Halo 2 Tip: Stop Dropping Out of Games

Here’s a typical game of Halo 2, if you blindly get matched into a “Big Team Battle”: You start to play a round. One of the two teams loses that first round. The “cry-baby” gamers from the losing team drop out of the game, leaving a team very shorthanded.

Why are people such dicks? Genetics, probably, but thankfully Bungie punishes those that have to live with a head in the shape of a penis tip:

Q: Does it count as a loss if I quit out of a ranked game early? A: Yes. You automatically get last place.

Don’t be a Deathmatch dick!

2 thoughts on “Halo 2 Tip: Stop Dropping Out of Games”

  1. I’m Donut 04 as a tribute to RedVsBlue – well, before they made Donut such a GIRL – b/c I’m always the idiot that runs into the base and accidentally gets the flag :)

    I’m ranked like a 1 on Team Slayer… I suck at shooting people… I’m ranked a solid 11 at Big Team Battles (meaning that I’ve fallen to 10 and climbed back yet haven’t seen 12!)

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