Joov Got Some Splaining To Do Suspect confesses to killing JonBenet Ramsey

There’s a whole lotta people in the world currently chewing on they own shoe, having addimantly accused JonBenet’s parents for her murder for over a decade.

To that I say: HA!

3 thoughts on “Joov Got Some Splaining To Do”

  1. At least one person I know sees this as (a) an attempt by said confessor to get out of the (far less pleasant) Thai jails, and (b) an opportunity for the Boulder Ramsey-friendly publicity-starved DA to get back in the lime light again.

    I dunno. I still think little kid fashion stars are scary.

  2. I was like 11 when that happened. Wow, I cant believe its been 10 years. Meh, I didnt care then, and I sure as shit dont care now. People get murdered everyday, but its a shame they turned such a horrible crime into a publicity stunt.

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