Washington-ism #2: d1gg t3h l33t

I just spent five minutes circling for a place to park at my building at work, as if it was Saturday afternoon at a mall. Ironic, since I had left campus to stop by the mall during lunch, where there was more than enough parking. It’s become clear to me that the general rule of thumb is if there are supposed to be people somewhere there will be a lot of them – no half way. I guess Geek reproduce like rabbits, when kept to one region.

I was happily reading a book on the elliptical at the gym, when someone got on the machine directly to my right. I looked over and noticed a bit of scrolling black ink on her left arm. It looked sorta like Arabic but not quite… in fact, I thought it looked rather Tolkien-ish. I said, “Excuse me… is that Elvish?” and got a “Yes!” with a high five in return. Proof positive that a large Geek population is a healthy thing. Sorta.

Only in Washington.

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