Oh My Sweet Jesus

CNN: Paris Hilton: I’m going celibate

Don’t get too excited… she’s still fucking. Well, fucking up stuff. She fucks up this here article by trying to say that she’s “very shy,” that she “has had sex with only two men during her lifetime,” and she “relates to the late Princess Diana, who was hounded by photographers.”

Hey honey: shy people don’t flaunt their million-dollar-worth fun bags in front of cameras and then complain that they have photographers following them, ya horse’s ass.

7 thoughts on “Oh My Sweet Jesus”

  1. why are you giving her attention anyway. doesn’t the media talk about here enough? or does she need to dominate the blogisphere too?

  2. Was on my mind. Besides, if she’s ever used a PC much less been to my blog… I’d consume my own liver. With onions. And bacon.

  3. She’s just human garbage. Whatever part of her that has been replaced by plastic surgery anyways is human garbage. The rest at least can be recycled.

  4. paris hilton is a preppy stuck up bitch who cant sing for her LIFE…she has her head up way too fucking high and needs to have it brought back down…bitches like her need to shut the fuck up and get over themselves…she needs to stop bitchin bout all the paparazzi when shes the one attractin them..with her fucking sex tapes..

    shes a whore.

    end of story.

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