Seattle PI: Tainted gasoline causes rush for repairs – Some Western Washington auto-repair shops are being flooded with complaints of cars running roughly after reports of bad gasoline hitting the market. ConocoPhillips is warning that a batch of gas from its Ferndale refinery distributed to … one of the roughly 300 ConocoPhillips stations in Western Washington, which operate under the name 76. Gasoline stations that operate under other names could have received the gas as well … as many as 14 Western Washington counties was contaminated with a chemical compound that clogs fuel injectors.

Thankfully, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a 76. For some reason, they always seem to be rather pricy. Chevron too for that matter. I typically go to Arco: even though they have a 35 cent surcharge per visit for using your ATM card – which pisses some people off, but rarely have cash handy – they are often 15-20 cents less per gallon. Even so… scary stuff.

Besides, I don’t even think my Wrangler has fuel injectors.

8 thoughts on “Yikes!”

  1. Maybe your comment about fuel injectors is a joke, but I don’t think you’ve been able to buy a new car with a carburetor — and those are your choices: fuel injectors or carburetors — since the late eighties.

  2. Arco rules. I heard the gas isn’t the best for your car though. I don’t know a whole lot about that. All I know is, it’s cheap…I’m not about to go to a shell and spend over 3 dollars for a gallon of gas. I drive a piece of crap as it is.

  3. Actually, I dunno that it’s a joke. It’s a 95 Wrangler, but it’s very very old school. The Wrangler didn’t get Chryslerified until 97 – mine is a YJ which has been the same model from 83-ish to 95. Hell, it’s got a cable that runs thru the firewall into the engine area – like an old fashioned go-cart. So I honestly dunno. For an inline 4, I think it’s got a lil Flintstone’s birdy moving gas in lil buckets. Or somtehing.

  4. I did a bit of searching and, according to the Wikipedia entry on fuel injection, the 1990 Subaru Justy was the last passenger car sold in the US without fuel injection.

    So you’ve got fuel injection.

  5. Hm. I wonder if the Wrangler is aware of that it has fuel injection… it’s certainly not peppy.. DOH! Maybe it’s been clogged already!

  6. Hah! After digging around on MSN Autos, yes my 2.5L 123hp 4-cyl engine does have Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection. It also looks like the ONLY optional equipment in the thing is the casette deck, which is still Jeep-branded… just an optional part off the line… that and there’s not ONE “additional” safety feature that my model has – guess it’s good that it’s only 123hp. Even scarier that the Jetta has 200hp and is only 200 pounds heavier. Jeesh.

  7. Your ’95 Wrangler has fuel injection, Bosch pintle type injectors / fuel rail. They stopped using carbs on the YJ’s in ’89 – incidentally, your ’95 is the last year of the style, and there is no ’96 Wrangler – they started again with the ‘TJ’ in ’97 ( Which is also fuel injected in a very similar fashion).

  8. Indeed. Knew about the TJ in 97 (and the YJ replacing the CJ) – just never got under the hood for it :)

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