Dateline: Online Predators

Just spent an hour watching this show… fuckin’ rules. The show uses decoys, actresses, and cops to set up perverts and busts’m. Like 21-50 year old men hitting on 13-15 year old girls. They even went so far as to get this 19 year old chick that looks 13 to bust this 6 grade teacher.

Rules. They should do away with Dateline entirely and make this a weekly show. I swear: the only thing that will stop this type of crap is humiliation and constant vigilance.

In fact… I should find out about the decoy organization, this Perverted Justice – I swear I could help them…

After 20 years of chatting, HO SHVIT I r0xx3r t3h pr0n!!!11!1 :)

7 thoughts on “Dateline: Online Predators”

  1. Man we should totally get in on that. We could pass for 13 year old girls if we type with our faces.

    OMG R@nDY mY B00b5 @r3 50 h@W7 4 u!11!!1!

    See, we could fool anyone.

  2. I’m tellin ya, I would Pwn at it. When I was an active chatter if I decided to hide who I was, no one would know… even trapped a few asinine male chatters that were cheating on their girlfriends. Evil bastard that I am :)

  3. =^.^=

    I am the kitten master.

    On the subject of the post (because Randy prefers we stay on subject, ask Obed), after seeing that special on dateline made me cringe…how often is that sort of stuff happening behind the camera? I can’t imagine…nor do I want to.

  4. I’d love to help to be a part of this! Busting perverts and pedophiles would be a delight! Just seeing the looks on their faces when they’re being busted would be pay enough!

  5. Personally, I’d like it if the dude from DateLine kicked’m in the nuts as way of introduction… but that’s just me.

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