Che cosa?!

The Godfather comes out for the Xbox, PS2, and PC tomorrow. No 360 version though – at least not yet. What makes me go “WTF?!” is that the 360 version might not be available until Christmas. At least that’s the latest from Kotaku. Fat chance in hell that I’m waiting that long to pick up this particular game.

Truth is that this supports my argument about “backwards compatibility” on the 360: my original Xbox didn’t blow up when I bought a 360. A lot of people kept going on and on about it, when the 360 shipped – I still say it’s no big deal. Because, how do you offer backwards compatibility on games that hadn’t shipped yet? And talk about staying power for the Xbox – how many people were making PS1 games after the PS2 shipped? I mean, I bought Battlefront II for the Xbox a couple of days before the 360 shipped. Bought Black last week. I’ll probably buy The Godfather tomorrow, particularly because I’m Italian. Er, I mean, because it won’t be available on the 360 for a number of months and waiting for games is not one of my virtues.

Ah, the pain of being a Geek these days…

5 thoughts on “Che cosa?!”

  1. Especially since you haven’t played Black yet…I think it did get opened though, because it was sitting on the coffee table by itself and I have the tendancy to destroy the wrapping on things…

  2. Oh yeah…was that the game wrapped “old style” that you were complaining about? I don’t know. I think I’m losing it.

  3. Maybe. I know it sat there unopened for a while, but then I wanted to know the command for using the Health Packs :)

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