CNN: Stacy Martin needed a bird’s eye view to see her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. Brian Rueckl’s proposal came as a 40,000-square-foot message, “Stacy will you marry me?” tilled in a cornfield near the Manitowoc and Kewaunee county line.

And I thought the “at the stadium” proposals were over the top.


5 thoughts on “Ugh.”

  1. He worked really hard on that. I think it really shows he cared. The stadium proposal is lame, you pretty much just pay some one to do it for you.

  2. Meh. I’ll give ya that, that there was more effort in the corn field, but even so… seems sorta… well. Corny… and WAY too showy for something that I always thought of as an intimate moment.

    Ying vs Yang I guess.

  3. Naw. Just practical. Rational. And smart like Fredo ;)

    No, but honestly – out of the women that I’ve known that have either been proposed to or gotten married… they’d all think that this is way over the top. Way too public. More of a spectical than romantic.

    Then again, maybe it’s thru the eyes of youth that it looks that way. To a more seasoned mind the resources used to do this shtick – be it time, lost communication, money, whatever – could have been better spent on the relationship itself. A woman will be tickled with a proposal no matter how badly you flub it – this dude totally jumped the shark.

    Just hope he doesn’t pull a similar stunt for his wedding day: upstaing the bride makes for a VERY troubled marriage no matter how good yer intentions are :)

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