One of the most commonly asked questions about SharpKeys is “can I remap a shift-key to another key” – something that wants to move only a modified part of a key… like leave 5 where it is but remap %. Since SharpKeys simply exposes the built-in remapping technology of Windows, and Windows only remaps whole keys, this is something that is impossible with SharpKeys.

However, DownloadSquad has found AutoHotKey. This remaps keys on an application by application basis and does a whole lotta stuff… it’s also open source and free, and according to DownloadSquad, rather Geek-centric.

Might be an alternative if whole key remapping doesn’t help ya out.

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  1. 1.9 Power Saving

    Microsoft recommends: “i8042-based keyboards should deploy the following scan codes for power management buttons, i.e., POWER and SLEEP buttons:

    Set-1 make/break Set-2 make/break

    Power e0 5e / e0 de e0 37 / e0 f0 37

    Sleep e0 5f / e0 df e0 3f / e0 f0 3f

    Wake e0 63 / e0 e3 e0 5e / e0 f0 5e

    you don’t have all of these so power buttons are not blocked -which is what i want to do, bad position on keyboard always turning my computer off when i don’t need to.

  2. Thank you very much for mentioning this program. It helped me to make functional numeric keypad with IBM Thinkpad notebook – these notebooks have one weakness – when you press the NumLk button on the external keypad, NumLk is activated also on the main keyboard – this means, that you don´d write “jim”, but “150” instead, which is very unplesant behavior.

  3. Damn, actually, is anyone really good with this AutoHotKey program? It seems like you can’t make remapped mouse keys “hold down” a key. Like, if I map RightClick to A, and I click and hold RightClick, it’ll type one ‘a’ and stop, instead of repeatedly typing them. The problem with this, is during games, AutoHotKey thinks I just tapped the ‘A’ key (so my guy moves forward a 1/2 step and stops) instead of holding it down like I’m really doing.

  4. It seems like a great tool (I am trying it now). Is it possible to have “profiles” setup for different remapping scenarios? I use the program to remap keys for games and some games I require different keys. Is there a way to have “mappings A” and “mappings B”, etc?

  5. @ Dave

    You can have different mappings by saving to different ini files and opening them when you need to change to a different mapping. The ini files are basically a profile, and can be changed whenever you feel like it.

  6. I’ve been looking for a keyboard without the “Caps lock” and it looks like your info could be very helpful. Thanks.

    The keyboard I’m seeking is the one used before computers – in other words, the one secretaries and reporters have used almost forever.

    In the alternative, a current type keyboard with the “lock caps” button not functioning, AND the shift key that would lock the caps. Can anyone point me in the right direction or have instructions for this? TIA & Cheers!

  7. Would there be similiar softwear in the reverse order? For example, is there a way to make it when I press 5, windows reads it as pressing “ctrl+5” instead?

  8. I see some recent activity in the comments here. Autohotkey has been improving since this was originally posted.

    “Damn, actually, is anyone really good with this AutoHotKey program?”

    Yes there are a few people at the forums who are amazing with it. They are also very helpful in the forums at

    Literally everything mentioned here can be done.

    basic remapping looks like this

    a::b ; a is b

    b::a ; b is a yes you need both

    However this looks like a bug;

    “hold RightClick, it’ll type one a ”

    a::LButton ; works to hold down the mouse

    LButton::a ; does not repeat the a when held down

    I will check bug reports to see if Chris knows.

    ‘when I press 5, windows reads it as pressing “ctrl+5″‘


    for something like Joyce was wanting

    CapsLock::return ; capslock disabled

    LShif::CapsLock ; remap left shift as the capslock

    In a similar manner to prevent “help”


    Here is a catalog of “all” scripts you should find useful stuff there

    One great script is 320MPH – Ultra Fast Anything-Launcher by Rajat

    see you at the forums


  9. I’m new to scripting and I need help doing the following with AutoHotkeys.

    1) a way to disable the numlock key

    2) a way to disable the shift+numpad functions

    3) a way to loop a key continuously as long as I hold it down.

  10. I’m looking for keyboard remapping software that will allow me to type the left side of the keyboard by holding down the space bar and typing the same finger position key with the right hand. Basically, I’m trying to simulate this keyboard ( without paying $600 for it–and without giving up my wirelessness. Any joy?

    ~ Susan

  11. Thanks!! Now my ” key actually works! So does my @ key (I have mac pro keyboard and am British – I think mac uses US layout??) I prefer the keys to do what they say anyway THANKS!! It’s just a shame you need AMOTHER tray icon(program has to be running when you close it all changes REVERT) Oh well I’ll add it to startup.

  12. Hey, Randy: Thank you for sharpkeys… now I am looking at your changelog, but i am not sure how to apply it… are there instructios?…

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