FeedDemon Support?

Odd that I never thought to try this before, but it’s looking like SharpMT supports FeedDemon’s integration. At least the Release Candidate version of 3.0 that I’m running with does; don’t know about 2.6.

Anyway, to be able to blog from within FeedDemon, go to the Blog Publishing Tools under the Tools menu on FeedDemon. Add a new Tool and use the browse button to find SharpMT – odds are this is at “C:\Program Files\RandyRants.com\SharpMT\SharpMT.exe”. Once you have the right location, add /plug-in to the end of it… this meand that in the Command Line text box you should see:

C:\Program Files\RandyRants.com\SharpMT\SharpMT.exe /plug-in

Click OK because you’re done: whenever you select “Blog this News Item” from within FeedDemon the entire item will appear in SharpMT.

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