Feature Request: Notebook Makers

For the love of God… can notebook makers spend a little bit more money – like an extra $5 per model – for parts and the design of a keyboard? You know, one that a ham-hock-handed user can pound on and not be heard typing on from 30 feet away? Especially while sitting in a conference room… and constantly distracting everyone around you because ya can’t hear the speaker over the constant clanking?! Is your email that fuckin’ important?!?!?!


Every conference should be available by remote video. This kinda crap is worse than the movies!

3 thoughts on “Feature Request: Notebook Makers”

  1. Or how about a feature request for users of laptops: if you’re not capable of typing unobtrusively, don’t type at all in a meeting.

    It’s possible the person was doing something related to the meeting — like taking notes — but there’s a good chance the ham-fisted noisemaker was doing work that had nothing to do with the meeting at all.

    That leads to my second feature request: if you’re not going to pay attention, get out the room.

    Or maybe we can convince the company to buy these keyboards[1] for everyone….

    [1]: http://www.fingerworks.com/lp_product.html

  2. I’d agree with you on the taking notes, but it was at odd times during the talk… when a new slide popped up there was frantic typing on all sides – this was when there was a demo going on.

    I’m notorious for typing in meetings for a combination of taking notes and keeping an eye on my test cases that are running in a lab – but I’m also not loud at my keys. I can hear my office mate’s keyboard through my headphones yet I never hear mine – that’s my acid test for sound :)

    And yeah, the gestureboard might be an option too! (more than $5 tho)

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