Phishing: +1 Cunning

Just got an email from Amazon, about the 50″ Plasma TV that I ordered from Tiger Direct… wait, I didn’t order a Plasma TV from Amazon. Or from Tiger Direct. Whew! It knows it might not be me:

If you are not aware of this item being bought on your account, Please visit the link below and

reactivate your account status:

It’s a phishing scam, obviously, but it’s an impressive one. Since most people have caught onto the “Your account has been suspended – log on to fix it!” scam, they’re one upped themselves… this one uses a lie within a lie to get you to click through to the mocked up Amazon login page.

My parents wouldn’t stand a chance.

One thought on “Phishing: +1 Cunning”

  1. You are tellin’ me, my parents too click on just about anything. The same goes for most users at my job.

    I just saw one from PayPal that would fool a lot of people.

    Keep up the good work.

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