iPod nano


*w00t* *w00t* … *w00t*

*w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t* *w00t*

My sister and brother-in-law sent me an iPod nano, in what I must believe to be a post-wedding euphoric dellirum! Either that or they want another mass reading come Christmas time… Phear.

It’s shiny. It’s black and matches my PSP. It’s 4GB. It’s wicked thin. Like, “I’ve never lost an iPod but I will fear that I could leave this thing in a pair of pants and end up throwing in the wash” thin and light. In fact, it’s so freakin thin, I think it’s thinner than a UMD disc.

Mental note to self: do not put in a pocket, ever. Oh, and get an arm clip – screw the FM band, the Rio player is retired – and a dock. Must have a dock. *swoon*

And as is normal for me, it’s already got a small scratch on the center button and a smear on the wheel – it happened as I was pulling off the safety stickers – but this is a good thing. Throughout the years of owning Pocket PCs, SmartPhones, and MP3 players, the bestestestest thing you can do for your own sanity is to put the first scratch on it yourself. This accomplishes two things: a) you don’t spend hundreds of dollars on cases and protective thingies and b) you did the damage on your own, so you don’t have to hate anyone else for it.

Same thing is true of new cars: put the first ding in it yourself and you’ll live longer.

Know what though?

*w00t!* *w00t!* *w00t!* I got a nano! *w00t!* *w00t!* *w00t!*


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