Reuters: Electronics retailer RadioShack Corp. on Tuesday said that it has agreed to sell Apple Computer Inc.’s iPods, adding the popular music player to its shelves.

I’ve got nothing against this – seeing as my local Radio Shack is a hell of a lot closer than my local Apple store – but it makes me wonder. If this deal was made twenty years ago, the iPod would have become the “Tandy Music Player” or something cheesy. Back then Tandy often re-sold popular products but they would rebrand anything they sold, then often offered at a slightly higher price… was comical but it must have worked for them at one time – after all they did it for years, and they weren’t alone in this practice… Sears did the same thing, back in the day. If I remember correctly there was a re-branded version of both the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision consoles and yep, they were both “Sears” machines. Must have made sense to someone.

I wonder what Apple’s comment would be if Tandy attempted to rebrand the iPod… *smirk*

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