TypePad Is Sorta Busted

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working with SharpMT on Windows Vista (Beta 2). I noticed that I was getting an error when I refreshed Text Filters… I assumed it was something odd in Vista.

I was wrong – Text Filters via XML-RPC seem to be broken. Definitely is for TypePad; I have no idea if MT 3.3 has the same problem.

They work fine via the TypePad web pages; there’s no problem when posting drafts via SharpMT if you have the Text Filters already stored locally. There is a big problem if you are a new user of SharpMT and you are getting Text Filters for the first time: you can only select “None” since that’s the only default filter available.

I have an open service request with SixApart about this; someone else has reported a similar error so they’re already looking into it. The biggest down side to this is that the problem impacts all three two versions of SharpMT: desktop and Pocket PC.

7 thoughts on “TypePad Is Sorta Busted”

  1. @ Randy: Is there any way you can just include a small set of working filters to install by default with the program?

    @ Anna: Lame. So what, his site looks great with my 2 21″ monitors in Nvidia dual view, but you don’t see my tootin my own horn.

  2. I already do: “None” is the only default that’s consistent across MT, TypePad, and WordPress.

    Besides, if someone clicks “Refresh Text Filters” it would erase whatever was stored as a default… their server is simply broken :)

  3. @Randy Does it affect XP as well, or just Vista. It it’s just Vista, Im sure they will fix it before Vista launches. MS is aiming for January, but I think thats a bit early. Im guessing it’ll be around March.

    @Anna: Hey did you ever pay Tiger back? Don’t forget me as well.

  4. It impacts all versions of SharpMT: desktop (Windows), Pocket (Pocket PC), and the new prototype that I’m working on (Not telling!). The error comes from the TP server, so it’s not a question of OS/Platform even tho I originally thought it was. I just happened to be on Vista when I isolated the error while I was working on other fixes for the Vista installation…

    On the release date of Vista tho, I have no comment. One thing that I WILL say, with regards to generically releasing software, is that the RTM [Release to Manufacturing] is the date to watch for. In the past, once an application hits their RTM milestone it appears to Beta tests and MSDN Subscriptions. No idea if that will happen with an OS release – I don’t remember what happened with Windows Server 2003 – but it will certainly be an important milestone.

  5. Gotcha, such gayness, they need to fix there shit. Lazy bastards.

    Well, I know you can’t comment on it, but I gotta hunch, Vista releases 2nd quarter of ’07. We shall see.

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