overseas that has heard of it or know of it, but majority are in the dark like the rest of the public.

    In my search, of course I ran into AF, which I was trying to avoid. The japanese thinks America made AF on April Fools in our Shonen Jump Magazine, but of course AF was started on the net by fans who wanted more.

  69. SenorPikoro, HELL YEAH glad to see someone from Japan that is actually goingto help us. SenorPikoro you the man if you can find those tapes and hook us up. Listen to Vincent because he has the info all about their existance my friend. So please find those tapes and don’t give up bro, there out there. I am willing to pay $1500.00 for all those tapes, but we need to stick together as true fans that stook together to get those tapes. Just imagine that we have those tapes and we finally get to see Vegeta reach ss4 and Goku and Vegeta reaching ss5, ss6, ss7, ss8. I was thinking about taking a trip to japan, but I don’t know anyone down there, and I don’t know where to look so you are our best bet. i hope you are really serious about helping us and remember to keep contact of us, my E-mail address is rarebloodtype@yahoo.com so remember to keep touch with me too.

  70. You guys are seriously on crack… There is no Dragonball Ultimate or GT part 2. There might be a fan made one or some shit like that… Don’t call me a non-believer because there is going to be a new Dragonball Special for this Japanese Anime special thing but that’s right after Z and has nothing to do with GT. So… yeah… You don’t even know anything about Akira do you? He didn’t even want do make the Buu saga and that’s why it was so bad/hated. That’s why Toei made GT and if there was an Ultimate, why wouldn’t people know about it? Don’t give me the “they’re trying to keep it a secret or they’re producing it bullshit… BTW, John, I saw you on MFG.

  71. They already made it genius, but don’t have the rights to show them to the public.

    After the 64 episodes and the 1 tv special, Toei had a branch of small companies under them create the GT specials in between and after the 100 years. GT is long. All that came out to the public were the 64 episodes and 1 tv special, and the other specials were for private showings, but if you knew someone in the company, that was another option.

  72. November 2005 – November 2008. Vincent you must be a serious non-lifer posting all this SHIT for 3 years. In this day and age it will have leaked 10000 times since 2000 if that bull crap you said was even remotely true. Just get a fucking digital camera or cameraphone take a video or photo from “”dbgt2 or db ultimate lie z” and post a fucking link. I just can believe you wasted 3 years in this shit and some people even believed you but maybe “those peoples” were just you using different names, your so no-lifer your capable of doing it. Mmmm or maybe your doing this just to steal some money from some stupid fool?

  73. Mmm wonder if you will answer this message, last post was not long ago. Bleh try not to respond in 4 years, some people do have life and cant be wasting 3 years in some pathetic site like this.

  74. Hey fucker – watch who’s site you call pathetic. I’ve got nothing to do with the ongoing comments in the comments – in fact I only delete spam and nothing else – and there’s a lot more on this site than just Dragonball news [or lack thereof.]

  75. It’s not a secret, more of a regional thing, but only the gt specials.

    z ultimate never came out because it was abandoned by small companies who took the task of being involved in it’s production. Toei got sued, episodes were made, vhs, but it never came out.

  76. I have news, the gt movies I was looking for will arrive here on the 18th of December. My friend will be receiving them, so I have to go over there to get my copies. That is all.

    News on Z Ultimate, he has found a warehouse with the tapes, but the problem is purchasing them. He might have to get them his second trip there.

  77. Date:

    Dec 1, 2008 8:52 AM Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [?]

    Help: Flag


    GT explanation


    I’m glad you asked about Fuzen-Saiyajin Goku. I asked my uncle the same thing, he only chuckled and said “Fuzen-Goku, is the only character I can truthfully say, is more bloodlusted and insane than Kid Buu and Broly combined” .

    He didn’t want to ruin the plot but told me that Goku’s Kamehameha had turned into the Myou-Kamehameha (Dark Turtle Wave). Several of Goku’s attacks changed including Shunkan Idou which is now the Kage Doutai(Shadow Movement). Fuzen-Goku has also gained new moves as well.

    One of Goku’s new moves is the Mousetsuten Tenshuuhan(False Heaven God Seal). My uncle said when Goku used it on Vegeta it he didn’t know what happened until Bulma explained the move seals off his Ki and as a side effect stops him from going super-saiyajin cont….

    (Second Message)

    My uncle also said that Goku’s fighting style had changed. He said that unlike normal Goku who fought using honorable Martial Arts, Fuzen-Goku used “bone-crushing joint locks, and hard blows to vital points, to kill or incapacitate an opponent as fast as possible”.

    I asked my Uncle if he thought Fuzen-Goku could beat Superman. His quote “I always hesitated on that answer because Goku is kind, he would never go all out for the safety of earth because he could destroy it and he would hold back on Superman. Now Fuzen-Goku on the other would no doubt kill Superman badly destroying the earth in the process and then he[Goku] would destroy the solar system just for the hell of it”.

    I asked my uncle also about the ending his quote “with the normal GT ending, it gave you the feeling that it[Dragonball] was finally over, and that’s what made it a great tear jerker ending, with the GT special ending it was MUCH better, the GT special ending will have you with a satisfied smile on your face”.

  78. The movies are more like 6, 30 minute episodes, so I would say it was more of a “lost saga”, but understanding the story, I am disregarding the Goku jr. special.

    The lost saga gives an alternate ending.

  79. Imma be honest, all of this was information misinterpreted by me, so let me clear it up.

    GT has a lost saga in between the 100 years, not very long, about 6, 30 min episodes, that’s all. it does have a minor villian named Zaiga, goku comes back to fight Zaiga who went to earth to destroy the remaining saiyans, when goku fought Zaiga, goku transformed to ssj5, but right after, and evil energy subdued goku turning him evil, they called him Fuzen-Goku. He was the real enemy in this lost saga.

    After the goku jr vegita jr tournament, there is a couple specials (but non canon) until Z Ultimate comes in, (which is 25-30 years in timeline).

    So we found the GT movies, only thing that’s left is finding Z Ultimate.

    Getting my copies a little after the 18th, because he has to make copies for me.

  80. Ehh VINCENT, that’s good news to hear that those tapes are on thier way, I always beleived in you bro, call me on my cell bro. I told all my cousins and nephews and my kids about those tapes man. Call me on my cell bro 1262-308-7755 ask for John. Me and my fiance share a phone, willing to pay man. Please call bro looking forward to watching them with my family. It would be a great X mas present to us all if you would do this. Remember you said you would let me see those tapes if you get ahold of them. I know you said you wouldn’t except any money before but just in case I would pay for copies of those tapes so I can watch with my family and put you on my X Mas list until my life has ended. SO VINCENT WILL YOU COPY ME THOSE EPISODES?

  81. Yes, but understand, I don’t have z ultimate yet, my friend’s uncle only found the fuzen goku ssj5’s in GT. I am getting them burned on cd.

    My friend is gettin his copies on the 18th, then I am gettin mines on the 21st

  82. So Vincent, did you aquire the Dragonball GT2 movies yet? If so remember to call me as soon as you get ahold of those rare tapes, or let me know through my email address rarebloodtype@yahoo.com, I’m really anxious to watch my set of copies so we can just laugh at all those fake ASS fans out there that was bashing you with all those crazy ass comments talking about they don’t exist, which they don’t even really know SHIT.

    At least you took your time and patience to find those rareabilty tapes in TOKYO. So I say this, you know what “FUCK THEM” all who was talking all that shit about you my friend. They were so quick to say they don’t EXIST repeatedly, and talking about we must be on crack and shit.

    That crap they was talking about really angered me BIG TIME bro. I was like how could they Jaw jack about you trying to find the truth, and knowing that you knew that they exist, and you have seen them. not only that, you was trying to get ahold of those tapes so you can answer questions to the HARD CORE fans that will beleive you.

    Don’t make any copies for anyone else except us VINCENT. These scandalous fools WILL TRY to get you in trouble and shit. Don’t take that chance VINCENT, FOR REAL. They was talking all that shit just trying to get attention from other fake ass fans to talk shit more to you. They didn’t even BACK YOU UP and shit, just jaw jackin with the mouth. I seen it before on other sites of how they just say it isn’t real, it’s fake. It’s like they don’t want it to be real or they just copy somebody else saying it isn’t real.

    Because already there is a majority of fake ass fans already says it isn’t real. So it just keeps going on and on until they just got hypnotize of saying it to much and telling others, and not helping to find the truth or even trust someone that actually have connections to find what’s been underground, and that DRAGONBALL GT wasn’t all that they said it was, and the company tried very hard to conceal it’s existance.

    So if they want to keep rambling with the mouth VINCENT, I say let them keep rambling and let them wish that they never should have doubt ya. There so weak minded of how other people tell them what to do, and they so buy into it and go against other DRAGONBALL FANS which does wants any possibility that hopefully those tapes do exist, and that we fans should stick together, and try to find those supposably non existant tapes that we have been lied to so long by companies saying that they don’t exist.

    But what do those weak minded fools do. They TRASH TALK like they got absolute PROOF that they don’t exist because AKIRA TORIYAMA, and YAHOO ANSWERS, FUNIMATION says they don’t exist, it’s like someone needs to tell them how to think, and they will say ya see there is the proof, because AKIRA and YAHOO and FUNIMATION says so, and they don’t bother to investigate or help at all, because their minds are made up already.

    Ya know what trips me out is that when a fan like yourself gave other fans like myself that was hoping that their was a continueum to the DRAGONBALL GT SAGA somewhere. That excited me and my family ALOT so much that my family and I HIGH FIVED IT and said YESSSSSSSSSSS,and very HAPPY. not because just you just said it exist, because anybody can come up with a good story and preach it to others, but then I started to read everything you said carefully, and thoughroly and reading everything of how much you looked into it, and never once you gave up, just like KAKAROT, never give up he says. And plus also your responce to other comments from fans that wanted to know what happened to the series.

    basically what i’m saying is your responce sounded BELIEVABLE, and so was your RESEARCH of what happened to THE DRAGONBALL NEW SERIES. So MY FAMILY AND I WISH TO SAY THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH, AND WE REALLY DO APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DID MY FRIEND FOR FINDING THEM. WISH THERE WAS MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU OUT THERE, we hardcore fans need to stick together VINCENT. I got to do my excersize and X Mas shopping hope to hear from you soon Vincent PEACE MAN.

    P.S. If those fools talk crap again, just GALIC GUN THEM FOOLS, OR BETTER YET A BIG BANG KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Yo Vincent, was sup man, what’s tha deal bro. If you don’t want to send me my copies just let me know and why.

  84. You will get your copies, I am just waiting for them b/c my friend has all the burning equipment, and he is making some for my brother, god brother, and my other friends who gave me information.

    I have been calling everyday, but I can’t reach him. Don’t worry though, I will send them to you.

    He didn’t find them in Tokyo, if it were in Tokyo, it would be on the internet b/c anime that hits the Tokyo area comes out over here eventually, and unfortunately those parts of dragonball were exclusive to japan only. Dragonball is not the only series like this i’m sure, but there’s alot of stuff you would have to go to japan to find b/c the internet sucked around the time when this stuff was out over there, and it wasn’t a mass production.

  85. Yeah, sorry man, I can’t risk it, it’s just that he doesn’t want me to have it really, and for me just to give it out is too risky. If anything gets out, it can be easily be traced back to me because like a fool I have blabbered on numerous websites about it. I kind of want this info to be gone.

    I have no proof, therefore, all this is pure speculation. I am really going off of my buddy’s word who has strong connections overseas.

  86. There is a store somewhere in Kyoto called “Torigawa Video”, they should have the GT Evil goku specials, but they are called Fuzen Goku Specials. You have to ask the owner, he will bring them from the back. If you are in japan, you might wanna check it out.

  87. why dont you guys simply upload fuzen goku videos on limewire or frostwire so they wont be taken off the internet due to copyrights so everyone doesnt have to go to japan to purchase these.

  88. ok now its time for me to touch on some shit.









  89. Hey Legdik, can you tone the language down a bit? Plus just because you don’t see something DOESN’T mean it is false! PLUS, Vincent Gomez SAID that HE HAS the DGGT and ZULTIMATE episodes and has watched them!

    Why in the world would he keep posting up lies for 3+ years if it wasn’t true? He would’ve stopped before then! Did you ever think that Akira Toriyama might be simply LYING about ZUltimate’s existance just to cover it up, heh?

    Anyway don’t call someone a loser, or use any bad language to someone for your denial. Try to email him at ultimate_z1217@yahoo.com and he’ll give you all of the FACTS, whether you want to believe them or not.

    There goes a saying, that a person is smart but people are stupid when it comes to believing half of what you hear and NONE of what is put in front of your eyes.

    Hopefully, I had gotten this message to you. Stay safe, and have a blessed one!

  90. Akira Toriyama was not involved, I have unveild many things and have learned where i have fallen short. everything came together and i understand the plot fully.

    Toei animation has nothing to do with it either.

    Well, The FuZen Goku Saga is actually called “Fuzen goku specials”, these were 1 of the many specials that took place in between the 100 years that GT skips back in 1998. Unlike the DBGT TV series, Toei was not involved in the production of these specials. A bunch of third party companies who work under Toei were responsible for the specials. Mr. Toriyama had no idea about them as well.

    Z Ultimate also takes place 25 to 30 years after the Evil Shenlong SaGA. Z Ultimate is also in between the 100 year gap.

    My other friend recently found the Original Japanese Script for Z Ultimate, and his uncle checked the records, and come to find out, Z Ultimate was never released, it was finished but its release was cancelled by developers for some reason. From what I have read in the script, its the most intense of the 4 series.

    There was a couple things I got wrong though.

    Only Goku and Vegita go ssj8. Gohan only goes ssj5. Goten and Trunks both go ssj4 separately, and Gosan (Pan’s son) goes ssj3. Bardock is seen in one of the specials entitled “Gosan’s Journey for beginning strengh” in which bardock is seen fighting gosan, bardock was a ssj2!!! After Gogeta ssj6, there is no more fusion.

    I will give you the sagas as follows in order:

    Denga Brother’s Saga ( henchmen of Roki, they come to earth to oddly destroy the dragonballs so that their master Roki can gain her powers back because one of the gaurdians of earth sealed her powers there long ago. They beat the tar out of the Z warriors, and with a special technique, get the dragonballs out of Adult Goku’s body, but soon after Goku goes ssj5 and quickly disposes of them.

    Roki Saga ( an ancient being who fought to be gaurdian of earth long ago, but was sealed in another dimension not connected to our world. She slowly regains her strength after the dragonballs were destroyed, but is defeated from a wish for her power to be sealed back in the dragonballs.

    Gungir Saga (Ancestor Saiyan) (this was my favorite saga, you find out that the ancient saiyan’s base form was supersaiyan 6) (Gungir is an ancestor of the saiyan race, and he was sealed by one of the gaurdians. He escapes with great power, and plans to rid the universe of the modern saiyans because they are a waste of saiyan blood. He explains to everyone in the old era, Ancient saiyans base form was SSJ6, and they were the storngest race in the universe, but some powerful plague wiped off most of the saiyans, and the survivors were severely weakened. As a result, king vegita and that generation struggle trying to tap into that gene. So any form you see before SSJ6 is only a weakened transformation trying to tap into that dominant ssj6 gene (ssj6 is the biggest form, i have a picture.) Gungir disposes of pretty much everyone who isnt a ssj5/ssj6. Vegita ssj5 dies, gohan ssj4 dies, gotenks ssj4 dies, Piccolo is needed to come back in this saga because dende was killed by gungir, so vegita 5 and gohan 4 go to hell to get piccolo, and he becomes gaurdian of earth. He makes a new set of dragonballs that are 10 times more powerful than the ones dende made, and try to kill gungir by making a wish, but still the dragon couldn’t grant the wish. So Piccolo comes up with a very brilliant idea, to fuse all 3 types of dragonballs together. In the meantime goku is getting training from another Ancient saiyan in the time chamber (he was the emporor back when gungir and his people reigned supreme, and he is also ssj6. so he teaches goku to go ssj6, and goku nearly dies in his training) Gungir kills everyone, and Piccolo and Goku IT to Planet Namek to Fuse all 3 Dragonballs into one Super Dragon they call “Xcior” to help grant that wish. Goku is used as a dragon radar now because his body has the earths dragonballs sealed in him, and the dragons subconsciously communicate with each other. They succeed, but Gungir looks at namek from earth, and can actually see piccolo, goku, and the dragon, and he blows up earth and IT to where they are. He kills all the Namekejins, and even piccolo. Goku is enraged and goes ssj6, and gungir destroys Namek, so they fight in SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goku had the upperhand the whole way, sending Gungir through several Planets destroying them, destroying galaxies with the impact of their punches, fighting in core of a planet, going through moons like paper, going many times the speed of light and going through black holes and creating rifts in space like its nothing. This is only ssj6, my goodness. Goku had to retreat though because ssj6 was too much for his body being a modern saiyan, it really effed up his health. Someone gave him a sensu and he defeated gungir. I have to go back and read the script.

    Seijin Cell Saga or Super Cell Saga ( goku goes ssj7 in this saga/special) Cell absorbs alot of people in hell, and transforms. after that, he absorbs energy from around the universe, transforming again. goku 6 and vegita 6 are not enough, and goku goes 7 by absorbing the dragonballs power. He does not actually absorb the dragonballs, but just their power.

    Evil Juu Bei Saga (The Final saga in which goku absorbs Xcior, The dragon fused of all 3 types of dragonballs to become a supersaiyan 8!!! Goku is able to grant wishes now, any wish, even his own, and he does and also makes vegita a supersaiyan 8. Evil juu was the gaurdian of the universe, but became corrupt by watching all the events that have transpired, and transformed to his adult form. The ancient kais made him, each kaio as strong as a ssj6, and juu at infancy was more powerful than all the ancient kais. They sealed him up at infancy, and appointed him gaurdian of the universe and placed him in a place called “Oblivion” outside of our universe and other world. Evil Juu is a cosmic, and can dissipate in the ground and through physical attacks, and can forsee attacks. When Juu went to his adult form, he went to other world and completely destroyed it, absorbing some old enemies in the process gaining even more power. cell, brolli, frieza, super 17, janemba, hirudegarn, etc. Baba tells the Z warriors back on earth that Juu has awakened. Goku and Vegita both go to Supreme kaio world where kiboto kaio and old kaio explain who juu is, and juu goes to earth and destroys that entire galaxy and finds supreme kai world instantly. Now Goku 6 and Vegita 6 fight juu, having no luck because all of their punches and kicks are going through him, and he can dissipate into the ground. So they fuse to SSJ6 Gogeta and beat the shit out of him, and he does a cosmic cry, which instantly split the fusion of Gogeta ssj6. Supreme kai world is destroyed as well as the galaxy, and they are fighting in space. Goku ssj7 holds juu off for a bit until juu gains the upper hand sending goku to many galaxies at speeds that actually rip the galaxies in half, light is not an incriment of speed we can use anymore because this is way past speed of light. Goku tells vegita to hold juu off so that he can find the last dragonball so that he can transform to ssj8 absorbing all 3 dragons. When goku transformed to ssj8, nearby galaxies Eroded in the presence of goku ssj8, and far out galaxies were severely damaged. Goku’s eyes were glowing red because he was granting his own wish, to make vegita a ssj8. juu s

    purred out 3 warriors (cosmic Freezer who was now a ssj5 level of power, Cosmic Cell who was like ssj7 level of power, and burori who was around a ssj7 powerlevel after being apart of Evil Juu Bei. Goku 8 glares at frieza and freiza explodes. Vegita 8 takes on cosmic cell and burori who have the upper hand while goku 8 fights juu. then goku helps vegita and vegita does his final annialation attack at juu, but juu absorbed it and lashed it back at him knocking vegita out. before vegita was knocked out he killed cell and brolli. Juu powers up for his most powerful attack and destroyed the entire universe, vegita dies.

    ONly goku ssj8 and Juu are left, and they go to Oblivion. this is the final battle. Goku powers up for his final kamehameha, and juu powers up for his most powerful blast doing a beam struggle. Goku is losing, but hears the voices of his friends and family, and thinks about everything that has happened in his life, and to make the blast more powerful, he gives up his life Ki, and destroys evil Juu. After that, he granted his own wish and fixed the universe and afterlife to the way it was, and dissapears, making him gaurdian of the universe now. The universe mourns because they think goku is dead, and they hold a funeral service. The statue you see in the Goku jr tournament was in honor of him. 12 years pass, Gosan is a little older now training with Goten and gohan and trunks while vegita watches and smiles, but they all hear a voice that sounded like Goku’s, they look at the sky and see a shooting star, and then he is standing right there, and that was the end.

    Unknown saga (I dont know the name of the next saga, but there is a ssj9 son goku in the script, it ends here.) They made one last person after the Juu saga, and makes goku go ssj9, but I dont know too much about this one, im still doing my research.

  91. The unknown saga I just found is translated and transliterated ” The Xcior Corrupt Saga”, and like i was telling you before, Xcior is Porunga, Ultimate Red Shenlong, and Green Earth Shenlong all fused into one dragon.

    All the negative energy of the universe and the other world go to oblivion. That is how Evil Juu got corrupt, and by watching all the events of the universe for sooo long.

    Since Goku Defeated Super Juu Bei, Goku Is now Gaurdian of the universe and resides in Oblivion while vegita and the rest of the Z gang defend earth and any threat. They are known as Z Earth. (Z Senshi). Xcior Split away from goku from what I understand (friend still translating it) but in this saga, he looses his ability to go ssj8. but this saga is extremely long.

    Awsome events- Xcior is a reality warper, and so is goku ssj9. they can create their own dimensions, and both are omnipotent. in this fight, alot of hand to hand combat in space, but galaxies are eroding just by the 2’s presence, so goku decided to create his own dimension to fight in, and they keep doing so because they keep destroying universes. Xcior threatened to blow up the part of the universe that his family resided, and goku ssj9 teleported that part of the universe………………


    THis saga is very long, it takes place in between the 100 years, but goes even after the 100 years. But they dont explain how everyone came back after the 100 year period. Goku is uber because Xcior is the size of a planet, and has a throne on top of him, and goku rides on him while sitting on the throne, they travel through dimensions and black holes.

    I will come back with the complete story from beginning to end. This saga is confusing because they had to fight him twice, and it stretches out soooo long.

    But I learned something interesting, according to Z Ultimate script, I found out that GOku can project an image of himself from Oblivion, and that’s what he did in the Goku Jr Special. uber……….

    before goku went ssj9, he had to go to other world for grand kai and kibito kai to do this ritual the first kai in existence did to unlock all of a persons powers period. the first ever kai was omnipotent just like a ssj9. So vegita ssj8 agreed to hold off Xcior, but got rapestomped and sealed into a dimension that Xcior created, so piccolo and the z warriors had to help vegita get out while goku was training to go ssj9. Vegita escaped, and fought Xcior again, but Vegita was a ssj8, and xcior was as strong as a strong ssj8, close to ssj9, and they were both on earth not fighting.

    the sheer presence of them being on earth with both their ki so great, the earth was literally falling apart just from them being there, so they had to go to another galaxy. Vegita lost an arm from a universe busting attack Xcior did.

    Saiyans can regenerate ssj6 and up.

    but something wierd, they said goku can never power back down after he is a ssj9…. the translation is not finished and I skipped alot of things, so bear with me

  92. dude there are plenty of ways to get it out there without the govt. being involved if your are not lying. You could use limewire, or even upload a clip and name it something else you could send off the tapes or cd or manga and what people do with it would be their problem you could use a web cam with a non believer and set it up to get your tv and play it and there are plenty of more ways to get it out there. There haven’t been any one kind of leaks at all since you started this and it seems you have an excuse for everything so in dying to see your excuse for everything i just said. Ps. With no damn proof how would anyone believe you even if they want to.

  93. Seriously dammit all that stuff is made up by Vincent and if all these fans would put up with you to prove you wrong you would just back yourself up with some more lies with the Z Ultimate and GT movies i mean really All the ones who lied about fake AF’s were shut down and they admitted it in the end that they were just joking when they were actually indeed just trying to fool everyone.

    All in all DragonBall AF is real it might be a manga because there have been rumors of it being one in Japan and Spain.There have been people claiming they have read it in Japan and some other guy at Ataricommunity there is one in Spain.And that is infact the actual SS5 if it was a series.And there is a signature on the AF SS5 art of whoever made it.

    So stop it with the GT movies and Z Ultimate or atleast post a picture just one picture of it.And dont be saying that youl get in trouble because what about that AF picture its being posted all over

  94. Also Akira Toriyama clearly stated that he had no intention of continuing the series after Z.And if he was going to make another series he would have made it himself but he didnt want no more so youre lying and now all youre doing is adding Xicer to your story he is supposed to be part of the AF story plot just proves of what a liar you are

  95. Yes there is no DragonBall Z Ultimate-4th series or a continuation of GT obviously why would another dragonball z series come after GT,but not many of you believed me all along anyway-or at all!I just decided to spread my own fanfic about the series continuation on the net but it never got too popular but most of you would figure…

  96. for like 4 years you have been telling everyone about this series and saying this is the real thing but now all of a sudden your saying that there is no 4th series or a gt continuation and saying that you decided to spread your own fanfic.why in holy mother of god would you do that?

  97. so after years of talking about this series you have finally come out say that there is no 4th series or a gt continuation and just your own fanfic.Why in holy mother of god did you do that?why did you keep messing with peoples heads by saying there is a secret dbz 4th series and a gt continuation knowing full well that their are a lot of people dying to see a new series?why,why,WHY?!

  98. First off, the last message I sent was May 12th, and whoever posted their email as mine is low.

    To get it straight, The last message from may 12th hit it on the head, and there is nothing after that.

    It is up to you all to take it or discard it, but I am still working on getting this stuff.

    and Kilomon70, that was not me, but I know who it was, someone that knows me very well, spoke to him a couple days ago, just because I didn’t give the screenshot he wanted.

    Z ultimate is the final one people, ultimate is the final chapters of the z senshi’s life, excluding goku because his form of ssj9 transcends death. And I have more info, I just promise you guys (the public) because the contact i have now is still trying to get ultimate, and find out what the other gt movies are other than the evil goku’s. there were more gt movies, not just the evil gokus, but i dont know a thing about the other movies. Z ULtimate, from what my friend in hs showed me long ago, with my new friend, the script matches what i saw, and stuff i didn’t remember so Its just a matter of time. its been alot of years, most of that time i was trying to get ahold of my old friends because that stuff they had never came out, but I just used the stuff i remembered and came up short. well, until i met my friend who’s uncle is in the business, so I am putting all my resources in his hands, he found the evil goku’s, and even the z ultimate script, so next is the tapes, I dont really care anymore because w/o tapes or footage, I know how the fans feel. I would NOT be going on about something I hadn’t seen before…… no personal gain really. And I was also trying to get someone to come forth if they know, sadly I have only gotten 2 responses out of 4+ years, both in japan, but they were little help. so im not giving up, its out there, but yall do whatever you guys want, i tried to tell you all.

  99. and kilomon70, I wouldn’t call it a secret series, it didn’t come out, so technically as far as the public is concerned, it does not exist, however, it was made, and sitting, CANCELED is a better word. That particular series wasn’t that long.

    and @saiyaprince, the fact that AF was a practical joke from Studio Tomita would help, everyone said it was Toei and shonen jumps prank, but no it was studio tomita, and they got shut down. But they did have a doujin of af in japan before the one that toyble did.

    i wont come back till i have screenshots, end of it.

  100. It was not by Studio Tomita you fool!!Studio Tomita had nothing to do with AF other than they made that ss4 gohan and Vegeta taking the throne arts!That AF picture was the real Dragonball AF and it was not a joke!!And they didnt even get shut down because of that SS5 picture they got shut down because of thaose VEGETA and SS4 GOHAN arts they had nothing to do with AF.

    Till you get screenshots,yeah as in NEVER!

  101. whoever is posting screenshots in my name is such a bastard.

    I haven’t seen a single thing on the internet for the tapes im talking about, only concepts and close replicas once in a while.

  102. 日本会 gt 映画百年の間をスキップ ドラゴンボール シリーズと z 究極特定ない第 4 シリーズと呼ばれる後に出て、その他のシリーズはドラゴンボールで false です。

  103. Dragon ball gt Japan Society Series Skip z movie one hundred years later, called out a fourth series not the ultimate, the other is the Dragon Ball series is false. thats what google tranlate translated what jin said to but it won’t be accurate

  104. いますいいえ GT 映画 その他 より、特別なテレビ との間で、100年 といいえ 非公開Z Ultimate ドラゴンボール 日本で

  105. went to the funi link, and moreover z ultimate was a nonpublic series… and those GT movies were done by 3rd party companies.

    They don’t want to believe because they assume america is going to get everything or at least know about it, which is far from the case. And everyone knows about it, in the form of a rumor, a misinterpreted rumor that has been going on since 97. There wouldn’t be an uproar, think about it.

  106. and about what the guy said about pirating, moreover, the stuff that they pirated was RELEASED in japan, so who cares if someone uploads it lol, all they will do is take the video down with no real reprocussions, except ban your account.

    ultimate was supposed to be released to the public, but for whatever reason it didn’t end up coming out. as a series, it was just a little shorter than the GT series, and had movies, (4 that i know of).

    and about the GT movies. the goku jr gaiden is not a movie its a tv special since he wants to get technical. Before I met the person who showed me all this, I thought i was done with the series, which was when it stopped airing in japan. but I met him in 2002, and his older brother knew someone with them. so we used to go over there and watch them on weekends. but then I lost touch with them. so I took that material i saw, and searched, NOTHING came up. So a few years later, i meet a good friend of mine. He is heavy into overseas anime/gaming. He said he has heard of such about them releasing “limited editions” of gt specials in certain prefectures back in 98, but thats about it. but said it wasn’t a large quantity produced, or mass advertised either. he never heard of ultimate though. so he got his uncle to look into it, and he found one of the gt specials with evil goku 5. He said there are more specials, but he has to have time to look.

    For Z Ultimate, he found the script. The way I can tell it was the script is because the only saga I really got to see was parts of the juu bei, and the end of the gungir to be exact.

    i never saw the beginning of the series.

    but when it came, everything made sense. they told me something was after the juu bei saga because i only saw up to ssj8 in juu bei, and thought that was the last level. but they told me there was a saga after the one they let me see, but they stopped making it at one point, but goku was supposed to go ssj9, and that was the final level.

    then when i met my other friend, they found the script and i learned that it was Xcior, and that xcior was a reality warper, and was originally Porunga, Ultimate Shenlong, and Shenlong fused into one dragon with a body that is infinite.

    He knew about all the sagas, movies, specials, release dates, even for the original z and gt series he had the scripts, release dates, so shit how much more do you need. Now comes the tapes. we must find them.

    Im not worried about the news about Naho Ooishi taking over dragonball z doing new chapters after goku trains uub. There will be new animation probably. it may make the things i am trying to find a more difficult task, but i am not giving up still. but my focus is not on that at the moment.

    Just know that its out there, and i tried to tell you all because I didn’t think it was fair.

    Z ultimate sagas as follows:

    Roki Saga (ssj5)

    Gungir Saga (Goes deep into saiyan heritage, introduces ssj6, the saiyan’s original form. at this point they are galaxy busting. fights in space from this point on. and introduces white oozaru stage. Gungir was a saiyan from the past, back when the original saiyan planet, not planet vegita, was full of ssj6. Namekejins had black majic that rivaled a ssj6’s strength. the original kaios were introduced who are also about equal with a low powered ssj6. in this saga you learn that basically a saiyan has to be killed, and the more he fights he will keep evolving. Age is not a factor if a saiyan is at this level. regeneration is included, as with telekinetic abilities heightened as with all saiyan levels. The emporer is also shown, he is ssj6 as well, and was sealed in a dimension in kami’s tower. He trains goku to go ssj6, but stays in the dimension that he made his home.

    (At the end in the xcior saga, you find that Tentou Kai was responsible for those battles, so that goku can take the title of tentou kai when the time came. Tentou Kai is basically Kami of the Omniverse, ruler of reality. Xcior, however, still rivaled him in power and Tentou kai is the reason why there are 3 dragons when xcior and him fought and he divided xcior into 3 dragons as punishment for his defeat. Porunga, Red shenlong, and shenlong roamed the universe wildly, until the namekejins made the dragonballs each with different limiters. Red dragon took the bulk of xcior’s power, then porunga was the next powerful, the earth one is the weakest. All together though, they are a cosmic entity, Ni Omnipotent in its final form.

    Super Evil Cell Saga (specials 3 new forms)

    Evil Juu Bei Saga

    Xcior Corrupt Saga


    Gosan’s Journey

    Saidugaurn! Return of Tapion

    Terror of Takuri (introduces gogeta ssj6, no more fusions after ssj6, and they don’t fuse any other time in the series, only the juniors, and gotenks fuse after this point.)

    There was a special with how bardock met goku’s mother, she was the stronger of the two, and she was kind, lightskinned, but she died in a planetary explosion on a mission before the bardock special took place.

    that’s it for ultimate.

  107. super evil cell specials ( goku reaches ssj7 which is just a boost of 6 really. but cool brolli vs Evil Cell)

    Evil Juu Bei (ssj8 goku and ssj8 vegita)

    Xcior corrupt saga ( ssj9 goku, ssj9 vegita, ssj6 gohan, everyone else doesn’t really do anything)

  108. Well contact him for the series

    and what happened with that screenshot you were going to send?

    also this contact from dragonballbenelux@gmail.com said to have been taking a trip to Kyoto last September and there is no Torigawa Video shop that you said to be having tapes and there are no GT movies or fourth series called Z ultimate just DragonBall Kai

    so where are tapes sold in Japan?

  109. tapes lmfao he’s lying there are none. n he has an excuse 4 everything. sorry 2 say this but yall just might wanna stick 2 naruto or bleach, n ima hardcore dbz fan.

  110. Theyre in Japan check blackmarkets and warehouses,a representative that said theyre in Kyoto at a store called kawanaka was listing them all for 20,000$.

  111. I lied, there isn’t NO Dragon Ball GT 2 and Z Ultimate tapes. I been lying for the last 7 years to get a rise out of people

  112. First off, it’s not really called “dbgt 2” , but they happen to be specials that take place in between the 100 years that are exceptionally better than the original GT series itself. I call it GT2 to separate them even though it’s still dbgt.

    Secondly, I haven’t posted on this site for goodness knows when, because right now there is nothing I can do at the moment from the outside. The best we can do is to get a company to buy it off the creators (which is not Toei) and air it in japan first then bring it online for the world to see, but right now everything has been on hold.

    Third, Dragonball Z Ultimate was indeed a project that was completely animated, and never made it to the public. 2003 was the official date of release but it never came out so store owners pulled labels from the shelves in japan. The GT’s are findable (hard as hell to find but not impossible), but z ultimate is no cake walk by any means. You certainly have to know someone in the company to obtain them, even then it doesn’t guarantee obtaining them.

    Last but not least, Naho Ooishi is gonna come out with a bunch of dragonball projects before hoshi. To promote the dragonball cardgame, she is making a supersaiyan bardock special for “Dragonball Heroes”, and many more things to come so stay tuned. Hoshi is in the works.

  113. Vincent, Is there a way we can get AIC (Anime International Company) or A-1 Pictures Inc. To buy those GT episode? They are Anime Production company like Toei.

  114. Start writing, Emailing, Calling and Mailing people to demand those lose GT episodes.


    Anime International Company

    Mailing address: AIC Digital Bldg. 3-19-9 Nakamura Kita, Nerima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 176-0023


    President: Miura Toru

    Capital: JPY330,000,000

    Tel:(81-3) 3926-1591

    Fax:(81-3) 3926-2067

    E-mail: support@aicanime.com


    A-1 Pictures Inc.

    Mailing address: 4-12-7 Naritahigashi, Suginami-KU, Tokyo, Japan


    FUNimation Entertainment

    Mailing address: 1200 Lakeside Pkwy

    Flower Mound, TX 75028

  115. Let’s be real. If Toei and Funmation was to release a new Dragon Ball anime series in Japan and America It would flop. Nobody seems to care about Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT anymore.

    Why did you think Dragon Ball Z Kai flop in Japan? Because people seems not to care about the franchise any longer. after Bleach, Naruto and One Piece became big in Japan and America.

    people seems to forgotten about all 3 Dragon Ball series. Why you think Toei is promoting One Piece harder then Dragon Ball Z Kai? They know One Piece is bigger then DBZK and generates more money then DBZK. All I’m saying is, Just be happy with the 3 DB series we all ready have.

  116. I have a confession to make. I’ve been lying for the last 6 years about GT movies specials and Z Ultimate series. I’m sorry for making up a lie to get a rise out of the “Real” hardcore DB/Z/GT fans. That I have hurted with my lies. I apologize for lying to you guys for over 6 years. Will you all forgive me?

  117. drqagon ball hoshi 2012-2014 new series that would replace dragon ball gt and ooshi naho will be directing the series and akira toriyama will be writing it

  118. First, I don’t even talk like that, I haven’t been on since I said i would find it. Whoever is posting in my name is retarded.

    Second, I know everything about the series and what happened to it as i have made even more contacts. No it is not 500 episodes, it is shorter than the gt series, but the timeline is the longest of the 4. It starts about 20-30 years after the Evil shenlong saga, and goes 20 to 30 years past the 100 year tournament with the jr’s.

    Sagas: Roki Saga, Gungir Saga, Super Evil Cell special, Evil Juu Bei Saga, Eksearu Corrupt Saga, that’s it.

    The GT specials that took place in the 100 year gap were limited edition promotionals for the production of “Dragonball Z Ultimate” which conceived in 2001, it was to be released to the public in 2003 which was the resurgence of popularity for the series in japan, but they didn’t have the funding to show it on the network provided, and plus they were sued for creating a bootleg series that wasn’t on the market making profit off of it in blackmarket japan. Was NOT a mass production. is not common knowledge. It was an abandoned project between the third party companies and Toei. so it wasn’t released to the GENERAL PUBLIC of japan. I’m tired of getting people to understand. You have to look at the business side. America is the one with the view that “its impossible” most japanese “predict that a new series will happen” In terms of when it was made, Z Ultimate is rather “old” in terms of it being on the market, it is new. It is a bootleg to be technical, not the quality, just for the fact that its not licensed in its own country, and hasn’t been properly relesed. Whoever has them basically took from the company, made copies to whoever coughed up enough money, and there probably weren’t that many willing to pay, and it is illegal to have. Until it is OFFICIALLY released to the General Public in japan, you will have to get high connects to get it or you just won’t get it. You can’t go on a japanese site and say “oh i will put in these terms, and its gonna pop up its NOT OUT, it didnt come out. You cant ask a japanese anime fan because they know just as much as you do, or you may get lucky and stumble across a hardcore japanese fan very much like what happened with my buddy. You can’t go to a store in japan and expect to find it, that would mean it was on the market… how is that possible when it DIDN’T have a public release? If you go to the BLACKMARKET OF JAPAN, your chances are very high into finding it.

    I was already mailed the japanese script with the watermark label on it, and it is pretty much what i remember from the tapes.

  119. @ Away. A very ingenious proposition, as seeing “the average fan can’t afford such a thing. I have a big help lol. But the information you provided is very useful and I will see what i can do from my side.

    Away is about the only person that is going about it the right way. People are skeptical because the words from the company is a golden one, but this is business moreso than fandom. My point, if all of us got together and used that information to persuade them to purchase the GT promotional specials and Z Ultimate, then it can be released simultaneously globally, but the value would indeed go down. The series is full of characters that can go toe to toe with PRECON BEYONDER AND THE ONE ABOVE ALL. kind of causes problems because there will be more negative feedback on the series than positive. Unless they were to show it and stop showing it at supersaiyan 6 which destroyed a galaxy in one swipe. Ultimate means “final”, which indicates it is the final series, final powers.

    @Away you have come up with a solution my higher up contact suggested actually. We have all the information we could ever need, records, budget cuts, release dates, now for THE TAPES. Next year he is supposed to take a trip to retrieve them. He has business related to anime but he went out of his way to help me in the search, and has access to any company. It has made the search easier, but its still a difficult one. If we do it your way, it would be all good.

    We were thinking, we get the tapes, keep the originals, and give the copies to Toriyama and Toei and work something out as to where everyone could see it, but you way seems like WAYYYY less trouble. WOW.

    btw, I was reading about hoshi, people sure do jump to conclusion w/o understanding. Hoshi is supposed to be the MANGA continuation of Z where it left off with goku going to train uub. this will make GT and “alternate universe”. Hoshi is supposedly redesigning ssj4 as to how Mr. Toriyama saw it, and will be much stronger than the one in GT. Supersaiyan 5 was also mentioned, but we have to wait and see as no news has come. This was from a contact who is in the industry, so until material comes out it’s pretty much nothing else to divulge at the moment. “Hoshi” means “star” in japanese.

    Heroes is something totally different. Heroes is a cardgame, and Naho Ooishi is making “what if” scenario based on it like the ssj bardock 3 part manga special, and the newly animated shorts like the ssj3 trunks thing and the girl with the saiyan tail. its all promotion to push the cardgame. Sometimes things get mistranslated, but for now i will separate the two.

    I want z ultimate to come out because it feels like closure to me, ssj9 goku becomes true omnipotent and can’t be beat. hell, ssj6 can destroy superman prime, and world war hulk, sentry, and many other american characters. ssj8 is up there with Living tribunal, strongest form of galactus, eternity, mistress death, mad jim jaspers, strongest version of silver surfer, etc. American comics are still overpowered even bringing z ultimate into the mix lol. ssj9 goku is a true omnipotent. but so is THE one above all from MARVEL, the presence from D.C, Precon Beyonder. and there are a couple more. also anyone with the infiniti gauntlets in marvel are omnipotent. so yeah, Z Ultimate is the equivalent of high end powerful cosmic american comic characters, not bad.

  120. the only omnipotent characters in anime are Kami Tenchi with 10 lighthawkwings, and goku ssj9 from z ultimate.

    In z ultimate there are a couple people right under goku ssj9 in strenght. Rashoman (death) can defeat anyone who can die. Tentou Kai and goku ssj9 cannot die. Vegita ssj9 is a multiverse buster, but he can still be killed by someone stronger than him, but he is an exception he can beat rashoman. Fun fact, it was revealed Juu bei had a form after Super Evil Juu Bei, but he was killed before we could see it, speculation he would have been up in power with vegita ssj9 or a little stronger. Eksearu (all 3 dragons fused).

    Eksearu’s first form is as infinite as the universe itself. first form is a universe busting, reality warping cosmic being that is up there with a ssj8 in power. Second form eksearu can Create/destroy multiverses like its nothing, and is close to Ni-omnipotence.

    Tentou Kai is Omnipotent. he is up there with ssj9 vegita, stronger than vegita 9, but goku ssj9 is the strongest.

    There was a character, very strong, who can open the gates to oblivion, he is up in power with a ssj7, but he is not a warrior.

    Super Evil Cell caused goku to transform into a ssj7, enough said.

  121. @ the person who said New dragonball will flop.

    The only reason its not doing one piece numbers is because its the same material we have seen for 20 years being shows again. And its still close what a damn shame.

    If they brought out ssj5 and all the stuff i was talking about to the public, all the big 3 would be crushed instantly LMAO.

  122. Krillin’s role is not that big tbh, he battles with the rest of the warriors but after the gungir saga he and the earth level characters are pretty much killed every saga except for the Roki saga (1st saga).

    The Namekians as a race don’t play a big role, but piccolo has a very big role in Z Ultimate. He saved goku’s life in the gungir saga from a virus after hitting ssj6, and he fuses all 3 dragons together to create Eksearu (XCIOR) to defeat Evil Juu Bei (gaurdian of the universe).

    Word of advice for people who have access to companies, you can get these tapes, when you do, you cannot show them to the public (big trouble). If it was licensed it would be a diff story, unless you have the money to license it yourself that is. The show never came out to the public, but is FULLY ANIMATED (COMPLETED). ILLEGAL by all standards. I hope I can give it to funi legally and put it in their hands to dub it and show it to all LEGALLY.

  123. @Away you have come up with a solution my higher up contact suggested actually. We have all the information we could ever need, records, budget cuts, release dates, now for THE TAPES. Next year he is supposed to take a trip to retrieve them. He has business related to anime but he went out of his way to help me in the search, and has access to any company. It has made the search easier, but its still a difficult one. If we do it your way, it would be all good.

    Yo, Vincent. Have you and your people ever doubt about starting a unreleased Dragon Ball GT movies /Z Ultimate series facebook and Twitter page to get the awareness out. There’s lot of DB fans on facebook and twitter, It won’t take long for the message to get out. You can also setup an Paypal donation account fund to get the fans to help you and your people bring the tapes back to the U.S. I see this being the best way of doing this.

  124. vincent can u plz describe how ssj5 -9 look like i have a friend in asia he said he had watched the series and that he saw ssj7! but he said he saw it a long time ago thats the main reason i believe you! thnx for taking the time to answer my questions

  125. I Don’t even have them yet, and @Needtapes did you read anything I said?

    It never came out in japan because it was an abandoned project. No official release, but it is fully animated and complete, never finalized which means they are most likely on beta tapes.

    Only way to get them:

    Know someone who has access to companies.

    Have lots of money

    Promise the person not to show these publically (confidential agreement)

    Japanese blackmarket ( NOT the internet, Anime Stores, or DB fansites)

    There WON’T be any info about something that never came out. It is very difficult to get something like this.

  126. @ Unknown, Mugen is a fighting game program that allows you to make your own fighting game and add your own sprites (characters), and is fanmade right from home.

  127. @ Away, I have, but the problem is we need evidence. W/o evidence, there is no substance to claims. We just have knowledge, and the scripts.

    We want to show it in a way where nobody gets in trouble. He was telling me there is no garuntee he will obtain them because if it was scrapped, whoever has them by now has them and thats it there might not be any left over. There is one original set probably, and people were making copies, so its a bootleg. He said even if we find it, It will probably not be all the episodes, but I think he will find it all.

    As for the other GT movies, he said he is more focused on Ultimate and trying to revive CN so that Funi and CN can team up to reboot toonami, and then possibly show z ultimate on there if he manages to buy it. That way, everyone can watch it w/0 getting in trouble.

  128. unknown, Z Ultimate is OLD, if your friend saw it it had to be a long time ago. it was made in 2001, but ended in 05. Never came out to the public.

    ssj5 hair was red like gogeta 4, but it had white streaks in the hair, and fur was red too, and blue electricity, and aura gold sometimes looks red.

    ssj6 is the biggest form, bigger than brolli, the hair is whitish purple, longer than 3 (they fight in space only from this point on)

    ssj7 was only seen once in a special where cell came back, but if i can remember, the Hair is like 6, but is multi colored.

    ssj8 I remember, the hair flashed constantly different colors like a star specturm, like hyper sonic in sonic 3 back in the day.

    I havent had the opportunity to see ssj9 or Eksearu or Tentou Kai, but I hope we do.

    what did your friend tell you??

    I heard stories i found funny, this guy at the anime store said “yeah, when i lived in japan they had continued the series just over here in certain prefectures, and GT went up to ssj7. ssj8 and 9 are in z ultimate. LMAO he was trying to correct me…………

  129. Also, don’t ignore naho ooishi’s projects with:

    Dragonball SD

    Dragonball Heroes Cardgame (she made a bardock ssj manga special)

    Remake to “Eradicate the saiyajin” the 1993 playdia game. Seen now on “Raging Blast 2”

    2008 Jump Anime tour special “yo!Son Goku and friends Return!

    Hoshi was information that leaked w/o being announced. Hoshi is supposedly going to be the manga sequel to Z, and a subsequent anime is supposed to follow afterward. As far as I know, this has yet to be confirmed.

    (Most likely, the Heroes cardgame will get even more popular and they may do an animated special on it, or make a dragonball online show spinoff. Or something totally brand new. I haven’t heard of anything yet this is just speculation….)シェンロン

  130. Is there anyone who knows how to access the deepweb (invisible web) on a JAPANESE server that can find them? Blackmarket Japan on the deepweb you will find it if you look hard enough.

  131. Hey, it’s been a while, but wanted to clear the information correctly.

    1. The gt specials (evil goku, z18, vulcan, etc) were done by the same gt team with a couple different writers. The evil goku special was the only one animated, but it was in beta stage quality abd and scored poorly with the private screenings amongst some of the Japanese prefectures. Toei decided not to put them on the market. Never got released. The other gt specials were scrapped, but they still have the scripts and concepts.

    2. In 1999, Toei hired studio susaano to create a series after gt called Dragonball ultimate not z ultimate, but it took the roots from the first 2 series and expanded upon gt retconning the goku jr special. Susaano placed ultimate in between gt’s 100 year timeskip.

    3. In early 2001 they animated the first saga (rota saga), and to follow gungir saga, then evil juubei saga. In 2003, toei and ganymede had financial disputes and toei gave ultimate the boot, pulling out investments to invest in the naruto anime adaption which aired on tv tokyo.

    Another studio ganymede picked the project up (susaano gave them the scripts) and continued with the 4th saga ekusearu corrupt saga. (Ssj9)

    This saga was never animated as ganymede didn’t have the budget, and Toei caught wind of this and quickly threatened to sue ganymede for trying to make funds off their intellectual property. So that was it for ultimate.

    The 3 sagas that were animated were scrapped, and never reached final production for a market release.

    4. Our contact learned all this from toeis coo of that time period, and had a meeting with toei in 2012. The meeting was funimation offering to invest in a possible remake for dragonball ultimate.

    The company (Toei) only offered a deal because we offered money, but they weren’t interested in reviving a scrapped project that didn’t promise it would break even or make back more than they wanted.

    Their arguement is that Japan loves db heroes and its making alot of money, and that Bird studio and toriyama are working on new dragonball material (bog, fukkatsu no f, continuation of z, xenoverse, etc).

    They said if battle of gods exceeds expectations they would take the deal to make ultimate.

    In 2013, we got the call and toei said straight up “at this time, more dragonball are being worked on, ultimate will have to take a hiatus because it’s not a high priority project.”

    In 2014, we learned susaano is one of Toeis many inhouse animation studios.

    We talked with them, they answered our questions about ultimate, but expressed its up to Toei or Toriyama to make a move. No matter how much they want to see it out. They said there is always a chance though, since the series is expanding different universes.

    5. In 2013, Toriyama was informed about the gt and ultimate series, he inquired about a possible manga but nothing further has been done.

    Then we noticed some of the material from ultimate is bleeding into the current projects we see today.

    First, the announcement of gokus mother gine in dragonball minus chapter in “jaco galactic patrolman”.

    There was a special in ultimate about gokus mom (parilla) and father (garando) and she was a warrior and saves bardock.

    In db minus, she is not a fighter, and works at the meat district.

    2. In heroes, we saw ssj3 Adult Gotenks and its the same design as in ultimate.

    Also, female ssj in heroes (also in ultimate with the ssj6 neith female saiyajin in a special, and pan goes ssj.)

    3. Towa from xenoverse, she looks like rota from the first saga in ultimate, and does majic like rota (rota is much stronger though).

    4. Ssjg (hyperbole) but the beginning of a low end cosmic form. Same path as ultimate. More about the kaioshin as well.

    Off topic, in 2015, we learned that toriyama is trying to franchise his series like pokemon and retire, leaving naho ooishi, toyotaro (toyble dbaf who makes db heroes official manga in v jump), and word is youngjiji may be added to bird.

    Forgot to mention, when susaano was on hiatus from onepiece, they told us they replaced the ekusearu corrupt saga and made super evil god juubei saga instead because ganymede owned the rights to that 1 saga, and also ssj9 goku and ssj9 vegita, ekusearu final form, and wanted a whole shows price for 1 saga.

    So now currently, we haven’t heard from them.

    But, from the information we know, we will watch the material that comes out to determine the chance of ultimates release, and to see how much of its material will bleed into the main storyline. They have only taken from specials so thats okay, but when they take from sagas then ultimate has no chance of coming out.

  132. Also, I was told if a company were to invest Toei animation to cover most of the budget cost to make ultimate, then it would be no issue.

    The biggest issue now is the supposed manga continuation of z which will be short.

    The z manga would take priority over ultimate.

    Heroes takes priority over ultimate and its an arcade game.

    When these things die down ultimate has a chance of releasing, but we have to support the material we have coming.

    Heroes mini series (maybe) based off the victory mission manga.

    More specials, etc, we have to respond positively.

    The only fans toei and toriyama are catering to is the japanese fans. So we have to show our support in america so we can have more leverage.

    Thanks again,

    If you have questions about ultimate email me at vmgomez87@gmail.com

  133. So it looks like Bird will finally be releasing Ultimate to the American public; later this year or 2020. Too bad for all those who doubted me.
    From what my sources say, the issue will be getting the entire series. The ending will not has not been translated for subs yet. It’s okay with me because I have the tapes. I will probably release them online for streaming so look out.

  134. I made many mistakes in the past.

    First off, after Dbgt episode 64 and 1 goku jr tv special, the tv series ended in 1997.

    What Toei Animation never explained is that in 1998 (which was the 10th anniversary for dragonball “saikyo e no michi”), Toei used a different inhouse team to expand upon content that never made it into the original Dbgt tv series in the form of “episodic specials” or “burst sagas”.

    Inhouse referred to them as Dragonball GT :Extended but it’s technically still GT. These specials were intended to be about the life of the Z warriors in the absence of son goku and the dragonballs. Relying on their own powers to protect the cosmos and earth.

    Due to the poor performance and bad stigma of dbgt, Toei got cold feet and decided to create an Evil Goku ssj5 special to bring the fans back in.

    This was also in between the 100 year timeskip (roughly 10 years after evil shenlong saga). It had gohan SSJ4, vegeta SSJ4, adult gotenks ssj3, Zeiga was the beginning villain until goku went evil after his return in episode 2 (there are 6 episodes, each around 45 minutes in duration).

    These were Tested first inhouse in 1998, then they had a couple “private screen events” where the staff family and friends signed NDA agreements. The special never was properly released or put on the market because of low test scores.

    The main issue was turning the main protagonist evil which is not popular in Japan. Also, the plot device of new items called “crystal dragonballs” , which were supposed to negate the negative energy out the dragonballs, then shatter as a 1 time use. Each ball stored in a different dimension of kami tower with a guardian protecting each one. The issue with this is they could have solved the entire Evil Shenlong Saga with this.

    The reason goku went evil was because he still had earth’s dragonballs in his body which still had negative energy stored in them. His ssj5 transformation (red hair/red fur) triggered the dark energy in the dragonballs, which in turn triggered his saiyajin programming as an infant to eradicate all life on earth. The bump on his head also healed as a result, returning his violent nature and memories of programming (a callback to the original dragonball).

    The evil goku specials are the only ones out of the GT extended specials that were animated. There were 4 more to my knowledge.

    Dbgt extended specials;

    Evil Son Goku Ssj5 -(Aku no Son Goku)


    Z18- (about the Myuuta virus or “M-virus” which only affects machine mutants and makes them stronger if infected. Makes it’s way to penguin village and infects eighter who becomes stronger than ssj2 gohan from cell games which was stated. Later infects android 18 who was stronger than SSJ4 gohan and SSJ4 vegeta. Later android 17 makes a cameo and also becomes infected and joins 18)

    Trunten special -(adult goten and adult trunks fuse with potara ear rings into “Adult Trunten” . They fight a villain on an endangered planet and become reveared warriors on this world (funny special).

    Chanta, the first hero- Chanta was the first hero of universe 7, and an enemy deka wants to bring him back to rule the universe with chanta under his control, disguising himself as chantas best friend kuremin.

    Instead of dragonballs, Deka makes someone in the town use an artifact called “dragonsoul” (which kills the user after the wish, the earths dragonballs are gone at this point with goku, and piccolo took the blackstar dragonballs with him to hell, which is why he decided to blow up with the earth in GT and become hells guardian until his return in Ultimate.)

    SSJ4 gohan, SSJ4 vegeta, adult gotenks, the z SENSHI could not beat Chanta. Eventually the real kuremin shows up and defeats Deka and breaks Chanta out of the trance.

    The other 4 GT specials outside the evil gokus were only ever in the “pre production” stages. When Toei pulled the plug on evil gokus, the other specials were scrapped.

    There was an official “cease and desist” inhouse order to abandon all GT related productions.

    In short, Toei had plans to Expand GT in 1998 with the vision of franchising it, much like “Dragonball Heroes is today, but failed at a second attempt to revive GT and never told us about it because of NDA.
    There was also a local studio magazine that was discontinued in the late 90’s that had an article on it as well. Also, there was something called a “pachinko machine” that had the dark goku ssj5 on it with the TOEI watermark label in certain arcades around 1998-1999 that were pulled out once it was decided to cancel.

    Also, I will be able to clarify everything in 2023.

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