Blurry Vision

I can’t focus. The ongoing “fury” of the referees from the Super Bowl continues… looks like it’s not just Seattle-ites that are pissed about it – I’ve heard that the media has picked up the story and reported enough about it that the NFL plans to have a statement. Guys? Don’t do it. Unless you’re going to make the whole game a do-over or have uncovered that the refs have been bought – a la the 1919 White Sox and from Tommy’s research, it should be a cheap buy – nothing, and I mean nothing, you say can help the situation. “Bad calls? That’s football!” is not going to help matters any. Just shut up and wait for Super Bowl XLI and make sure it never happens again.

And what the fuck, Pittsburgh? You won the game and you burn your own city? In celebratation? What the hell is wrong with you people? You yellow pants wearing jackasses. Grow up.

Then there’s the cartoon thing. That shows no sign of going away quietly… the radical and militant Muslims have grabbed hold of it now and are helping to spin it out of control. Attacking governments over what independent newspapers print will only end in chaos and bloodshed. It’s only a matter of time until we get sucked into it. People should be kissing Bush’s hairy bean bag for once – if he keeps his sights on local issues, he can’t bumble it, and that’s a wonderful blessing in this debacle. Yesterday I read a story on Reuters about one of the protests that had a lot of “Death to America” signs flying… Um, they know that we’re not in this debacle, right? Our state department be out there with that message, I think.

Yep: no focus whatsoever.

2 thoughts on “Blurry Vision”

  1. It’s their fault it was 10 and not 16 – they shoulda made the two field goals… and they didn’t have their A game on Sunday. But I’m STILL thankful for the season they gave us – they played well all season.

    What I’m suggesting to the NFL is to simply let the ref’s bumbling go… don’t try to rationalize it or explain it or sugar coat it – just let it go. Anything else – like the Steeler’s QB on Letterman admitting that he didn’t get into the end zone – will simply make it worse.

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