Are. Tea. Emm.

RTM. Three letters that have taken over two years to put on a label, and sixteen months of my own time, but it’s been printed. It’s been posted. It’s available to MSDN Subscribers. It’ll be on store shelves in November.

Visual Studio 2005 has launched.

2 thoughts on “Are. Tea. Emm.”

  1. Oh I didn’t forget about it, so much as it doesn’t impact my direct live as much. Sorta. I mean I’ve had to test a couple of things from their install and all, but I don’t run it often… I actually use VS. Sorta like how I feel about a new version of Word versus Excel – I USE Word ;)

    Anyhow, I’m sure that Xena is crying in pain as we speak… at least, I would be if I was her :D

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