Jackson Verdict

Yeah, yeah, I know, over done and all, but I’m watching the live coverage and just chuckled at what’s going on. MJ is late to court – due to traffic – so the reporters have free air to fill. And are doing it in true TV News fashion: inane babble at it’s finest.

One thing of interest is has been a comments from one guy… “the reporters out here are worried about what might happen if Michael is found guilty of anything… the fans are so devoted to MJ and they’re convinced that the media hasn’t treated him fairly – the members of the press are concerned about what violence might break out if a guilt verdict is read!”

Personally, I think MJ will be found guilty of giving alcohol to a minor – which in truth is very European of him – and will walk on the rest. Americans have the right to be freaks and being a freak doesn’t make you a criminal. Being a criminal makes you a criminal. Of course, I also don’t think there’s an innocent side to this case: both parties are guilty of something bad in my eyes.

Hey, MJ fans, if you do riot, please don’t burn your own city, but feel free to smack around any reporters with a Nerf bat – I’m sure that they deserve it for something.

2 thoughts on “Jackson Verdict”

  1. Wow. Cleared on all ten counts…

    So, now if Al Sharpton starts running around talking about people not getting a fair trial, he should be GLAD for that :)

  2. Wheeeee…we live in a country where the insanely rich insane people can get away with complete pervation as well as murder (OJ). Aren’t we proud?? I know I’m not. Everyone involved in getting that bastard acquitted deserves to be locked up. They are all insane. The moms of these kids should all be burned with some type of chemical, I don’t care. It all makes me sick. The whole senario makes me want to puke on myself and roll in it afterwards. Yeah. I know that’s gross. I don’t care about that either. Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care, etc. Blah blah, excuse me, I need to go mess myself now.

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