An Unlikely Proclimation

I don’t really like the term Killer App, but I feel I have to use it this one time, cuz I want an application that could make the PSP a very nifty gadget… and it’s not that I don’t want to use the term “killer” or think that one app could create gazillions of dollars at the expense of every other competitor… it just reminds me of every marketing person that I’ve ever worked with and didn’t like. To the people that I’m thinking of, everything had to be a “home run” or it wasn’t worth doing; they forgot that four small singles also make a run, so there should always be room for non-killer apps in the world.

Anyway, it’s not just an idea for a Killer App, but it’s an application that I can’t code which bugs the shit outta me… I don’t like having digitial ideas that I can’t work on, but that’s exactly the case here. The PSP is a completely new platform with a new-to-me compiler and I know dick about streaming video feeds, so I have to just say that I want it and wait for someone else to code it.

Give me a module that can sit somewhere in my media-connected house and broadcast TV via WiFi to my PSP. It doesn’t have to be a tuner app… in fact, I’d like it to live after my cable box decodes the feed so I can watch premium channels in hand. Basically, I’d like to turn on my TV, put on a channel, and then carry the show with me – in real time (no TiVio like functions required) – on the PSP should I decide to leave the room. Like if I went to the kitchen, I could drop the PSP into it’s docking cradle and leave it there while I cooked. I mean, the PSP has more than enough quality for the screen – for UMD movies it’s simply a WOW thing – stereo sound, and WiFi built-in – just needs a “media player” and a broadcaster (a la Airport Extreme-for-video or an add on to a Media PC). Even include a WEP type key so the RIAA and the FCC can’t get all pissy over broadcasting piracy or whatever the hell they whine about.

Anyone else think that would just kick ass? It would certainly kick the shit outta the pet-a-dog thing that Nintendo DS is getting press for… that much I know…

Who’s got the bits?

4 thoughts on “An Unlikely Proclimation”

  1. For the client, OK, cool… there’s source so someone should be able to hack up a PSP version.

    But then what about the “streaming” server? And the following technologies are not applicable: TiVo, ReplayTV, and [MCE or anything else that requires a PC or Mac]. I’m talking about a simple dumb WiFi or LAN oriented box that can be plugged into the chain of cable, just before the TV… something very AirPort-ish.

  2. Yep – saw it released yesterday… my plan is to wait until the base station drops in price before picking one up.

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