Xbox Update: New Gamer Tag

Donut 04 D0nut o1 is no more!

Thanks to a new option in the 360 dashboard, I’m now D0NUT O1 Randy No Arms! Well, d0nut o1 for those that are l33t-ly challenged:

It’s neat actually… you use 800 points – and since there’s 1600 points per pre-paid card at $20/card it costs about $10 – to make the change on the 360 and it’s effective instantly. For my old Xbox, I had to go through Account Recovery – which is always scary since I never remember which credit card I used or if my address information is up to date – but that worked too. That was it.


16 thoughts on “Xbox Update: New Gamer Tag”

  1. Heh. It was cheaper than the price of a movie ticket (for me) to change it :) Good call on the links page tho – fergot about that one!

  2. If you wernot working for MS I would be telling not to spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need.

    You still havn’t fixed the link

    Boy boy I am glad I’m not your mother though. You though away $10 when much of the world lives on less than that a day…

  3. Alright *Tim*…(cough). First of all. It’s 10 bucks. TEN dollars. I am hard at spending money, but for god’s sake man, TEN DOLLARS? I think ten dollars is well worth the change in his name on xbox live. Most people, when they want a change purchase an account costing anywhere between like, 30-50 bucks. I know. I did it twice.

    Gambling (when you’re good at it) makes money, FYI. Wether or not Randy is good at it isn’t anyone’s busniness unless he divulges it…but that’s his perogative. I don’t see how gambling and a 10 dollar gamertag have anything to do with eachother anyway.

    You want his stats right now? Go to and type in his new gamertag. Lazy bum.

    (Sheesh) more thing. People who live on 10 dollars a day are making that choice. :)

  4. My mother gave up trying to give me spending tips when I was 6, at least when it came to technology. If anything, I give her spending tips when it comes to food.

    Besides, been to a bar lately? $10 is a drink and a quarter these days, unless it’s beer and then it’s two and a half beers. *shrug*

  5. yes but I still don’t see the point in a name change… I mean you wouldn’t pay 10 bucks to change the strt button on windows to the part button would you? I mean the name change to mee looks like throwing away money that’s all;)

  6. Why not? Especially since it’s a new feature that wasn’t available before? I mean you’re entitled to your opinion – you’re just wrong :)

  7. Tim, I can tell you know nothing about anything when it comes to xbox live…OR you might just not get it. Your gamertag is almost as important as your rank. It tells a lot about you. Donut 04 was much more blah than D0NUT 01. It’s the difference between eating a sandwich without provalone, then putting the provalone on it. Oh wait. You’re not willing to spend 10 bucks on a new gamertag…I doubt you’d be willing to shell out some extra cash for some fancy cheese. Provalone’s not even that fancy. BUT, I bet it is for you. *nyah*

  8. this is becoming an idiot vs businessman argument

    The businessman invests in image to up sales while the idiot pay’s the businessman to improve his image

  9. So I’m an idiot for using my own company’s own products? Or for helping to advertise a product to support my own investments in the stock market?

    Sounds like a smart businessman to me, either way ya look at it. I think I’ll go play some Madden.

  10. Tim, this is NOT an idiot/businessman senario. If anything, Randy got a little more than a good deal on the name change.

    I refuse to continue any longer on this.

  11. I was just wondering how to use the account recovery method to change my gamertag on original xbox. I tried but it just recovered my misspelled account. EvilRenagagade!!! It was suposed to be EvilRenagade

  12. To my knowledge, you can’t change a gamertag on the original Xbox – only the 360. Of course, if you change it on the 360 it ripples through to the Xbox… at least mine did.

    I’d call 1-800-4MY-XBOX and see what they say.

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