Enough Already: Shooting Edition

What the hell? Cheney causes a hunting accident and there’s suddenly “the people have a right to know” debate? How do you figure that? I mean, is there even a reason to bring that kinda statement up? Think of it this way: if he were bowling and someone was standing behind him and got hit with the ball, would that be “news”? If he was at a batting cage and the bat slipped back enough to hit someone in the cage, would that be “news”? If they were playing golf and the dude didn’t get off the fairway when Chaney shouted Fore! and he got clipped, would that be “news”? It would be a joke to be replayed on SNL – shouldn’t be “news”… not for days and days.

They were hunting. The dude that got shot moved out of position without announcing himself – as he was supposed to – and got shot. There doesn’t need to be a cover up for this, because it’s not news. If the Veep was hunting quail and shot him with a silencer or melee’d him until he bled, that would be news. Of course now there will be some kinda of investigation and the press will try to shine some light on Cheney’s prostate… I don’t care, either way. I just can’t believe there’s a “right to information” issue being kicked around here. It defies logic.

The bigger news here should be the lobby for the NRA – if they were really that powerful, shouldn’t the Veep have been lugging an AK-47 for hunting or something? Just a shotgun?

Someone’s check musta bounced…

8 thoughts on “Enough Already: Shooting Edition”

  1. He was carrying a shotgun because that’s the most effective weapon for shooting quail. It fires a spray of pellets in a wide pattern. It means you don’t need to aim very well and, individually, the pellets don’t carry enough energy to do much more than kill the quail.

    A rifle would require far more skill and the bullet would tear something the size of a quail into an unrecoverable mess.

    Aren’t tangents the purpose of comments?

  2. Indeed.

    I just had a mental image from The Distinguished Gentleman, where Eddie Murphy and some congressmen are hunting for ducks with an NRA lobbiest… using AK47’s :D

  3. imagin if it had been the other way around…

    All I can say is my hippy parents were sad that cheny won’t get in trouble

    I think that would be silly if he did

  4. heh – there’s some people out there that are saying he should be in trouble for hunting small defenseless birdies. That one just makes me chortle.

  5. I miss the good ‘ol days when Gerry Ford would slice or hook his golf swing and smack somebody in the head with a golf ball. It was always caught on tape and broadcast the same day on the evening news.

    Anyone up for golf control? ;-)

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